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Grand Palace is considered as a sacred place, so you are highly advised to follow the dress code. This means no short pants, no shirts without sleeves, no bare feet. As in any temple in Thailand, please take off your shoes. However, near to the entrance of the Palace complex is a booth where proper clothes are provided if needed. Although photo and video equipment is allowed in most of the Grand Palace, inside the Wat Phra Kaew temple they are not 😉 TravelTips TravelInfo Throwback June2012 Travel Vacation Trip Wanderlust GoExplore WonderfulPlaces InstaTravel Landscape Architecture ThaiArchitecture Culture Heritage WatPhraKaew GrandPalace Bangkok Thailand SouthEastAsia Asia

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The Hatta Heritage Village is considered one of the most ancient village in the Emirate of Dubai. It is distinguished by two military towers from the 18th century, an old Juma mosque (1780) and 30 houses which have been fully restored to their old Village style. The village functioned both as a residence and for defence and features a large internal courtyard and an 11m high watchtower. The buildings are made of mountain stones and mud bricks, while the ceilings are constructed using palm fronds, trunks and mud. Beside bedrooms and an outside kitchen you will find rooms for music, reading , supplies

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Repost millpurdon with make_repost ・・・ The reopening of the Church of San Lorenzo - fabled as the final resting place of Marco Polo, deconsecrated in 1810 & largely closed for more than a century Now, thanks to TBA21-Academy, the building is accessible again as home to “Ocean Space”, a new cross-disciplinary centre focusing on ocean conservation & the effect of climate change on the seas “We selected Venice for this new embassy for the oceans as it has long been a center for international exchange. Historically, the city served as a critical hub for trade & the navigation of the high seas. Today, it struggles alongside numerous other coastal communities & island states with the effects of climate change & sea level rise, making the mission & program of Ocean Space ever more topical to the local life & to visitors” (Co-Founder Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza) The Centre officially opened last weekend with an inaugural show “Moving off the Land II” by the brilliant Joan Jonas on view until 29th Sep - after which the church will undergo additional interior restructuring Bravo & thanks to dhranko oceanspaceorg tba_21 tba21academy casadorofungher - a triumphant & important contribution to Venice’s cultural & environmental landscape venezia venice italia italy veneziaautentica veneziadavivere art oceanspace gallery museum church heritage architecture art arte millpurdon

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A view to one of the remaining BOFORS towers around Holton Heath in Dorset. Built during the second world war to defend the skies over the nearby cordite factory, only around ten of these structures still remain in existance. holtonheath dorset bournemouth bournemouthharbour bofors boforstower lightantiaircraft antiaircraft aagun flak flaktower boforstower gunposition worldwartwo secondworldwar ww2 defenceofbritain defence fortification history heritage lightpaintingphotography lightpainting singleexposure night nightscape nightshot longexposure longexposurephotography

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दिन ढल चुका था सब तेज़ी से अपने घर की ओर अग्रसर थे अपने परिवार से मिलने को बेताब थे, वहीं उस शाम कुछ पक्षियों का झुंड भी आसमान को खूबसूरत बनाते हुए घर लौट रहा था तभी उन में से एक हवा के खेल में उलझ कहीं पीछे रह जाता है और अपने साथियों से बिछड़ जाता है, तेज़ी से डूबते सूरज के साथ बढ़ते अंधेरे में जब उसकी नज़रें कमजोर होने लगती है वो कभी किसी झाड़ से तो कभी किसी वाहन से टक्कर खाते हुए किसी कोने में क्षतिग्रस्त इस्थिती में बैठ ता है, और चांद से सवाल करते हुए पूछता है कि क्या हम आजाद है, क्या हम अपनी मर्जी के मालिक है, जब जहां चाहे क्या हम जा सकते है, नहीं तो फिर क्यों ये इंसान भी हमारी तरह आसमान में उड़ने के ख्वाब देखता है, क्यों उसको भी पर चाहिए जब ये मुझे मेरे घर नहीं पहुंचा सकते, क्यों चाहता है वो पंछी बनना जब हम खुदकी मदद नहीं कर सकते fly freedom travel trip story storyteller solotravel delhi qutubminar heritage sky explore wander hindiwriting hindipost hindiblog hindistory shotononeplus oneplus photooftheday

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ifoundawesome waterfall on the picturesque Kokan coast line! The beautiful Dhut-papeshwar waterfall in Rajapur is of religious as well of tourism. This lovely place must be on your bucket list for your summer travels! Find more things to do in Pune on Lbb.in/App 📸 kokanchi_mansa_sadhi_bholi

