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The first sighting of a Komodo dragon always leaves an indelible impression. But what about the second or third encounters?⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ Would you ever get tired of spotting dragons 🐉?⠀ ⁣⁣⠀ ⁣⁣⠀ ⁣⁣⠀ ⁣⁣⠀ ⁣⁣⠀ kalimayadiveresort divesumbawa komodonationalpark komodotrip komododragon komodoisland wildindonesia natgeoyourshot prehistoric lizard herpetofauna herpsofinstagram herpetology herpetologia natgeoindonesia chasingextinction reptiles giantlizard bucketlistchecked vulnerablespecies boattour floresindonesia rincaisland dragon indonesiaphotography indophotography indonesia_greatshots indonesia_nature_lover

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Day 2 of the Pleasanton NorCal Reptile Expo. This was such a great weekend and it was great to see some of my friends. I spent both days educating others about snakes and showing that they are beautiful creatures and shouldn’t be feared. Until next time PS: thank you redwoodexotics for the photos (first 2), and many others for helping make this weekend great.

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Took Sativa out for some crusing time. This big girl is hilarious getting very territorial of the table, it was a challenge to get her off of it lol she's awesome sacredserpentsnorcal bcimperator colombianredtailboa boasofinstagram snakelovers snake gorgeous boa boaconstrictor boaconstrictorimperator imperatormorphs reptile bigsnake snakebreeding serpent serpiente reptile reptilesofinstagram pets petsofinstagram herpsofinstagram  snakesofinstagram petbreeding normalboa commonboa bigsnakes

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my post from tumblr! also reposting because i’m big dumb and originally said she was a toad but i’m fairly sure she’s a frog skskks thank you to the people who pointed that out to me! i was too overwhelmed with happiness to find an amphibious friend and i posted before checking out what kind of frog she is sksksk if anyone knows what type she is please let me know she looks a bit like a northern leopard frog but i’m not sure and there’s a very good chance i’m wrong skskskks but look at this beautiful friend i got to hold her for a few minutes and then returned her to her pond home she’s very lovely • • • • frog frogs tumblr amphibian amphibians frogsofinstagram amphibiansofinstagram herps herpsofinstagram funny meme herpetology cottagecore wholesome positivity naturecore animals animalsofinstagram textpost

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So, faced with the decision this weekend whether or not to get up early on Saturday morning and go to the norcalreptileexpo , I opted to NOT go. It was incredibly difficult for me as it would have brought me great joy. I could not, however bargain putting a snake on a credit card as I simply do not have the funds to buy one outright at the moment. I was very sad about it and I knew that although it would appease my desire and great love of acquiring new snakes, it would not serve me ultimately. I am very appreciative to have the amazing and beautiful collection I currently have. I look forward to being able to get a new, bigger rack someday and even a 4×2 for my handsome Motley BI. All in good time and with thoughtfulness as to the fact that I AM 41. These lovely creatures live for 20+ years, and I suppose I need to be mindful of that🙁 since I want to care for them for the duration of their lives. I realize even now, some may have to be adopted when i am older and that saddens me. But, for now I simply must enjoy them to the fullest. Everybody ate today with gusto and that made me very happy. ❤🐍 Okay, I've waxed enough for today. herps herpsofinstagram snake snakes snakesofinstagram reptile reptiles reptilesofinstagram boa mbk milksnake ballpython brazilianrainbowboa cornsnake rhinoratsnake womapython kenyansandboa hognose bci scalelesscornsnake bci motleybci mexicanblackkingsnake

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Male Robertus - "Sharing is Caring" 🐸 If you are looking for a group that FB can't shutdown, join us on MeWe: 👀 . https:mewe.com/join/pdf 🐸 . 👀 Also visit us at:  https:www.facebook.com/WoodlandManorDandD/ 👀 PoisonDartFrogs DartFrogs Tinctorius robertus dendrobates tincs female TincsOfInstagram frogsofinstagram smart follow amphibiansofinstagram herps couples herpsofinstagram WMDnD frog frogs pets selfserve petsofinstagram plantedtank beauty naturalbeauty exotic clutches ootw comingsoon beauty

