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That feeling when you can't do something because of a injury iv strained the dental bicep tendent which is the tendent between the bicep and elbow. When doing curls don't fully extended your elbow with a weight it will inflame the tendent n possibly rip it. Let's see how this plays out cardio maybe the answer for a little while 😔 instamood injury annoyed gym bodybuilding weighttraining becareful gymrat

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Back off sets with 350! Was supposed to hit this for 4 but I was feeling a little “shifty” side to side and after rep 2 the bar slipped out of place on my back. Shouldn’t have done a 3rd even just for safety reasons but at least I cut it and didn’t do 4. Depth was 100% there today. I was going even deeper in my top sets which I failed to record 🙄. Now I’m dealing with what may be a minor lower lat strain but I’m not going to let that stop me! (At least not my squats!) depth backoffsets squats squatting powerlifter powerlifting 8weeksout I think lol sqwaats gymrat dedication passion improvement alwaysadd neversubtract alwaysforward smallbutstrong

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This morning I jumped on the scale to find out I have officially lost 10 pounds since 3/10/19 This is a great start to the ketoquestofficial 21 day challenge. I’m posting my most flattering picture from earlier this morning. At the end of the challenge, I’ll post the “non-working my angles” before and after pics. Let’s go, we got goals powerofwellness fitnessjourney fitmom fitlife wod fitnaturals fitnessjunkie wegotgoals blackwellnesscommunity fastedworkout fitover30 beatingdepression fitnessaddict ilift shredthefat ketocut positivevibes ketosummerslimdown progressnotperfection fitnessfanatic gymrat burningfat operationcomeback ketoquest ketoquest21daychallenge

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One scoop please 🙋. Always during my training I take bcaas with one scoop of glutamine Glutamine is an α-amino acid that is used in the biosynthesis of proteins If you want a discount in your supplements, use my code ➡️ 🔸CAROLINAMP🔸😉.

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Stay intense fellas, always look forward to your next goals and go get em 🦁 - - - Note: (didn't quite get the lift but its coming) 😤

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Dagens økt var egentlig litt dritt 🤪 Slenger heller ut en selfie fra gårsdagens økt, da den var pretty awesome 💪 Ikke alle økter kan være like gode - sånn er det for oss alle 🤷‍♀️ Bedre neste gang si! 🤗

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Unleash the Superhero within.

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Set a goal and pursue your dreams 🔥💪 pursuefitness

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“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

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This is how perfect dinner looks like to me. If you see here we have reduced number of chapati to one because portion size of client reduced and also since it’s dinner so better to consume fewer carbs To make her feel fuller these veggies and curd is going to help A diet which is sustainable and believe me this love 📷 by client poojaflabtofab roadiesrealheroes xtremeperformance

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Happy. Healthy. & strong. 🤗 The lifestyle you choose will reflect on you. Choose wisely 🤛

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“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

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Leg dayyyyy! Yea I know I gotta get lower ass to grass still getting over a acl injury so not trying to blow my knee out, but I always told myself I'll never bench more than I squat plus guys want a ass like you ladies too! gym gymrat gymlife squats fit fitness recovery

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Understanding METABOLISM is key 🔑 for FAT LOSS. sadly, many people will simply lower their caloric intake, go for a run 🏃🏽‍♀️ or depend on “cardio” to lose weight, losing primarily muscle and ‘some’ fat, while becoming weaker and lowering their metabolism. This results in ending up with a SLOWER METABOLISM! Say hello to the yo-yo syndrome effect -losing weight, but gaining MORE and MORE FAT 😭👎🏼👎🏼 gymislife gymrat liftingweights gainz trainlikeabeast gymflow liftheavyshit personaltraining ironaddict liftheavy trainhardorgohome fitforlife liveauthentic foodbeast eeeeeats eatfamous feedfeed dailyfoodfeed onthetable lifeandthyme f52grams tastingtable huffposttaste meindeutschland germanytrip deutschland_greatshots gymquotes healthyrecipes healthquotes

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