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- Hallway Decor 💫

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What an entrance! I think even Jim in our production, who wouldn’t mind me saying has not got the most spritely of tootsies, would be skipping over this threshold at least twice a day. Beautiful pastel colours perfectly combined 😍 . 📷 threeboysandapinkbath . brightboldhome colourfulhome colourpop interiordetails interiorinspo interiorinspiration interiorideas myhomestyle dailydecordetail styleithappy howyouhome colourmyhome homedesignideas homeinspo homeinspiration hallwaydecor hallwayinspo homedetails homedecor

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Hi folks some Tuesday morning ‘Allium’ wallpaper inspo for you what are you up to today? Have a goodun x 🌸🌴🌸🌴🌸🌴🌸🌴🌸

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𝔻𝕒𝕪 𝟚𝟙 - 𝕆𝕟 𝕕𝕚𝕤𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕪 . My mum gave me this cameo brooch at the weekend. Too nice to hide away and too likely to be lost if I ever wear it, I thought she (Camilla) would be good company for Busty Betty The brooch belonged to my great grandma in the picture with me - (what a sullen !). She lived to be 105 and was an absolute legend. She told me she fought in the war! 😂 She did run a wartime dance school though. She was blind by the end but still moved her furniture round on a regular basis! You can see her mum, my great great grandma, also wearing the brooch ❤️ myhousethismonth cameobrooch vintagejewelry myhome stairs hallwaydecor greydecor neutraltones cornerofmyhome mystylishspace happyhome hyggehome instahomesuk ighomedecor myhome myhomedecor homeaccount homestyle interiorsnapshot interior123 vintagestyle retrostyle mygorgeousgaff spotlightonmyhome sassyhomestyle

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When you don’t need to worry about hoover lines as your carpet is already striped 😂🙌🏻. Hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday whatever your up to —————————————————— hallwaydecor hallway hallwaysofinstagram instahallway homesofinstagram realhomesofinstagram homeinspo homedecor homestyling myhome interior125 interior123 interior444 interior4all interior4u interior4you1 smallhallway hallwayideas passion4interior stripedcarpet inspire_me_home_decor classyinteriors greydecor whitedecor mirroredfurniture mirrordecor

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Day 21 of myhousethismonth - on displaywe are from all angles! When we put the kitchen on I wanted to be able to look from the front door out to the back garden, what I didn't expect was how many people would walk past and look straight in the window that also shows front to back, there's no escape, so awkward when you catch someone's eye, I never know whether to wave or give them another gesture 😂🙈 what is the etiquette here? interiors123 interiors4all rusticdecor cornerofmyhome renovation reno myhousethismonth mydiymydecor hallwaydecor hallwayinspo whiteinteriors kitchensofinstagram kitcheninspo prettylittleinteriors lovetohome myktchn rockmystylishhome parquetflooring nestandthrive interieurs modernindustrial modernrustic interors4u hallway bhghome sodomino howwedwell arpartmenttherapy stratahomestyle discoverunder5k

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Good morning Tuesday! Hopefully it's gonna be better than Monday 🌼🌼🌼 I must paint the doors as I don't think that looks good 😉😉😉 Off to work now 🤩🤩🤩 Have a lovely day everyone 😘 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ tuesday hallwayideas hallwaydesign hallwaydecor hallwayinspo hallway hallwaystyle glamdecor glaminspo homedecor homedecoration homeinspiration interiordecorating interiordesign interior_and_living interior123 interior_design przedpokój wnetrzadomu wnętrza

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There’s something super satisfying about a staircase 😍 The dogs perch where they bark constantly when people dare to walk past! I’m hoping they don’t do it so much this morning, working til midnight has knocked me out, I neeeeeed sleep, wish me luck schnauzersofinstagram sashwindows newbuild selfbuild interiordesign decorationideas decor interiorinspo grey staircase staircasedesign family home happyhome dogsarefamily makingourhouseahome greyliving hallwaydecor hallway

