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Little rocker 😎

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Little cutie ❤️

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Mom your embarrassing me. 😳 Mom my friend at school puts himself on Facebook + Instagram. 🧐 Mom we already took a picture. 🙃 Just a few of the things I was told today. Just a few not so subtle reminders that these tiny humans will one day not need me like they do now. The days of baby gates + cabinet locks feel like ancient history. It’s all can I play madden + lets go ride our bikes. I know it’s hard to find time for yourself when your are tiny. I know your tired. I know working out seems impossible. I know cooking a healthy meal sounds daunting. Finding something for yourself is so important. Being a good mom doesn’t mean loosing your identity in your . It means holding onto yourself so your can learn how to hold onto themselves. Try new things. Be brave. Stop using being tired as an excuse. We all have 24 hours in a day find 30 minutes to do you girl 😘 Link in bio for fit club OR tag a mama friend and let’s do it together !

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My one and only back up account for sashas_empire 💕

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Listen in folks! I have got a collection of 13 tracks wrapped up for you to listen to while you drive your car and drink your coffee. I am calling it Radio Rainbow, and its on YouTube. Duration 30 mins 50 seconds. Just me and my guitar. It’s raw so get ready ! Available now. Link in bio. Also, feel free to fill up my comment box with your feedback. Happy listening!

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𓇼𓆡𓆉 お隣さんの木と朝日のコラボ🌳🔆🔅 . 小さい花がたっくさん٭•。❁。.*.❁。.*・ . そしていい香り😍 . なんだろ🤔🤔💭 . 今度おじちゃんに聞いてみよ(⑉> ᴗ <⑉)💗 グリーン 小さい かわゆ 朝日とコラボ なんだろ 知ってますか 今日も6時起き 早起きは 三文の徳 とはなかなかならない 私の場合 早く起きてもドタバタ 要領悪すぎ 笑笑 まぁいいか 楽しく暮らすのが1番 happydays iphone7plus ゴチャゴチャグラム

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i can’t make you love me, if you don’t 😪. • • First time singing outside in public, and acapella?! Ahh. It’s so empowering ⭐️😭. & it’s such a beautiful day, hope everyone is enjoying it 😘🤞🏻.

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Weekend Specials are up 1. Miso Ramen w braised brisket bok choy, nori and a poachy 🤤(VO,VGO) 2. Toasted banana bread with blackberry labneh, thyme infused honey + ginger gel (V) Wooooaaaaahhhhh special weekend ramen bananabread blackberry

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Sometimes you have to run to get what you want❤️ Happy memories from last month with katjanolte; always heading towards the light🌟 (and frightening some local fauna in the process😄) happydays

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📷 P U Z Z L E P I E C E ~ Final Finalist 7 julesfitzburgers • “I have always found it hard to relax, ask my husband - I am a stress head! 😂 So, I have made it my mission to try and find ways to improve. I have practiced mindfulness - to be honest didn’t quite work for me, I have tried yoga - I did really enjoy it but found it hard to get motivated. The key for me is a combination of drinking tea, having a bath and using a Heat Pack every night. I have a long history of headaches and neck/back issues so this combination is working wonders. When I stumbled across Trim and Fluff Designs, I fell in love with the patterns and the ‘Relax’ scent! It’s my perfect final puzzle piece 😊 Heating it in the microwave and smelling that beautiful scent makes me calm, relaxed and happy! Funnily enough our dog Charlie loves it too and wants to claim it for herself😂” - Jules Thanks Jules for your open description & your sweet picture of Charlie feeling pretty chuffed with herself. I’m so happy you Heat Pack is that final puzzle piece & helping you (& Charlie) to feel relaxed. Good luck - see you tomorrow 6pm for the LIVE draw Which 2 photos would you like to see win? Tag their name 👱🏼‍♀️Hannah xx . giveaway finalist congratulationstoyou trimandfluffdesignsphotocomp

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Join Christine for a meditative workshop and sound bath on the arrival of the new moon Saturday June 1st, 2019. Holding space for you to go within and be bathed in the healing vibrations of crystal and Tibetan bowls, gong, chimes, and inspiring words. Kingscliff Studio | $25pp (cash on arrival) inclusive of tea + tasty treats | Book online now through MINDBODY App or email hello waveyogaliving.com

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Vi chiederete perché questo mix di espressioni? 😅 🔸Sorpresa 😲 🔸Dubbiosa 🙄 🔸Pensierosa 🤔 🔸Insicura 😐 🔸Soddisfatta😃 🔸 Felice😁 Vi spiego il perché 😉 😮Sono stata contattata da una radio 📻 🙄Pensavo avessero sbagliato 🤣 🤔E invece no Han notato il mio profilo e mi han chiesto di partecipare ad una trasmissione sulla salute e benessere 😐Aiuto 😂 che pauraaaaa e vergogna 🙈 😃Sono contenta perché vuol dire che riesco a trasmettere quello che voglio 🙌 😁Sono felice perché posso condividere con tantissime persone quello che faccio ❤️ Che ne pensate? Consigli da darmi per placare l'ansia che h9 da quando mi hanno telefonato? 😅 😂 skeshy • • • 😄 happy happydays happyday smile fun instahappy goodmood sohappy happier excited feelgood smiling funny feliz feelgood feelgoodphoto happyhappy enjoy instagood love unioneragazze girlsboomcommunity creativityloves💕 imigliori_bfg emotion staytuned opportunities worklife

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Going places ✨