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اخ جمال halsey

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all we do is drive, all we do is thinking about feelings that we hide.🤞

8 minutes ago

i posting some old photos bcs i don't have new halsey's photos. 🙃

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found you when your heart was broke🖤 iamhalsey

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1st Bootleg From Me 👻 • Halsey - Without Me (Morethanname Bootleg) • Full music video on youtube channel and my souncloud 😊 • Link on my bio! 😁 I hope you'll enjoy guys! I got bootleg inspiration from illenium music 🥰 • Kalo jelek maafkan yak! 😅 maklum otodidak dan sebenarnya ini project yg blm 100% selesai hahaha • halsey withoutmehalsey halseywithoutme withoutme withoutmeremix bootleg remix morethanname musicvideo instamusic futurebass musicproducer edmmusic edm discjockey flstudio ableton

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🚩🚩🚩New Reaction Video now up🚩🚩🚩 My 1st reaction video to BTS featuring Halsey singing Boy With Luv 🇰🇷 Please dont forget to Like and SUBSCRIBE BTS Halsey BoyWithLuv KPop Korea Korean KoreanSingers Pop ChristerCReaction FilipinoReaction CLICK LINK TO WATCH ➡️ https:m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmS3Lwos1nI ➡️ https:m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmS3Lwos1nI ➡️ https:m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmS3Lwos1nI

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“I think there’s a flaw un my code, these voices won’t leave me alonewell, my heart is gold and my hands are cold - Penso ci sia un errore nel mio codice, queste voci non mi lasciano solaIl mio cuore è d’oro e le mie mani sono fredde.”(Halsey ‘Gasoline’) halsey cover gasoline sarabini acoustic singer canta sing guitar

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نجلِس بالقرب مِمّن قد يؤذينا نألفُ شرهُ و نتحمل خطاياه ليس خوفاً أو ضعفاً بل إنما قلوبنا لعينه إن عشقت لا ترى سوى النور فيهم تُعمى عن ظُلمات أنفُسِهِم و لا تسمع نبضاتهم الكاذبه فهي عشقت و انتهى 🖤🍃 •••••••••••••••••••••••••• الباب مفتوح لأي انتقاد او نصيحة 🌻 فيصل_الثويني هذيان_عاقل ادب كتاب شعر ادبيات شعر_غزل شاعر كتب halsey كتاباتي wow كتاب قصه قصص الكويت السعوديه علم_نفس حزن حب aladdin مقولات رومانسيه رسم فن كلنا_رسامين اقوال مقولات artist arianagrande art

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it’s 1 am. i didn’t sleep much at all. 🥴 ehhhhh good morning thoo 💖 • halsey

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We can’t wait to vibe with y’all off these next 3 records! Maybe we should fuck around and play a show or something

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i got a new phone and this is my first picture on my camera roll bc i cant log in to my old icloud yet

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Lost somewhere in outer space

2 hours ago

One of my new favourite lyrics "got called an alien for being myself, I ain’t got the patience to be someone else" It’s a powerful lyric and makes me re think things a little. Also I know this is a halsey fan acc but I hope you guys don’t mind me posting a couple YB stuff here and there🖤 iamhalsey yungblud yungblud yungbludfan halsey halseyfan halseyfanpage halseyfandom ashleynicolette ashleyfrangipane ashleynicolettefrangipane hopelessfountainkingdom badlands room93 hfk hfktour badlandstour halseytour weloveyouhalsey

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Blue smoke 💨

1 day ago

lana’s double for fuck it i love you! and the greatest is so beautiful, i can’t wait

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i've tasted blood and it is sweet i've had the rug pulled beneath my feet i've trusted lies and trusted men broke down and put myself back together again stared in the mirror and punched it to shatters collected the pieces and picked out a dagger i've pinched my skin in between my two fingers and wished i could cut some parts off with some scissors me selfcare tattoogirl halsey love selflove girlwithtattoos best tattoos inkedgirls reflection wolftattoo tattooedbabes tattoogirls sleeve girlswithtattoos tattooed inktattoo tattooedgirls selfie tattoo babes tatted stomachtattoo sleevetattoo asiangirls bodyart alternativegirl girlswithpiercings mirrorpic