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Busy Bee storyofmyhome Moving around the picture gallery wall as you do, I still have lots of prints with no frames and so today that’s my busy bee goal! You know when you keep looking at something at it just don’t seem right , I’m going to be switching these around all day(weeks probs) anyways have a good one everyone ! hallway hallwaydecor picturegallery myvibe beautifulhomes creativehome periodhome stylishhomevibes cornerofmyhome myinteriorsquares myinteriorstyle sassyhomestyle interiors2you interiormilk housetohome thenuthouse happytuesday

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Good Morning, I’ve woke up in sunny Bristol and what a gorgeous morning. This is a coat stand that I won on FB Marketplace for £2 (Absolute bargain) that I wanted to use to display my little collection of plants. They’re still alive which is amazing considering my lack of green fingers 🌱 I hope you all have a smashing Tuesday and hello to my new followers. myhousethismonth day21 ondisplay pearlplant spiderplant fernplant decorgoals hallwaydecor decorideas fbmarketplace bargain coatstand homedecor homestyling homestaging victorianrenovation yorkshirehomes homesweethome home accesories plants plantsofinstagram myhousebeautiful itslucy littlehouseinlondon myhousethismonth glam_up_north_interiors walltowallstyle pocketofmyhome cornerofmyhome realhomesofinstagram homeblogger halifax westyorkshire yorkshirehomes

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Morning ☕️ I was a ‘busy bee’ yesterday painting my hallway this is how it looks this morning with hardly any sun I’m loving the colour 😍 just need to motivate myself to do the woodwork at some point don’t ye just hate glossing 🤷‍♀️have a lovely day 💐 storyofmyhome hardcastletowers jackdmarch emmalou171275 thegingerhareofyorkshire the_yorkshire_homestead pinkinterior peachinteriors myhomevibe myinteriorsquares myhomedecor myeclectichome mybohovibes hallwaydecor crownpaints powderedclay upcycledfurniture ikeamirror mycolourfulhome

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What define’s your hallway or entrance? . We don’t really have a hall in our home, however we have added a mirror, a vintage runner and a console to give it some sort of definition When I learnt all about staging a home for sale - we were advised no matter how small the area you can always add in something to create a hall a mirror and a shelf, a few hooks. An umbrella stand. To acknowledge an entrance or make you pause momentarily An entrance is a taster of what’s to come, or equally can deliver a surprise just around the corner. Quite exciting and suspenseful really the humble hall Now this is an entrance 🖤 More Australian inspiration today from robsonrakarchitects Styling : sweedesign Photo : shannonmcgrath7

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𝑻𝒖𝒆𝒔𝒅𝒂𝒚 ✩ ~ ~ Did you all have a good Monday? I managed to catch up with the last episode of game of thrones yesterday, all I say as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone is, disappointed Happy to chat privately if any one wants to discuss it. My hubby doesn’t watch it, so would love to chat about it more 😊 ~ ~ Any way look at these beautiful stocks, still going strong and still smell fab. So pleased with them, and not a bad price either. One more day with my Darcy, tomorrow she heads of on her first activity camp until Friday. She’s mostly excited but of course she’s nervous too. I’m dreading it, altho I have a busy few days coming up, which will be a great distraction 👍🏻 ~ ~ Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday. I’m off to get my awful roots sorted 💇🏼‍♀️ ~ ~ postitandsmile myhomestyle homeinspo leicester homeaccount housetohome mycountryhome lovetohome homedecor hallwaydecor myinteriorsquares myinteriorstyle happinessinmysquare faffthegaff floralguff lovemakesahouseahomeinteriors marketharboroughliving marketharborough harbscollective northampton lovemakesahouseahome

