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Did we forget to mention?? Oh yeah We have Hawaiian Paradise back in We are stocked and prepared for the summer to come. Our blend of hibiscus and dried fruit pieces will be sure to cool you down in the heat and has also been known to help regulate the following: •blood pressure •hot flashes/fevers •packed with anti-oxidants We will start to sample this at all our upcoming and future markets starting this week so don't forget to check us out! Can't wait to see you all! 🥰🍵💚🌺 - organic tea realtea health farmersmarket southerncalifornia hawaiian paradise hibiscus hibiscustea hotflashes

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I've never seen someone so happy to recieve a plant. As soon as she found out what we were doing, her face lit up. And that's saying something, because she's usually already smiling. This girl has a spirit that exudes joy; you can't help but catch it. And I'm thankful that God brought her into my life.

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【青いブルーが美しい♡爽やかハイビスカス🐠】 今回は少し珍しい色のハイビスカス ハイビスカス デニムブルーのご紹介です 愛知県の渥美半島で育った 伊良湖岬のハイビスカスです☀️🏄‍♂️ . ハイビスカスというと、明るい赤やオレンジなど トロピカルな花色を想像しますが🌺、 デニムブルーはとても優しいブルーで、 涼しげな印象です🐳。* ブルーといっても、グレーのような パープルのような絶妙な配色 このなんとも言えないニュアンスカラーが魅力です👙 . 熱帯魚のベタの尾ひれにも似ていませんか?。* 暑い夏は涼しげハイビスカスで涼みながら リゾート気分を味わいましょう!⛱ ハイビスカス デニムブルー トロピカル 伊良湖岬 渥美半島 blue 爽やか 涼しい ニュアンスカラー アンティーク 珍しい 淡いブルー 暑い 花のある暮らし 植物 植物のある暮らし ガーデニング インテリアグリーン 園芸 flower plants hibiscus 豊明花き

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New blooms ~ the first thing I do in the morning, and as soon as I return home in the afternoon, is check on my plants. This morning I was greeted by a beautiful, red hibiscus bloom 🌺 After work, wild dandelions 🌼 growing up through the soil layers (a welcome sight), and the first borage blooms of the season! Borage blue has got to be one of the prettiest blues 💙 urbangarden organicbackyardgardening plantforpollinators hibiscus borage dandelion dandelionflower medicinalplants edibleflowers medicinalflowers herbalism

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Flowers in the garden

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今回はいつもと違う枝から咲きました🌺 このさきW開花が見られるかも😆 . ご予約の空き状況 5/25(土) 15:15〜カット 5/26(日) 10:00〜カット、14:30〜カット、17:30〜 5/27(月) 13:30〜 5/29(水) 15:45〜 5/30(木) 16:00〜 6/2(日) 16:00〜 上記以外のお日にちや時間外、定休日も承りますのでお気軽にご相談下さい☎︎ poriniwa ポリニワ 美容室 美容院 ヘアサロン ヘアケア ヘアカット ヘアカラー カラー 当日予約ok グリーン 観葉植物 植物 植物のある暮らし 丁寧な暮らし 日々 湘南 藤沢 鵠沼 instagreen green l4l fashion beauty japan flower hibiscus ハイビスカス

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And just like that, patio season is ON! Today we were hanging out littlebadwolfchicago sipping their Coronet Spritz, made with Rhine Hall Mango, Hibiscus Apertif, & Sparkling Rose 🌺🥭🍾 What’s on deck for tomorrow?

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Hey guys, Midnight Hibiscus bath bombs have been restocked! These alluring bombs are made with moisturizing sweet almond oil, soothing epsom salt and activated charcoal which is thought to draw toxins from the skin. It’s scented with a sophisticated, but clean blend of hibiscus, currant, acai, plumeria, jasmine and amber. Last, but not least, these beauties are topped off with hibiscus flower which is thought to help purify and brighten by breaking down dead skin and increasing cell turnover. bathbomb midnighthibiscus hibiscus acai moisturizing sweetalmondoil epsomsalt soothing relax bath bathfizzies bathbombs activatedcharcoal detox smallbatch bathandbody madeinmichigan skincare bathtime bathtreats vegan crueltyfree saltedrockbathco beauty bathfizzies bathbombs red black