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اجازة شم النسيم 😍 إلى الجنوووووب احلى جو للسباحة والسنوركلينج والتخييم وزيارة الجنوب فى بداية الصيف 😊 رحلتنا المرة دى ممتعة اكترهنزور القصير ووادى الجمال ومرسى علم 💪 حيث البحر وروعته 🐟🐬🦀🐙🐡 والنجوم وجمالها⛺🌠☄ والتاريخ وابهاره🤓 🏤 يلا بينا 25 ابريل نقضى الاجازة نستمتع سوا ونغير الروتين وننطلق الى الجنوب. للحجز والاستعلام 01098383332 ولمعلومات اكتر عن اماكن الزيارة والمبيت والتكلفة فى الكومنت 👇 وادى_الجمال الجنوب متعة تخييم سباحة طبيعة انطلاق egypt southegypt renewableenergy power swimming snorkeling camping heritage newlife culture redsea dolphins creatures mountains adventure

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I can write a book about my ten days in Penang. I am a little emotional about leaving tomorrow on that midnight bus to Kuala Lumpur (I only booked the midnight bus because I thought it sounded mysterious). The people, the energy, the self - discovery, this little Georgetown brought to my spirit was a blessed, wild, torred, crazy, beautiful & wholesome affair. All of us are officially on our way & it’s time to go on my next adventurebut you & I need to have a few little chats before I embark that on that one. I’m just going to smash a few of these out. travelmalaysia travelselfie malaysiatravel womenonamission malaysia malaysianfood malaysiatemples street streetsofpenang streetsofgeorgetown heritage unesco unescoheritagesite penangmalaysia penanggeorgetown georgetown georgetownmalaysia streetart streetlife womenwhotravel hikingboots travel travels traveling diveroffhercourse whathappenswhenthingsdontworkout theyalwaysworkout magic

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An immaculate BMW M2 now in stock! We are extremely excited to offer this exceptional car complete with Bluetooth M Sport Exhaust, Exterior Black Pack, Apple CarPlay, Harman & Kardon, Full Colour Satellite Navigation & Heated Seats! 😍 Now available on our website! BMW Mpower MSport BMWM2 M2

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Yasaka Kōshin-dō (八坂庚申堂) is a small temple located in Higashiyama, Kyoto, Japan. The temple is dedicated to Kōshin-san (庚申さん) a nickname of its main worship object Shōmen Kongō (青面金剛), a blue, guardian warrior and to the "three wise monkeys". They represent the Kōshin faith. In Kōshin belief, Kōshin-san is thought to help all those who strive in their livings, with all their efforts to be good persons. He is also thought to punish the bad. Kukurizaru is the round, ball shaped talisman made of cloth, representing the good faith monkeys japan nippon asia temple kyoto iphonex shotoniphone architecture architecturephotography urban iphonesia shinto nature japantravel japantrip instagramjapan ig_japan visitjapan blackandwhite bnw architectureporn trip visual streetworkout koshin kiyomizuderatemple history photooftheday threewisemonkeys heritage

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: [Someone was walking down the stairs right in front of me and actually used this incredibly tiny door to go behind the wall! I was like 😲👀and I really wanted to go there too, not caring how dangerous it could possibly be 😅] 🚪 wallpainting urban_shots urbanandstreet allshotsturkey turkportal istanbulprovince turkshutter fenerbalat balat turkey_home anadolugram my_dream_turkey istanbuldayaşam manzara ig_anatolia perfectturk birkadraj fotografhanem anadolufotograf heritagearchitecture heritage doorsofinstagram doortodoor doortraits historical quirky ihavethisthingwithdoors doorway doors urbanismo

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Produsen skbatikpekalongan ・・・ KEMEJA BATIK LENGAN PENDEK Customer Service: WA: 085642559338 KEMEJA BATIK LENGAN PENDEK Bahan katun Proses Kombinasi Jahitan berlapisan (berfuring) Ukuran Size M : Lingkar Dada = 112 cm Panjang Baju = 70 cm Panjang Bahu =45 cm Size L : Lingkar Dada = 116cm Panjang Baju = 73 cm Panjang Bahu = 47cm Size XL : Lingkar Dada = 120 cm Panjang Baju = 75 cm Panjang Bahu = 49 cm Cc pasarbatiknusantara pasarbatiknusantara BatikModern BatikKombinasi BatikCouple Batik fashion indonesia belanja heritage kain hijab KainBatik BajuBatik Kebaya KutuBaru KebayaKutubaru KebayaWisuda Blouse BlouseBatik KemejaBatik AtasanBatik BajuBatikKantor SeragamBatikNikahan BatikTulis BatikCap

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Produsen skbatikpekalongan ・・・ KEMEJA BATIK LENGAN PENDEK Customer Service: WA: 085642559338 KEMEJA BATIK LENGAN PENDEK Bahan katun Proses Kombinasi Jahitan berlapisan (berfuring) Ukuran Size M : Lingkar Dada = 112 cm Panjang Baju = 70 cm Panjang Bahu =45 cm Size L : Lingkar Dada = 116cm Panjang Baju = 73 cm Panjang Bahu = 47cm Size XL : Lingkar Dada = 120 cm Panjang Baju = 75 cm Panjang Bahu = 49 cm Cc pasarbatiknusantara pasarbatiknusantara BatikModern BatikKombinasi BatikCouple Batik fashion indonesia belanja heritage kain hijab KainBatik BajuBatik Kebaya KutuBaru KebayaKutubaru KebayaWisuda Blouse BlouseBatik KemejaBatik AtasanBatik BajuBatikKantor SeragamBatikNikahan BatikTulis BatikCap

