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Beautiful lot of mix color tourmaline rosecuts Size from 8mm to 14mm Ethically sourced from Afghanistan Flat backs Available Interested dm blue_sky_gems for more details PayPal accepted. DHL shipping with tracking Fast response. indicolite  jewelrydesign jewelry jewelrydesigner handmadeearings silversmith handmaderings  rosecuttourmaline ring necklace  tourmalinerosecut  goldsmith rosecut tourmaline  rosecuts tourmalinecabochon crystal cabochon ladysmith metalsmith cabochonsupplier sterlingselverjewelry sterlingsilver instasmithy pendant  silver wirewraping  gemstone rings gems

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Absolutely in love with this cute little ring with a bezel set carnelian ☺️if you are interested in this or any other design please contact me for details ☺️✨🌸 silversmithing silver jewellery jewellerydesign design jewellerymaker jewellerydesigner jewelleryaddict leaf nature natural leaves earrings earrings silverearrings silverearrings silverjewelry jewelry jewelrydesigner design art seaglass rings handmaderings silverrings ringandthings etsy estyseller bodyjewelry bodyjewellery bodypiercing piercings

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📎   *new arrivals*  from cocoamintaccsesories さん  大人の女性に届けたい 素敵なアクセサリーが届きました *  * online shop yooshop.net/home/cocoamint/ have you checked it ⤴︎  ※ショップ欄にて掲載中  ナチュラルな透明感を 楽しんでみませんか?( *ˊᵕˋ )  レジ横のボックスにて ご覧いただけます ♩  ー・ーー・ー・ー・ーー・ー・ー 京都の ちいさな 雑貨屋さん yoo  〒616 - 8324 京都府京都市右京区嵯峨野南浦町22-2  60名を超える全国の作家さんの作品を オンラインショップでも販売中*  ※ オンラインショップはショップ欄より ー・ーー・ー・ー・ーー・ー・ー handmadeaccessory springaccessories handmaderings 大人アクセサリー アクセサリー販売 シンプルアクセサリー 大人可愛いアクセサリー ハンドメイド雑貨店 パールアクセサリー ハンドメイド作家 雑貨屋さん 京都雑貨屋 ハンドメイド雑貨屋 作家募集 ハンドメイド好きな人と繋がりたい ハンドメイド部 夏アクセサリー

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💍💍💍 ・ Cabochon rings ・ ヴィンテージガラスや現行品ガラスを使ったワイヤーリング。 カラー、シェイプ、サイズ、 豊富にご用意いたしました。 重ね付けしたり お持ちのリングと合わせたり ネイルと合わせてみたり、 コーディネートの幅が広がる楽しいアイテム💍 ・ 今週末、3/24(日)の 赤坂蚤の市で販売いたします。 是非お立ち寄りください🥀 ・ ・ 【Next Event】 🎪赤坂蚤の市 ▶︎3/24(日) 11:00〜17:00 ▶︎アークヒルズ カラヤン広場 http:www.arkhills.com/akasaka-nominoichi/ ・ ☘渋谷蚤の市 ▶︎4/14(日) 10:00~16:00 ▶︎住吉不動産渋谷ガーデンタワー内広場 ※雨天中止 ・ 🎉赤坂蚤の市 5周年特別企画 ▶︎4/28(日)・29日(月/祝) 10:00〜18:00 ▶︎アークヒルズ カラヤン広場 http:www.arkhills.com/akasaka-nominoichi/ ・ ・ ▼ KALEYDE Web store https:kaleyde.thebase.in プロフィールのリンクからご覧いただけます。 ・ ・ KALEYDE 赤坂蚤の市 赤坂蚤の市inarkhills 渋谷蚤の市 accessorydesigner accessory flatlayfashion flatlaytoday flatlayjewelry handmaderings showmeyourrings cabochonrings wirerings

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Our sterling silver Thin Renaissance Ring dominated favorites this week and will be available all day Friday (3/22/19) for 50% off as part of our 50FAVS 50% weekly sales event. Our most recent champion: This marks its third week in a row. Will it win again next week? That’s up to you Voting for next week’s sale begins Saturday and runs through Thursday (3/28/19). A big thank you to Natalie for the pic. Here’s what she had to say about her Thin Renaissance: ★★★★★ Oh.My.Gosh AMAZING Love it so much The band works perfectly with my engagement ring Silver Thin Renaissance Ring: https:www.etsy.com/listing/466071291 Happily Ever After by Blazer Arts: www.etsy.com/shop/debblazer Full Details: http:www.blazerarts.com/50FAVSat50.html • • • • • • • • 50FAVS 50FAVSAT50PERCENT blazerarts smallbusiness familybusiness showmeyourrings handmadejewelry handmaderings jewelryonsale jewelryforsale etsyjewelry etsyjewelryshop etsyjeweler etsyfavs etsysellersofinstagram shopetsy etsyonsale etsylove etsyfavorites 50percentoff savebig salesevent patternring halfroundring patternband vintagestylering antiquestylering silverweddingring silverweddingband goldpatternband

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Oh how sweet are these rings ⚡️

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"Find the beauty in imperfections, in differences , and uniqueness "

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Yummy rose-cut tourmaline 22k and sterling ring, coming right up.