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Made these enclosures for my 6 Emerald Tree Boas (hopefully 3.3) coming in on Tuesday! Super easy to make I have puppy pee pads for the bottoms, found some cheap ceramic water bowls at Walmart this ended up being way easier than I thought it was going to be! 😃 sacredserpentsnorcal bcimperator colombianredtailboa boasofinstagram snakelovers snake gorgeous boa boaconstrictor boaconstrictorimperator imperatormorphs reptile bigsnake snakebreeding serpent reptile reptilesofinstagram pets petsofinstagram herpsofinstagram  snakesofinstagram petbreeding emeraldtreeboa corallusbatesii diy diyideas diyproject

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I cannot tell you how long I have wanted a Pac-Man frog for 😍 I got this little dude at the buffalo_niagara_reptile_expo today with sherwoodbergers and mustachiohamstery! His name is Plop, it suits him well. He’s a bit of a jerk but that’s Pac-Man frogs for ya As a disclaimer: these guys are very much “look-don’t-touch” pets. I only handled him to put him into his terrarium and I also used gloves so as to not to transfer any oils from my skin into his. They are beautiful animals and will try to eat anything put in front of them, which I can really identify with. 😂 pacmanfrog ceratophyrsornata amphibians frogs reptiles reptilesofig reptilesofinstagram reptilelover herps herpsofig herpsofinstagram nofilter sosmol

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Look at this ferocious baby She doesn’t always Monch like this but when she gets that black soldier fly larvae, there’s no stopping her. Nothing compares to feeding a chameleon! Check in tomorrow and we’ll introduce another kiddo! 😊💙 chameleon pantherchameleon chameleonsofinstagram chameleons chameleonpet chameleonmom panther taffie Tafiti tropical colors vivarium feed larvae monch vicious design baby beautiful nature herps herpsofinstagram herpetology reptile reptiles reptilesofinstagram cute cutepets cutepetsofinstagram cutereptilesofinstagram

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Had a friendly visitor to our house a few days ago. What little rain we’ve been having has brought the amphibians out! (considering it’s the wet season it’s been VERY little, that’s El Niño for you and climate change😕). If my id skills are correct then I think this guy is a veined tree frog. Beautiful little dude, check out those eyes veinedtreefrog treefrog frog amphibians amphibiansofinstagram herpetology herpsofinstagram nightimeherping frogsofpanama zoology fieldwork rainforest centralamerica neotropics neotropicalamphibians

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Crested gecko, Avacyn. No eggs from this girl yet, even though I paired her a couple months ago. Just tossed the male in again, so hopefully they'll mate. If not I have another male who thinks my foot is a giant vagina, so I'll pair him with her. crestedgecko crestedgeckos correlophus correlophuscilliatus crestedgeckobreeder hobby scaledfamily herp herps gecko geckos crestedgeckosofinstagram herpsofinstagram reptile reptilesofinstagram pet pets exotics exoticpets like post posts picture photos

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OLD BATTLE-AXE I located this big old Top-End Death Adder (Acanthophis rugosus) on a warm night near Daly Waters, in the Northern Territory. It would have been between 60-70cm long and towards the top-end of their size in the wild. For the snake’s (and my) safety, I removed it from the road to take this photo. While I was doing so, I noticed a few four-wheel drives scream past. As I pulled back out on the road after saying goodbye to this old fella, I wouldn’t have driven more than 200m before finding another slightly younger death adder. This one was a beautiful snake with vivid colouration and banding. Unfortunately the previously mentioned vehicles had run-over and killed it within minutes of me removing the first one from the road. I guess it was just this old bloke’s lucky day. ONLINE SHOP 👉 rmrphotography.com.au snakesofinstagram deathadder venom fieldherping herpingaustralia herping herpetology herpsofinstagram reptilesofinstagram reptilelover Wildplanet natgeowild wildlifephotography wildplanetphotomag nature_brilliance canon5dmkiii australiagram wildlife nature_perfection wildlifeaddict wildlife_perfection australia australiagram ig_discover_australia wildlifeonearth instanature australiangeographic natgeoyourshot ausgeo REPTILESmagazine wildgeography reptiles_magazine the_reptile_report featured_wildlife nature_aus herpingtheglobe reptiletube natgeo tamronaustralia abcaustralia

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Another quick phone snap of Fossil 🦴 💀 🦴

14 hours ago

I’m in the process of taking photos of some available males with my real camera and lightbox and while I was at it I took some of some of my keepers. Please enjoy this phone snap of Fossil and his peachy eyelashes and just a hint of his bright blush chin. Someday I’ll set up a tripod so I can position him in my two hands to show his bright pink chin/throat 💖