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Piąteczka. Urlop w Pl nadzwyczaj wyczerpujący W sumie każdy taki jest ale ten szczególnie. Mnóstwo spraw do załatwienia. Nie tak łatwo zorganizować dwie imprezy będąc za granicą Dziś pierwszy raz zostawiłam Stasia na dłużej niż 5 minut. Nawet nie wiedziałam, że to tak stresujący moment. Co chwilę sprawdzałam telefon i siedząc na fryzjerskimi fotelu zerkałam na drzwi czy nie idą moje chłopaki z aferą. Okazuje się, że mój Syn wytrzymuje bez mamy nawet 2h. Ale mamusia już tęskniła za Synkiem😘😘😘. hands alittlehand mylove boy jestembojestes kocham mojsyn mojeserduszko razem

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Every mother deserves the love of her , especially your mom. Although many years have passed, everything has returned to memory in an instant. It was so lively and beautiful when she took you into her hands that her soul raised again. She had been full of love and warmth for many years.  Now and forever, her role will remain to keep her loving motherly towards you. There are as many hugs as you can handle for all mums there. I love you very much, Mom. As much as a sunflower has flowers, as many of kisses is for you, DT Smile Love. flowers grass nature garden happy mothersday love loveothers now forever mom mother tulips sunflowers beautiful photo photography soul hands

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Пополнение цветов) Как только у меня появляется новыйцвет , так сразу же на него куча желающих😄 Это не последние фиолетовые ногти , скоро будут еще😈 Прайс в актуальных историях💅🏻 городростов гельлакростовнадону мастерманикюра делаюногти hands girlshands городскойстиль маникюрростовнадону маникюрнадомуростов

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This is the first time I see a picture of my drawings on skin⠀ Thanks vykhod_exit , for choosing to wear my drawing as a tattoo, and thanks to nativo_heidelberg for actually putting in the skill to make this happen⠀ I also have to thank everyone who has reached out to me with positive feedbacks, questions and commissions during these few months.⠀ All of you keep me inspired and motivated.⠀ Thanks 🙏⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ art minimal woman beautiful italy artist pencil linedrawing drawing tattoo tattoodesign customtattoo tat inked scarlakt minimalistdrawing minimal minimalistart hands hand handdrawing minimalisthands minimaldrawing minimaldrawings print

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I feel like our bodies are caught between two worlds: are they the vessels of our spirit or the 3D barrier that prevents us from being able to to connect to our higher selves? When our bodies malfunction is it a reckoning of our spirituality or life lesson that heightens our connection to source? With my newer work, I am exploring these questions by creating portals in the body that reveal a manifestation of our spirit and 3D world. Such fun ;) higherself manifestation surrealism magicrealism magick hands handdrawing workinprogress

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🅱️ust down thotimus prime

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Si te encanta tener las manos suaves y cuidadas estas cremas son para ti, mi favorita es la de almendras ya que deja un aroma sensacional; Si queréis probarlas puedo enviaros muestras con vuestro primer pedido ! ¿ A qué estás esperando ? cream hands soft almonds honey avon cosmetics

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touches avec les yeux on t’as dit