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Sun is shining and the weather is sweet 🍒 Have you tried our new CHERRY tea? It literally tastes like summer

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Website is officially updated 🥳🌟. 3 new soaps added, 3 different molds🌸 Organic, Chemical/ Fragrance free, Biodegradable packaging🌱 Spirulina & Turneric Soaps now come with shiny mica powder✨for gift sets/ party favors DM or email me✨

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hibiscus blue ade🌺✨ 빨강이와 파랑이가 섞여서 생각지도 못한 색감이 나와버림🦈 죠스바야 뭐야🦈 정체가 뭐야아🦈➿

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🍃🌿🌺 Live a Vibrant Life 🌺🌿🍃

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decided to soak in the serotonin and a sipnglo juice before heading into work to take care of sweet patients ~ CBD has helped to alleviate my occupational pain tremendously, and i was so excited to see it offered in one of their concoctions ✨🌟🍃🌺 nourish your body, do what feels good, and give yourself time to pause and set an intention it can make the day so much lighter takeiteasy sendinglove rittenhousesquare dentalhygienist juicing sipnglo hibiscus plantbased sunshine happiness instantserotonin drinkyourfruits 🌺

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This one I’m calling it ( Rainforest paradise ) 🐆🦚🦜🐾🌲🌱🌿🌺🐸🦎🐍So obviously I edited my hair color to purple💜 and it’s for a great reason !🌱 PurpleForThePlanet sambazon You guys still have today to take a dam selfie like you don’t already do just filter your hair purple 💜 and hashtag and tag sambazon ! mehronmakeup rainforest purplehair makeuplooks savetherainforest makeupart bodypaint worldofmakeup maquillajes makeuplooks makeuptutorial makeupinspo rain frog hibiscus makeupchick makeupideas mua muafollowtrain muafeature motd motd💄 paintbrush artistsoninstagram paint justbe savetheearth savetherainforest laselva naturelovers nature lanaturaleza

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Ingredient Tutorial - 🌺 HIBISCUS || Recipe featuring this week's ingredient in bio! || Taste Tutor . Weekly education on ingredients used in cuisines across Africa and the Diaspora, Taste Tutor’s focus. Check it out 🌱Common Name: Hibiscus (Rose Mallow or Roselle) . 🌸 Species: Hibiscus is a genus in the Malvaceae family (Mallow Family) 🌱Plant Form: The flowers have large trumpet shaped petals and come in many different colors. The mature sepal of the hibiscus sabdariffa is what is dried and used for beverages 😋Flavor: Hibiscus has a slightly tart, hint of cranberry-esque, fruity flavor 🌍Origin: Believed to originate in Asia, hibiscus grows in tropical climates all over Africa, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Tahiti, etc ✨Folk-lore: Across the continent of Africa, hibiscus is used for special occasions and to welcome and honor guests. It is also the national symbol of Haiti Beverages: Every version of the beverage is flavored with different ingredients ranging from pineapple to orange to black pepper and are served hot or cold. 🇪🇬 Karkadé 🇯🇲 Sorrel 🇬🇭 Sobolo 🇬🇭 Bissap 🇳🇬 Zobo 🇲🇽 Agua de Jamaica 🇺🇸 Iced Hibiscus Tea . Nutrition: 🔸Good source of vitamin C and antioxidants. It is also said that drinking Hibiscus could lower blood pressure naturally but you’d have to try that for yourself to see if it works 🍹Tips: ▫️Steep dried flowers in hot water for 10 minutes or in cold water for 1 to 2 days TasteTutor Chef Catering Food Cooking Instagood Culinary Cuisine Recipe Taste FeaturedIngredient Seattle Eat Dinner Foodie FoodPorn RecipeOfTheDay Yummy Flavor Sorrel Drink Caribbean Africa Tutorial Wednesday Hibiscus Zobo VitaminC AfricanDiaspora Diaspora

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•Hibiscus• Here's to cooling off with Water colors on a hot summer day.🌸