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I am normally not that much culturally interested, but I love the Polynesian culture! We already took classes in lomilomi massage, hula dancing and ukulele here in Hawaii💆🏻💃🏻🎸 : : : aloha diamondhead Waikiki Hawaii surfing beach alohafromhawaii hawaiilife islandlife🌴 waikikibeach sun sunshine hike takeahike paradise traveldiary traveladdict wanderluster travellover oahu Honolulu passportready hawaiianislands aroundtheworld Weltreise worldcitizen passionpassport bikehawaii bikepacking worktravelbalance

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I’ve had the urge to cry for the past few days. I knew I needed to let go of something but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was. I even doubled my hiking yesterday by going to one of my spots where the healing naturally comes for me. But nothing. Today before leaving an expo I decided to stop by one of the booths to offer a massage discount to some ladies I’ve worked with at a retreat. One of the those beautiful souls was the.rooted.yogi She told me about her class she was teaching this evening for athletes & how it was going to be a lot of heart opening poses & shedding the ego. That lead to a conversation about a future class that I was creating involving yoga & hiking. I mentioned that I was trying to get things going soon because I had just been let go from my last place of work due to my attitude. She then asked me if I had a bad attitude. My response was no. As I walked away I felt like I had lied to her & to myself. As I drove home I had my ego take a backseat & replayed the months prior that lead me to being fired. I realized that I did have a bad attitude. I realized that I had allowed my environment & those around me to effect my attitude. The tears finally came as I opened my heart & accepted the fact that I did have bad attitude during my time at my last place of work. I am human. I make mistakes. I have learned that I need to walk away sooner from something that no longer serves me & to not allow others & my environment to effect my attitude. I may have not been able to take your class KJ, but our brief conversation allowed me to put my ego aside, open my heart & heal. Thank you. • • • thesaunteringsunflower hike hiketoheal yoga yogaeverydamnday yogatoheal puttingtheegoaside openingtheheart healing human theuniversehasyourback namaste

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🗼Der Leuchtturm am Cap ⛰

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Сейчас поставили табличку у этого моста, типо вантовый мост влюбленных или что то подобное. Для нас он всегда был и будет "висячка" 🌉🙂 russia россия пермь пермскийкрай chusovoy nofilter myself spring mylife myphoto me snow followers comments clouds clear forest march sky clickclim clearweather trip likes naturephoto instagram insta photo sunny hike bridge

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Welcome to the jungleThis isn't such warming welcome to the jungle, is it??? 2 people fall down to the river 😀😀😀 but was a lot of fun😂 . Vítejte v džungli Tohle není zrovna příjrmné přivítání, že??? 2 lidi spadli do vody Ale byla sranda 😁 kohchang kochang climb climbing climbup mountain peak top trek thailand island adventure hike bestview whitesandbeach danger risky vrsek vyslap hora dobrodruzstvi nebezpeci vyhled ostrov thajsko 🌴 🗻 🌊 dovolena prazdniny

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We have been enjoying our Spring Break Trip through the American Southwest. One thing I have learned is Saguaros are HUGE myvacationpants

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Thank you for joining me, friend. 🙏🏼 And the bottle of water that photobombed. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water when hiking. friendshipgoals hike explore california

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Palm trees and sandy beaches has never really done it for me. Rappelling into hellishly cold water is apparently how I relax. This was my second time down Pine Creek Canyon and it was just as horribly great this time as it was a few years ago. gooutside utah zionnationalpark

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~Whispering Garden~ What's better than coming back from a hike and discovering a super unique looking forest thats close to home! How on earth did I miss this? Of all the times Ive been byI must've been looking the other way. Every forest is different in it's own way. The size of the trees or the moss that hangs from it's branches like this one. The tree's were staggered in such a way that the only source of light was mostly from above. Only a few of my favorite places on the island I know of offer this kind of back drop where you can shoot in a dense location and not have an over abundance of bright light from behind. After walking in 100 feet crunching over pine cones and dry sticks, I stopped to look around noticing all the moss on the tree's blowing in the wind. It was mesmerizing watching all the small bits of moss dance in the light breeze that carried through the branches. With the wind pushing through the forest it was as if they were whispering to eachother. It looked and felt fairytale like.

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There’s no Wifi in the forest but I promise you’ll find a good connection. findyourbliss .

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Vive cada día como si fuera el último.🌄

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