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Whenever you are doing a remodel you will always run in to a crossroads where you have to make a sudden change and decision. This has been an extremely difficult challenge for my personality because I am super type A and having a plan suddenly change is not an easy thing for me to accept. But this process has taught me to make peace with things I can not control and challenged me to be a little more flexible This house had a classic 70’s step down living room, which meant that you stepped up to the hallway and stepped up to the kitchen. The original plan was to raise the living room floor so everything was one level. Well as things often occur in construction, once walls were opened up it was discovered that because of headers (still not sure exactly what that is 😆) - this was not possible, and so the change to drop the kitchen floor became the only option which made the kitchen and living room the same level but left a step up in the hallway. This was so upsetting for me and I may have thrown a little (or big) fit about it 😆 . But once I made peace with it I decided to have fun with the step up and make it a focal point. This sparkly tile is the perfect solution for that 🥰 . (Ps the next project after the exterior is to add a master suite addition, so that temp storage cabinet will one day be replaced with our master bedroom door 🙌) . hallwaydecor modernfarmhouse modernfarmhousestyle farmhousesigns hardwoodfloors tilesteps diyproject diyhomedecor changeishard brightside dreamhomeinthemaking mybuildingjourney homeinspiration homesweethome whitefarmhouse fixerupper fixerupperstyle rustic rusticmodern sweatequity handyhusband farmhousedecor minamilist organization homeownerbuilder homerenovation blessed livingonedayatatime

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✖️MACRAMÉ ✖️ wat een mooie macrame hanger he. Ik vond deze beauty bij kwantum_nederland Nu snel verder, want ik mag weer naar mijn werk. Fijne dag 💋 ———————————————————— scandinavischwonen skandinavischwohnen witwonen witwonenmethout wohneninweiss whiteliving macramedesign macramewallhanging interieuraddict industrialfurniture diy diyhomedecor hygge myhyggehome nordiskdesign hjem vakrehjem vakrehjemoginteriør vakrehjemoginterior hallwayinspo hallwaydecor hallway urbanjungle

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God morgon ☕️ Kan meddela såhär på kvisten att det blev slingan i halvt tempo. Kondisen är ju långt ifrån i form. Med andra ord katastrofal Sen blev det rullarn så jag kommer antagligen gå som en mega böjd ostbåge imorgon 😂 På tal om annat så funderar jag på att måla den halvt slitna dörren där i svart. Vad tror ni om det eller ska jag låta den vara. Vilka problem man tampas med såhär när man knappt har vaknat till liv 😆 Medans jag funderar vidare så önskar jag er en super duper start på denna tisdag och kramen till er mina godingar 🖤 • • • • •

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DAY 21 myhousethismonth ON DISPLAY This is my vintage display cabinet I bought for £10 from a junk shop. Cleaned and painted, it does the trick! So, you guys wont believe what happened after yesterday's chat about charity shops Collins Publishers have offered me a book deal I'm going to their head office in London for talks, but they have intimated I would get a £10k retainer AND £500 to exclusively spend in charity shops The book is to be how to furnish and decorate a house from charity shops! I was beside myself with excitement! Then I woke up Oh, it was a lovely dream! 😉 itslucy littlehouseinlondon stylishhomevibes instachallenges instahomestyle myhousethismonth charityshopfind upcycling shabbychicdecor vintagedecor paintedfurniturelove plantstyling stratahomestyle postitandsmile eclecticinterior hallwaydecor

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This hallway makeover was much needed and could not have come at a better time! I’ve needed some projects to keep myself busy (and my mind from wandering) while Ness is transitioning into preschool These frameiteasy frames are pure perfection. They are completely custom-made in the US, solid wood, and have non-glare acrylic is just brilliant. The come packaged securely and safely and ordering is simply a breeze My OCD had a bit of fun making sure it was perfectly measured but picking prints was quite the challenge! I had so many moments I want to remember but needed to narrow it down I asked opinions about color of black and white and while the majority said black and white, I went with a sepia finish for a bit more warmth. So tell me, what do you think? . And if you want to snag your own gallery wall, use code NAOMI for 10% off!