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Handmade 14k and Natural Aquamarine are such a perfect pair. $375.00 plus shipping DM for purchase, PayPal accepted. Free sizing up to size 8.

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Happy 2nd day of Spring instaworld! 🌻 The Harrow earrings are from my new Black & Tan Collection. Lightweight, minimalist and handcut, these timeless earrings are made from reclaimed leather pieces. | $24⚡Comment, DM or email to claim for purchase. 🌍 Fun fact: Most of the parts in my jewelry designs are made from reclaimed bits and pieces from other unwanted/unloved jewelry that I have collected over the years or that have been donated to me. With the exception of new earring posts or dangles (always replaced and hypoallergenic), I prefer to upcycle materials when possible. 🤗 savetheplanet salvageleather minimal minimalistjewelry blackandtan leatherearrings

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Brand new chrysocolla/malachite/shattuckite ring in sterling silver! Size 7! Will be available in my Etsy soon! 😊👍🏼💍 Swipe to the last photo to see the materials I used to make this ring! metalsmith silversmith sterlingsilver sterlingsilverjewelry handmadejewelry wearableart opthandmade chrysocolla malachite azurite shattuckite silverjewelry silverring ringstagram handmadering etsyshop etsyartist ringsofinstagram blue green instagood riograndejeweler selftaught handmaderings diyjewelry

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Take advantage of the healing and communication offered by the colors of this bolder style wire work adjustable ring. Blue is a wonderful color that affects harmony and peace. Used in healing the 5th chakra - Vishuddha. The silver is connected with intuition and imagination. It is a balance between black and white. It is a color of reflection and protection sending outside negativity back to where the energy began. See this and more at link in profile cyndimooredesigns handmaderings wirerings boholife bohochicjewelry freespirit gypsy gypsylife gypsysoul wirejewelry wirewrappedjewelry colormeanings colortherapy metaphysicaljewelry spiritualjewelry craftwork craftworkings spellwork colormagic thecolorblue coolcolor vishuddha fifthchakra throatchakra throatchakrahealing silverhealing silverproperties artisanring

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I’m currently working on some new jewelry for South Florida Wildlife Center and I wanted to share this throwback of a ring I made for myself, one of the first pieces of wire wrapped jewelry I made. Every piece of jewelry I make is a learning experience for me and I think I’ll always feel like a noob at wire wrapping, although I was very happy with how this ring turned out ☺️💕 cheers to more wire wrapping 🥂✨ throwbackthursday tbt quartz clearquartz clearquartzcrystal quartzcrystal fakeflowers wirewrapping wirewrappedjewelry wire silverplatedwire wirewrappedcrystals wirewrappedrings wirewrappedring wirewrappedringsofig handmadejewelry handmade handmadecrafts handmadering handmaderings jewelrymaking jewelryartist

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Get your votes in now There’s just a little over 5 hours left before voting ends for this week’s 50FAVS 50% Friday Sales Event. So far this week’s results are looking very similar to last week’s. Our gold and silver Bee and Honeycomb Ring is in the lead once again, but some of the same contenders are not too far behind. 14K Gold and Silver Bee & Honeycomb Ring: https:www.etsy.com/listing/619008236 14K Gold and Silver 6.5mm Wide Centurion: https:www.etsy.com/listing/596266349 Silver 5mm Perfect Hammered Band: https:www.etsy.com/listing/207194258 Silver Perfect Hammered Bands: https:www.etsy.com/listing/165744677 The Revolution by Blazer Arts: www.revolutionba.etsy.com Full Details: http:www.blazerarts.com/50FAVSat50.html • • • • • • • • 50FAVS 50FAVSAT50PERCENT blazerarts smallbusiness familybusiness showmeyourrings handmadejewelry handmaderings jewelryonsale jewelryforsale etsyjewelry etsyjewelryshop etsyjeweler etsyfavs etsysellersofinstagram shopetsy etsyonsale etsylove etsyfavorites 50percentoff savebig salesevent twotoneband twotonering hammeredbands honeycombring honeybeeband honeybeering beeband beering

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I think part of the beauty of our relationship with jewelry is that it can change and evolve as we do ourselves. — Erika Christensen Nice photo shared by vechler vechler gemma_finejewelry Tag someone who would like to have the same 💍 Don't forget to follow brightrings and use brightrings to share your posts with us, superb pic is coming soon.