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Немного непривычного контента - Питер. Для всех он разный - стильный и бесячий, романтичный и мокрый, пафосный и упадочный. К Питеру можно относиться по-разному, но нельзя равнодушно. Питер я люблю, историю города знаю - да чего там знать, всего-то 300 лет назад тут нифига не было. Иногда удаётся пройтись без плана по какому-нибудь непривычному маршруту в солнечный день. Так вот, визитная карточка mainstream-Питера или underground- Питера - это дворы-колодцы. Не во все можно попасть, к тому же некоторые - просто помойка. Но встречаются и по-настоящему красивые места. Вот одно из них, в центре: Литейный проспект, 61. Два колодца, оба проходные, очень чисто, мало людей. И если первый колодец - просто образец классического Питера, то второй - произведение искусства, настоящая стрит-арт-фото-зона. Маленький, глухой, тоже чистый, на всех стенах по периметру - яркие, стильные граффити. А над головой в треугольном «окне», образованном несимметрично стоящими сталинками - кусочек Питерского неба. Стильные фоточки и чувство underground-духа Питера обеспечены. graffiti wall spb colors fashion city metropolis mainstream граффити

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Nu doar fața ne oglindește vârsta, o fac cu precizie și mâinile. Nu e deloc greu să “ghicim” anii privindu-le. Sfaturile pe care ni le dau familia și prietenele, dar și medicii, să ne protejăm pielea cu mănuși la treburile casnice, grădinărit, să folosim creme hidratante și nutritive zilnic, dar și pe cele cu SPF ridicat când ieșim din casă, nu sunt niște mituri. Pentru că pielea de pe mâini este foarte subțire, dar și foarte stresată de activitățile de zi cu zi și trebuie îngrijită. Iar după 30 de ani, întinerită. Medicii și terapeuții cronos_med vă propun tratamente rapide non și minim invazive, care stimulează colagenul, tonifiază și catifelează. LPG Alliance, platforma medicală, lucrează mai puțin de jumătate de oră printr-un masaj relaxant și în zona mâinilor. Și nu e nevoie de mai mult de opt ședințe în aproximativ o lună de tratament. Dacă alegeți LPG pentru diminuarea celulitei și subțierea taliei, cereți și terapia pentru mâini👋🏻 Peelingurile fac minuni nu doar pentru ten și e sezonul lor✌🏻Iar una dintre cele mai durabile și instant vizibile proceduri, ca rezultat, este umplerea cu acid hialuronic mai dens👌🏻Avem soluție și pentru acasă, supermasca de mâini pe care abia am adus-o la cronos_med. Dă o finețe incredibilă pielii și e prilej de relaxare seara, după o zi plină👏🏻 Noi vă așteptăm cu terapii care vă vin mânușă zi de zi, la cronos_med💜 cronos_med📍Aron Cotruș 57 📲0739 849 160/0725 570 362 lu-vi 8-21 sâ 10-17 frumuseteasunacronos CronosMedbydrConstantinStan onestopclinic beautyhub bestdoctors besttherapist bestpatients personalizedtreatments signaturetreatments exclusivebeautytherapies wellbeing bodymindspirit aginghands hands handstreatment handskin LPG peeling handmask antiaging perfectskin beautifulskin fallforyou

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Each one of us holds the happiness of the other in his hands A big word.Why? Because each one of us can help to make the day of the other succeed or not.In an encounter, in a conversation I have always the choice to focus on myself and my advantage, not listening, not seeing the actual needs and picking up the fine vibrations of the other.In his eyes, in his voice, in his body language In Yoga, there exist a wonderful mindful exercise You concentrate on feeling the vibes in every fiber of your fingers, the hand, the palms,.The fine waves of physical and prescious soul energy. You let it pass and hold it in the truest sense of the word conscious in your handsand release it mindful after a whileA warm feeling flows through the body. And this Happens in the same way when two people meet attentive and conscious. A warm feeling remains stored in every cell. Namaste hands fingers focused grace selfcare tenderness energy touch yoga yogadaily igyoga yogajourney meditationtime atmosphere balanced grounded stoprunning yogalove flow peacefulmoment breathe slowlife deceleration photography consciousness mindfulness tinytattoo thoughts spiritality wisdom