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These 4 if they had a band name what would it be?! Maybe Makin’ Mama Old I could think of a million different names good or bad could you think of a band name for your tribe?!? . I’m really really excited to have partnered with frameiteasy These frames are a project I’ve had on my project list for awhile They seriously no joke made it so super easy! I went to their site typed in what I needed, and bam! Done! I didn’t have to leave my couch or my bathroom because truth be told I was probably hiding from one of the 😉 The color, the size, the frame type so many options! You can use SUBURBANMOM10 to save 10% off your order❤️ frames pictures frameiteasy hallwaydecor farmhousestyledecor farmhousestyle modernfarmhouse cottagestyle farmhouseinspired fixerupper vintage rusticmodern betterhomesandgardens interiordesign americanfarmhousestyle vintagecharm bhgstylemaker mybhg howyouhome southernliving farmhousedesign woodsandwhites farmhousechic momming momlife survivalofasuburbanmom momliferocks

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Skips ahoy! A momentous day for any build project I imagine - the delivery of your first skip! The house is being cleared for plaster inspection, and project wall demolition. Current debates include: to keep one fireplace, how cool are the X shape ceiling joists and are avocado tiles going to make a kitchen comeback in 2020? (Only hipsters need answer that.) 🥑 💪🏻 ps I’m sorry to all those that loved the 🍑 hallway! home homedecor diy renovation renovations homeinspo hallwaydecor avocadotiles plaster homedesign myuglyhouse uglyhousetolovelyhouse house houserenovation rubbishskip fireplacemakeover fireplacedecor

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Let's take a quick look at mirrors in hallways and corridors. 🔸 In the past I have recommended the use of mirrors in the hallway to slow down the Qi energy entering a home, allowing it to settle and find its way throughout the building. 🔸 As always, there are some basic rules you need to follow:⠀⠀ • Don't place a mirror at the end of a hallway as it bounces the energy right back up the hallway/corridor and away from the rest of the home.⠀⠀ • Don't hang mirrors so that they face each other.⠀⠀ • Take care when positioning a mirror - it has to be at a height where you can perfectly see the yourself (at least head and shoulders), and those of anyone who lives in the space. 🔸 If you're not too sure about a mirror placement, why not temporarily prop one where you would like it and let it stay there for a week or so. Then check in to see how the energy around it feels; how do you feel; have there been any changes in your life? If it’s not in the right place, and you're in tune to your surroundings, you will feel itbelieve me. 🔸 Are your mirrors hung at an ideal height? 🔸⠀⠀ Blessings to you all xx

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Currently sat in a bubble bath debating sleeping in it because I’m just so knackered 🤦🏾‍♀️ I did manage to sum up the strength earlier to half go outside to take this picture for “the gram” though! 😂 Also, comment below if you have this mirror somewhere in your house, because I’m pretty sure everyone with a home insta account has 😂😂 ——————————————— welcome welcomehome homeaccountfollow homeaccountstofollow homedecor homesense hallwaydecor hallway hallwaydesign hallwayinsporation hallwayideas hallwaygoalshallwaydecor tired mondaymotivation homebargainsmirror

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A bright little corner in the house! We’ve been working round the clock to set up our home it’s been super tiring but extremely satisfying! I’ll be sharing loads of pics in the coming weeks (obviously 🤪) xx brightspaceswelove cornerofmyhome peepmypad howihome colourfulhome eclecticdecor eclectichome myeclecticmix yellowdecor flowerstagram cornersofmyhome hallwaydecor hallwaydetails popsofcolour homedecoration decorideias stylemyhome myhomevibe colourmyhome cosyvibes bohodecor myinteriorstyle

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There certainly was no mondayblues today 💙 I’m on an overnight stay galgormresort with my mum and sister for our overdue ‘post wedding break’ 👰👭💞 (click to stories to see some more ) I just love it here it really is like a slice of heaven 🌈 it’s so peaceful, tranquil and naturally beautiful. 💆‍♀️⭐️☀️ Have you visited before? insidewindow window hallwaydecor hallstyle hallwaydecorating myhome insidemyhome myhomelook interiors444 interiorstyling houseandhome storyofmyhome pinkdecor myhousethismonth

