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My Prince! 😎 Congratulations to 9x9 for winning MThai Top Talk About Artist and also  InFamilyWeTrust2018 for winning MThai Top Talk About Drama. Thanks all NIGHT for always staying supportive to us ❤️ • • • • • • thirdd  third  thirdkz  third_kz thirdkamikaze  thirdlapat thirdngamchaweng thirdlapatngamchaweng  lapat lapatngamchaweng  ngamchaweng 9by9TH  4NOLOGUE 4NOLOGUEPRESENTS  9by9th_official 4NOLOGUEARTIST  thirddlovers  thaipop NINEBYNINE  handsome  followme nadaobangkok  nadaoartist InFamilyWeTrust2018  IntoTheLightwith9x9 LINETV  เลือดข้นคนจาง

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Reposted from kniqhtfallrescuenetwork - Reposted from teamfridafries - NYC Repost frankiesfelinefund with make_repost ・・・ These 3 cats are sitting in the Manhattan city shelter. Bunny just took 2 cats from a sanctuary in PA where the authorities were going to euthanize the cats because they were “old and no one wants them”. Then there are the two sweet seniors from a hoarding situation on Long Island. Next came the 3 cats left behind when the family moved. They took the pit bulls and left the cats. Three sweet seniors. The city shelter right is over run with seniors. These cats are 10, 12 and 14. The two pictured together are a pair. They need out. We can’t afford to board everyone even with generous donations. We’ll take a spare bedroom. Better yet anyone have a townhouse to donate. These cats deserve homes. Like we always say, these cats were kittens once that everyone went crazy over. Now look where they are. They did nothing to deserve this treatment. call or text Frankie’s feline fund. 917-514-0228. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• nyc newyork newjersey pleasehelp adopt adoptdontshop sheltercat seniorcat handsome cat cats catsofinstagram catlover animallover catstagram feline savealife queens harlem brooklyn Manhattan feline fosteringsaveslive rescueasheltercat fosteracat fosterasheltercat adoptaseniorcat teamfrida

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A perfect reminder of an amazing Stairwell Fight Scene from the 2nd Season 🙌 Source onesixth_avenger 🙌

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Per sempre amiche 🌎♥️

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Parfois les mauvaises choses qui nous arrivent, Nous mettent sur le chemin d'une meilleure suite 🙏