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Day 20 of marchmeetthemaker is Design Process. I always always start with drawing. In this case, I did a layered watercolour over a couple of days while I was on holiday in Spain. We were surrounded by Hibiscus if every colour. I was totally mesmerised by all of the flowers there. Once I got home, I split one of the flowers into a 5 layer (7 colour) block print - yet to be finalised. However, I also made a very simple, smaller Lino block. For a long while I did nothing with it - until I started making bags. It works brilliantly as a fabric and it’s turned out to be one of my favourite bags. What do you think? designprocess designer hibiscus textiledesign babyblue watercolour spanishinspiration

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≫≫≫ Hibiscus🌺 3日間ほぼ雨やったし、 まだ寒かったからハイビスカスは 見れないと思ってたけどちょこっと咲いてた💕 . 気温わからんすぎて服装もわからんすぎた 3日間でした😂😂😂 リベンジしたい!沖縄🙄✊ fashion code ootd springfashion simple zara bayflow alexiastam alexandani hibiscus okinawa okinawatrip photography photogenic camera ファッション コーデ 春コーデ シンプルコーデ ザラ ベイフロー アリシアスタン アレックスアンドアニ ハイビスカス 沖縄旅行 沖縄 フォト フォトジェニック カメラ お洒落さんと繋がりたい

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Let's be real. Who has damaged hair? 🤷🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ Toooo many of us.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ Here's the thing There are so many factors that can lead to damaged hair: heat tools, the environment, chemical processing, coloring, perming, bleaching, over-washing, the list goes on and on. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ SO what can we do about it?! Well well, let us tell you about the benefits of an organic fix. Organic haircare contains REAL ingredients that get to the root of the issue. Organic ingredients penetrate hair follicles with actual nutrients to give hair more strength, movement, and shine while also delivering intensive hydration.⁣⁣⁣⁣ Unlike its evil counterpart, chemical-based haircare, which only camouflage the issue and coats the hair. We can't emphasize enough the benefits of organic ingredients over chemical. We work hard to ensure every ingredient is in our product for a specific reason. Be sure to send us a direct message if you ever have any questions ⚘ ⚘ naturalbeauty organicbeauty cleanbeauty organic ecobeauty beauty crueltyfree natural nontoxicbeauty crueltyfreebeauty wellness nontoxic allnatural ecochic plantbased johnmasters johnmastersorganicsuk perfectlynatural perfectlynaturalbeauty honey hibiscus treathair hairtreatment crueltyfreenew newproduct honey newcollection productlaunch launch

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Les gâteaux d’hier. Le fameux hibiscus 😏 L’une de mes premières créations avec des fleurs. Ce doux mélange. Ils ont fait sensations. 🙊 Grande première, pour « la ptite» dans une grande cuisine, a dresser et sortir des plats. Mais je pense que le plus mémorable est d’avoir cuisiné, mes recettes, aux côtés de Alain Darroze. ☺️ mille mercis pour nos échanges, vos idées ect Vite vite samedi, chez les Rosiers! 🤗 paysbasque ascain vegetal food love green pastry enjoy smile pornfood follow followers biarritz cotebasque ecofriendly love lovelyjob girl surf tattoo vege vegan mygreenpastry alaindarroze speed cuisine hibiscus

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“LIVE AL🌏HA. It costs nothing, yet is everything.”🙌 AL🌺HA Warrior~💕 We have priced ourselves out of truly living our lives because none of us can really afford to live. Our world is just too fucking expensive, it’s got to stop or we will have no lives left to live. Money is not the answer, never will be. Wealth, greed, power, it’s not the way. None of it is paved with love, none of it is the path to love. We need our hearts filled once again with compassion, mercy, patience, understanding, sensitivity and grace, not to overprice and price gouge everything so we can continue to line our pockets and bank accounts. Love & Aloha is for everyone. It is the only unmeasurable, priceless commodity desired, shared and universally obtained by all who seek it. If my magic fairy wand could really grant us all a wish, it would be for our world and our hearts to return to Love, to only know LOVE.💞 Amene~🙏 TRUTH💯 channeled preacher preach pottymouthpreacher truth truthteller lightworker healer moneycantbuyyoulove loveistheanswer love livealoha spreadlove returntolove writersofinstagram writer Photo Credit: Wishes most certainly come true with my magical Fairy Wand.✨🧚‍♂️🔮 Handmade with Aloha, from a fallen branch from my exotic, fuchsia pink hibiscus bush in my front yard.🌺 magicwand talisman fairygarden mygarden makeawish hibiscus hotpink fuchsia