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• Our feature wall in the hallway •This took days to get up, as you can tell from the last photo the previous owners weren’t the best at plastering 🤦🏽‍♀️ renovation hallwaydecor housetohome

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Sneak peak at the hallway that has quite honestly taken me so many hours of my life that I will never, EVER get back. Still have some work to do on the stairs and the cornice and choose a carpet runner, but the fact that my new mirror (I’m obsessed) went up today and some artwork too - well that is progress 🖤 cornerofmyhome farrowandball pinkground pinkhallway pinkandblack beautifulhomesinthenorth hallwaydecor hallwaydesign hallwaymakeover hallstairsandlanding diy ilovediy blackframes artwork loveinteriors leedsinteriors interiorbloggers interiordesign designyourhome homedecor homedesignideas blackwood littlegreene

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It’s a lovely feeling when Monday is out the way. It has been a stressful week since last Monday and I think it has all caught up with me. So it’s pyjama time and catching up with the Chelsea Flower Show and watching BBC A Royal Team Talk hallway hallwaydecor greyinteriors inspire_me_home_decor myinteriorstyle homeanddecor sahstylists myhshome instahome entrancehall housegoals actualinstahomes interiorstyle interior124 classyinteriors interiorinspo styleathome idealhome homestyledecor yourhome beautifulhomes mysimplyfreshdecor myhousebeautiful housebeautiful myhomethismonth

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Hallway goals ✨ LoveGlen

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𝔻𝕒𝕪 𝟚𝟘 - ℍ𝕚𝕕𝕕𝕖𝕟 𝕒𝕨𝕒𝕪 . I'm really struggling to keep up with myhousethismonth - I think two months in a row from a standing start was a bit ambitious! But I'll try and keep it up Can you guess what's hidden away? Swipe for the answer! 😉 neutraltones neutraldecor hallway hallwaydecor hallwaygoals greyhomedecor greydecor myhome myhomedecor myhomejournal cornerofmyhome housebeautiful house housetohome homestyle storyofmyhome storageideas mystylishspace styleithappy diy yourhome sorealhomes hyggehome walltowallstyle housedecor realhomesofinstagram instahomesuk

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Day 20 myhousethismonth Hidden away: all the ' shoes are stashed away under the bench in these wooden crates from ikeauk. Anything to help keep the hallway a little tidier (it reeeeally doesn't look like this when they come home from school though 😂😬🤦🏻‍♀️) hallwaydecor hallwayideas victorianproperty edwardianhouse periodproperty periodhome entrance lovemyquickstep quickstepfloors edwardiandoor lovetohome lovemyhome scandiinterior lightinterior spotlightonmyhome homeideas nesttoimpress mystylednest myinteriorvibe mycreativeinterior mystylishspace luxuryinteriorsonabudget myhousethismonth myhometrend mystylesmile myperiodhomestyle

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Huh, mikä päivä 😅 Tiedättekö sen tunteen, kun välillä ei vaan lähde, mutta ei auta itku markkinoilla🤓? Tänään olisin voinut jäädä sänkyyn koko päiväksi, mutta täpötäysi kalenteri ei mennyt ihan yksiin mun ajatusten kanssa 😆 Mut ei se mitään, sillä loppuen lopuksi oli ihan super mukava päivä 🤩 Mitä sun maanantaihin kuului? koti omakoti modernikoti mycosyhome skandistyle sisustus eteinen hallwaydecor interiör123 etuovisisustus oikotiesisustus sisustusidea sisustusideat sisustaminen makuuhuoneensisustus hallwaydesign hallwayinspo beautyoflifefi

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It’s the weekend😀what’s everyone up to? I have already been to Dunelm and I am really pleased with my purchases. Little bit of housework to do and then I must get a workout in. Thank you for all the support on my new account have a great weekend xx