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おばあちゃんに 「ゆきのこちゃんの手は おばあちゃんの手に似てるね」 っていってもらったとき なんだか嬉しかったんだ 今日は敬老の日でした おばあちゃんたちと お食事に行きました おばあちゃんに 「もう、50になった?」といわれ 何のことだかさっぱりでしたが 私の年齢を言ってたらしく とてつもない衝撃を受けた 50って!!!! OMG まだyoung lady だよー! ちなみに おばあちゃんは来年90歳だって✨ 敬老の日 衝撃 まだ若い たぶん おばあちゃん hands younglady

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𝐖𝐞𝐥𝐥 𝐨𝐨𝐨𝐩𝐬 ATTENTION, this post might trigger you. (‼️TATTOOS R TEMPORARY‼️) luciferrshell luciferrshell luciferrshell luciferrshell (🔍posts can contain sensitive pictures🔍) ———- REAL ONES SPAM COMMENTS🤔😏 ——- - - - - - - - Hashtags: korean korea model models squad ullzang ullzangboy selfie daddy daddykink rp model models koreancouple ullzangcouple kinky aesthetic hotboy body darkaesthetic aestheticdark dark darkaesthetic edgy daddyhands hands sixpack fotography squadgoals [⚠️RP acc, CTTO, no stealing⚠️]q

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Самый честный способ выражения чувств вышел за рамки ощущений и вылился в картину ❤ Касайтесь друг друга и любите. Хорошего дня 🌞 daria_paint hands love true картинамаслом

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Paris Schedule Hands are a direct extension of the Heart. Once a month I teach the schedule of my dear maricha.yoga with whom we founded the nomadic school of Yoga Organic Alchemy Practice with with me this week: . Tuesday 17 12.15 vinyasa tigreyogaclub Marais 13.15 yin tigreyogaclub Marais 17-18.15 vinyasa parisyogashala • Wed 18 9.30 vinyasa beyogaparisofficial 14 vinyasa tigreyogaclub Rive Gauche 17.30 pranayam and meditation parisyogashala 18.30 Vinyasa parisyogashala 19.30-20.45 Yin parisyogashala • Thurs 19 12.30-13.30 tigreyogaclub Rive Gauche . Pic with the lovely theyogafruit by carlotagt_ irisretreat in 🇲🇦 ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️ yoga yogagirl practice achedule henne art invitation connection hands lululemonambassador organicalchemyyoga Lesamazonesparisiennes Everythingbeginswitthaninnersmile

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가을엔 컬러에 무광만 발라도 예뻐요 🍂

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711 Pure White - Nailpolish and Le Lift handcream supplied by chanelofficial 🖤

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what if jungkook grew his hair out to his shoulders jk Unless ????

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half of me wants scissors to be eradicated but half of me wants someone to stop jungkooks because if the hair keeps growing I WILL have to off myself for him ILL HAVE TO OFF MYSELF

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Hands Ecpressions only😉

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newlife enjoyingthelittlethings soultime decoration fashion imaginary art architecture cinema audreyhepburn vincentvangogh literature reading writing museums music dreams books travelling mediterraneanmoments mediterraneanfood mediterraneanpeople Bondia Working mood. We have new furniture. Tables and chairs for the customers. The counter was a barrier. They feel more relaxed and gives more proximity. Sometimes, mmmmmm. Too much? We are getting use to it. Anecdotes : This foulard is from China? It's a my mother gift. I've been there and I bought some for my daughters, for friends and for me. They were on holidays to the South of Spain. Must came from China. May I touch it? Yes, of course. No, it's different. I love this touch. It fits you very well with this pale color. Gives you energy. Thank you. Jjjjjj, women. A mother and a daughter. Don't know them. We are changing our habits. Everything moves so fast. Always in transformation. I bought chocolates for today. To celebrate that the files and the bank receipts were ok. Anna was on holidays. Perhaps I will stop to the bakery to by some croissants too. durero hands artwork. babalúunpasseigperlart babalúslowlymoments babalúphilosophying babalúfashionmoments

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Le nostre mani, e lei al centro. ☀️ ❤️