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🌺沖縄🌺 🌺いつかの宮古島🌺 🌺フローティングフラワー🌺 東急リゾートのエントランスに置かれている水盤🌺 毎朝、違うお花に変わるみたいですね😊 プルメリアもハイビスカスも大好き❤ 沖縄 宮古島 離島 フローティングフラワー ウェルカムフラワー 宮古島東急リゾート エントランス プルメリア ハイビスカス 南国の花 癒し おもてなし 花好き 沖縄好き 沖縄好きな人と繋がりたい japan okinawa miyakojima plumeria hibiscus welcomeflowers tropical flowers trip instaflower flowerstagram loves_okinawa

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Thinning hair is the biggest cause for concern among a lot of women. It’s not uncommon to start off with a thick ponytail and watch it wear away with time. But that does not stop it from being the worst feeling in the world. If you relate to this, you will be happy to know that there are measures you can take to restore your hair’s luster and volume. Hibiscus is one of the most renowned herbs used for hair growth. It has gained popularity because of its ability to stimulate hair growth even from dormant hair follicles in bald patches. The flower is an efficient remedy to put a stop to hair fall, encourage regrowth, and prevent premature graying. But, how exactly does it do this? ¦ ¦ ¦👉👉👉👉 Check My Next Post On Hibiscus ¦ ¦ ¦ 📞08034181003 or whatsapp us to order your Pure Organic Hibiscus ¦ ¦ hibiscus hibiscusspowder naijabrandchick naijabrand entrepreneur triciabiz legitfollowforfollowtrain legitvendorsng skincareroutine haircareng naturalhairng naturalhairnigeria

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“It’s easy to say be patient in times of trials but difficult to remain patient. Everything happens by the will of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala. If you are going through a tough time then take a deep breath and say this shall too pass.” . photography inspiration hibiscus

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Bonjour tout le monde 😘 Pour fêter le printemps, mon hibiscus 🌺 m'a offert une nouvelle fleur et un autre bouton qui s'ouvrira bientôt 😀👌😍 hibiscus plante fleur

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안녕하세요🌝 프리미엄 헬스&뷰티 브랜드 '오픈더랩' 입니다. - 오픈더랩 히비스커스는🌺 비옥한 땅과 일조량이 풍부한 수단산 100% 고품종 수단산 히비스커스만을 고집했구요. 여태 드시던 히비스커스랑은 차원이 다르실거에요. 맛이 깔끔하고 청량해서 음료수같이 느껴진답니다. 양도 푸짐해서 히비스틱 1개로 하루가 거뜬하구요. 스틱형태로 편리하게 즐길 수 있어요🍷 평소에 물을 자주 마시지 않는 분들이나 물만 마시기 싫어서 다른 음료를 마시는 분들 그런 분들이라면 더더욱 추천 드리고 싶어요. :) 식사 후 커피대신 드셔도 입안이 깔끔해진답니다. 히비스틱은 프로필 하단 링크를 통해 구매가 가능합니다. 문의사항은 플러스친구, 네이버 톡톡 및 고객센터로 문의주세요🙋🏻‍♀️

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доброе утро хотите тропики с самого утра? 😊😊😊 Новая начинка - практически баунти, но нежнее и легче. Воздушный, как облако кокосовый мусс, освещающее малиновое кули, бисквит с миндалем и хрустящей слой с кокосом. Вес 2 кг Оформление - шоколад и сахарный цветок 🌸🌸🌸 sugarflowers

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【2枚目タトゥー近いので注意🙇‍♀️】 ハワイでの1番の思い出作りをハワイでの誕生日の日にやってきました💕 . 足首にハイビスカスのタトゥー🌺🌺🌺 . 痛かったけど、自分がやりたかったことだから後悔は全くない(๑•ω•๑)♡ ヒプノシスマイク ヒプマイ ヒプマイクラスタさんと繋がりたい ヒプマイ好きさんと繋がりたい 他担さん大歓迎 山田三郎 同担拒否 推しが尊い 激推し 山田inハワイ🌺 hawaii waikiki hawaiilife hawaiistagram studyabroad instagram instagood birthday tattoo hibiscus

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« I do the yoga, then I do the thing 😁 » enjoying my garden before the cool weather comes!