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A look at the progress in the refurbished toilets which are due to be recommissioned shortly; don't forget the railway will be closed today and tomorrow with services resuming to the standard 'R' timetable on Thursday iomrailway heritage steam nostalgia progress

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Un clásico siempre de moda. Es el reloj inmortal de nuestra Colección MINI 2019, el Heritage, que refuerza su aire retro, su estilo vintage, con una correa en Malla de Milán realizada en acero inoxidable. La combinación de una caja poderosa, con 43 milímetros de diámetro y realizada en acero quirúrgico de calidad suprema, con la correa de malla, contrasta con el vanguardismo de una esfera minimalista, y del cuadrante inspirado en el tablero de instrumentos de todos los Mini desde su lanzamiento. El MINI Heritage incorpora un movimiento suizo Ronda, de gran prestigio internacional por su calidad y precisión. Los relojes solo tempo de la Línea Heritage están disponibles con un precio de 315 euros. Heritage WristWatch MalladeMilan AceroInoxidable Minimalista Millennial Design Fashion Car Oldie Vintage Creatividad SwissMovement Ronda Artesania MaestrosRelojeros

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Lovely Spring morning here at Kenwood House - the daffodils are out and the birds are chirping!

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Join us on Sunday for the last Historic Lift Visits BANADFestival explorebrussels be_culture - - 🗓 31/03: Guided tours of two historic lifts on avenue Paul Deschanel in Schaerbeek, Brussels. 🇧🇪. - The elevator in the photograph benefits from upgraded security features using a combination of sensors, automatic locks and stop mechanisms to create the equivalent of virtual cabin and landing doors and securitising the open shaft this preserving the original aesthetics features for today and tomorrow. - Did you know that the passenger lift was one of the major technical innovations of the end of the nineteenth century, and it contributed to the development of the boom in apartment buildings in Brussels from the 1920s onwards? - A lift was an indispensable feature of this new style of living that was modern and luxurious. Great care was taken in their design and installation, but these heritage machines, somewhere between the building and its furniture, remain unrecognised and under threat. - - Preserving historic lifts is a crucial part of maintaining not only technical expertise, but also architectural and technical history. - Save the historic elevators, sign the petition! linkinbio saveourelevators preserveourelevators

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My damask rose had finally bloomed! This is Rosa damascena 'Bifera'. It flowers in the low chill regions of the world, (such as the India's plains) during the 'Chaitra' month of the Indian Calendar. Hence it's vernacular name 'Chaitri-gulab'. Perfect timing, Chaitra has just begun. This Bifera strain is from a stock which has remained in cultivation since the times of the emperors Shah Jahan and Aurnagzeb. Today was the first time i experienced the fragrance of an actual damask flower. I must say it was divine. No wonder most of the world's rose oil comes from damasks. Family rosaceae Chaitri Gulab / Damask Rose/ Autmun Damask / Quatre-saisons (?) rosadamascena rosadamascenabifera rosa rose rosegardening oldrose heritagerose chaitrirose chaitrigulab ittar otto roseoil fragrance perfume damaskrose mughal subtropicalgardening garden gurgaon gardeningingurgaon delhi gardeningindelhi india gardeninginindia chaitra spring heirloomrose heritage historic

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Ever since i visited Rajasthan last year and missed out on going to Jaisalmer, i always wanted to go there and feel ,how amazing it is to walk barefoot on the sand, watching the sun set into the desert , sleep under the stars in the middle of nowhere. And this time around i got to do it and it was just Legendary and was worth the wait photography photo explorer explore travels traveler traveller traveladdict travelphoto travelpics travelphotography landscape landscapephotography sand desert insta instagood instatravel instagram instapic incredibleindia india heritage backpacker backpack solo solotravel hostel

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𝙏𝙖𝙟 𝙈𝙖𝙝𝙖𝙡 𝙋𝙖𝙡𝙖𝙘𝙚 𝙃𝙤𝙩𝙚𝙡, 𝙖𝙣 𝙖𝙧𝙘𝙝𝙞𝙩𝙚𝙘𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙖𝙡 𝙟𝙚𝙬𝙚𝙡 𝙞𝙣 𝙈𝙪𝙢𝙗𝙖𝙞 throwback tour travel travelling travelphotography travelblogger travelog architecture traditionalart palace historical travelbag artist bhopalartists heritage culture photographer photography writer journalist mumbai mumbaidiaries bhopalblogger travelholic travelbook artistoninstagram mumbaikar indiatourism worldtraveler