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22 minutes ago

Guess what got delivered to me by the good people of briopets , along with the yummy Sanabelle Indoors? 😻😻😻 Yes, it's the new Sanabelle Crunchies snack! 💫 So stoked to be one of the first few to try these treats. Will share with you more in another post on the goodness of these treats ♥️ sponsored cat kucing neko meow catsofinstagram sanabelle sanabellecatfood sanabelletreats briopets briopetsreview ifcatscouldtalk bosscat kitler cowcat katze gatto mao blackandwhitecat domesticshorthair handsomecat moustachecat catswithmoustache lifewithcats lifeofacat

3 hours ago

쁘띠쁘띠 특별한고양이 천재냥이 입맛까다로운 듀이주려고 여기저기 몰래놔뒀더니 감자캐는 그 잠깐 사이에 쁘띠 자기가 좋아하는 캣만두 다 골라먹었네 황당해서 웃음만 나와 혹시나 캐리어집에도 숨겨놨을까봐 샅샅이 뒤지고 다니고 있다 이런 순수함 아쥬 귀엽고 사랑스럽군 mycat handsomecat 고양이는사랑입니다 고양이가좋아 고양고양 고양이와살기 냐옹 고양이 반려묘 instacat catstagram cats ilovecats catsarelovely catsarefantastic catmyboss livingwithcats healingeveryday

6 hours ago

毎日雨ばっかり、や~ねぇ、アニキ🙀 雨降ってても、ニャルソックしたがるので、濡れ猫アニキです😰 そして、やっぱりシッポ踏み☆ 背中のハゲも、ようやく少しずつ産毛が生えて来ましたよ👍️ まだまだ時間は掛かりそうですが☆ *** 先日お知らせしました、大丸梅田店さんの ねことしあわせdays ですが、売上の一部は保護猫の為に寄附される…との事ですよ❤️ こういう取り組みをデパートがされる…といことは、ほんとに大きな意味があると思います😌✨また、それをやろうと発案・実行された心意気が素晴らしいですよね🙆✨ 開催期間中は、猫専門の病院で有名な、服部 幸獣医師を呼んでのイベント等もあるそうですので、お近くの方は、宜しかったら、ぜひ‼️ 火わいいにゃん祭 今日のささ 茶々丸 あにき イケメン猫 イケニャン 術後服 ニャルソック中 ねこ ねこすたぐらむ にゃび にゃんすたぐらむ ネコ部 エウレカねこ部 きじとら ねこのきもち todayssasa cats catstagram catstagram_japan handsomecat 大丸梅田店

7 hours ago

貰えないのわかってて隣でジーッとみつめる… ただただ食べづらいだけ😹 去勢手術してから食い意地が凄い 前は食べててもテーブルに乗ってこなかったけど今は毎回チェックしにくる キッチンに入れば自分のご飯持って来てくれるんだろうと思って待機、貰えないと分かると催促 ご飯も前は1日かけて好きな時に食べてても残る時があったけど今は出した瞬間貪るように食べて完食続き 食べたいだけあげたらどの位食べるんだろう!? ロシアンブルー ロシアンブルーアッシュ イケニャン 灰猫 russianblue russianblueash russian_blue_of_gram handsomecat graycat ねこ ネコ ねこすたぐらむ ねこ部 ねこ写真 猫部 猫すたぐらむ 猫がいる生活 猫写真 猫好きな人と繋がりたい ペコねこ部 にゃんこ にゃんこチャンネル catstagram catlife catphoto catlover ilovemycat cats_giftmall

9 hours ago

Hi furriends My name is Robert and I am a sweet and handsome greycat looking for a new fureverhome You see I was adopted about 4 years ago as a kitten but unfortunately my human mommy has developed really bad allergies and has tried every possible option, but unfortunately I need a new home. But that means some new lucky person gets to adoptme 😻 well this is my story so you can get to know me a little better— Robert knows his name and is healthy and happy, but rather reserved and cautious until he gets to know someone. He lives contentedly with our other cats, but he is very much the alpha in the house (though he is the smallest of the four). He tells humans when he wants to be pet and how, and as long as we follow his lead (he gives us all the info. we need through body language and, if we really aren't paying attention well, he tells us to back off in meows). He doesn't yet want tummy rubs, but he has started showing me his tummy sometimes lately. He is the dearest, most loyal little buddy ever. He follows me everywhere in my apartment. He's a great sleeping partner, as he waits for his humans to wake up before asking for breakfast. He is on a wet food only diet, as he otherwise gets crystals in his urine; but a strict wet food diet with ample clean water (we have a pet fountain) is all he needs to stay healthy. No special food other than a good quality wet food. He seems to really like turkey and giblets (I've been feeding him a Purina urinary tract canned formula I buy in 5.5 oz. cans online). He's accustomed to World's Best cat litter. He likes his water out of a fountain or out of a glass on the floor next to his food. His favorite toy is a jingly ball or, of course, cat dancer. Well friends that’s me in a nutshell! So if you’re looking for a handsomecat to cuddle with I’m your guy! Email my friends at Adoptions ForAnimalsinc.com and ask about me, Robert 😸 needhome adoptdontshop fosteringsaveslives rescuecat rescueismyfavoritebreed

10 hours ago

Did you know my parents never feed me? Please send snacks. (mom here: Rascal eats several times a day and he’s just trying to manipulate you)

10 hours ago

Pondering the big stuff today my furiends🤔 . I have been delivered my morning treats in bed and Meowmy has now left for work. Should I window watch the world or stay snuggled a bit longer. What to do, what to do??🤷🏼‍♂️ . All suggestions for my Tuesday activities are welcome💙🌸💙 . And I’ve reminded Meowmy to let me do some selfies for the nhvnaturalselfie challenge. The wonderful people at nhvnaturalpet will donate goods to help needy kitties, and those other things🐶, if they get 15000 selfies this month. So get snapping📸📸 . kateandcaesar hailcaesar caesarthecat catsofinstagram catsofaustralia mainecoon allmeowphotos allcatphotos300 bestpetinstaworld cutecats_oftheworld meowfeature just_beautiful_cats handsomecat meowdeling cat petsofinstagram petoftheday catoftheday thinkingcat

12 hours ago

This handsome, little jerk has every right to be as angsty as he's been lately. Despite being unjustly cooped up these days, he's taking it pretty well. He could take it better, but I have no way to properly communicate the situation to him. He still offers headbutts and cuddles a plenty and that's all I can ask for even when he commits some truly obnoxious dick moves (knocking things over, spilling his food/water, picking on his brother, yowling, scratching, etc.). Can't stay mad at this face for very long. Just look at him! 😐 myson catson catmom tuxedocat tuxedocatsofinstagram sweetboy bestboi handsomecat Ilovemycats