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The Chocolate Hills are a geological formation in the Bohol province of the Philippines. They are covered in green grass that turns brown (like chocolate) during the dry season, hence the name. 🍫⛰ bucketlist✔️ travel travelgram travellove travelstoke travelawesome wanderlust igtravel wander wanderer wanderlusting hypeaf wanderers chocolate chocolatehills bohol philippines igers instagramers igerspinoy photooftheday hills nature naturegram naturephotography naturelovers nature_photo nature_perfection naturesbeauty naturebaby

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This is jessesgoldfish edit, NOT mine. She thought it was bad and didn't want to post it. But I posted it for her, because it is literally the best edit I've ever seen, and I want Everyone to see how amazing an editor my bb girl Kaitlyn is. I'll Katy🖤 you deserve the world and more😘 - Tags: blesiv blesivedits hills hillsgohard jesse jesseunderhill jesseedits jesseunderhilledits moyarmy moyarmytothetop moy moyboys oliver olivermoy alex alexguzman seb sebastianstan sebastian sebastianmoy sebastianmoyedits olivermoyedits jamescharles sister besties sisters bestfriendgoals iloveyou

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Asal kalian tau ya sumpah dateng kesini tuh ga bisa berkata-kata selain terus menyebut indah sekali ciptaanmu ini ya rabb dan backpack kali ini bener2 jadi pengalaman yang paling berkesan selama aku backpack kemanapun bahkan keluar negeri, asal kalian tau bahwa indonesia itu indah ❤ tapi sangat disayangkan sih tiket pesawat domestik saat ini sangat mahal pak jokowi djpu151 kemenhub151 murahin dong pak kaya negara tetangga seperti Malaysia 🇲🇾,Philippines🇵🇭,Thailand 🇹🇭 mereka pesawat domestik untuk ke tempat wisata yang ada di negaranya murah pak masa kita lebih mahal dari pada keluar negeri hehehe. Oiya Maafin ya temen2 kalo video masih amuradul bikin nya hehehe jangan lupa tonton di YouTube channel aku full version nya itu bakal jadi gambaran gimana kalian di labuan bajo sana 😊👍🏻 aku cinta Indonesia 🇮🇩❤ link nya ada di bio ya gengs 😘 havana  sky  blue  hills  sunrise photography photographer   photooftheday📷   bestoftheday   picofthedays travelphotography   travel   trip   vscocamgram   iphonex likeforlike   followforfollow   followtrain   followmeplease wonderfulindonesia   ntt   boysfashion   nature holiday  psychology kelilinganojan vacation   komodoisland   indozonetravel labuanbajotrip

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Instalação Fujitsu DC Inventer 34K! ✔️ Vantagens da Tecnologia Inverter: Atinge mais rápido a temperatura desejada; Poupa energia e dinheiro: diminui em até 40% o consumo de energia elétrica; Não há picos de energia; Mantém a temperatura do ambiente estável; Gás R-410A que não agride a camada de ozônio; Ar Condicionado é Inverter ❄️ arcondicionado inverter fujitsu aruja arujazinho centroindustrial condominio aruja5 hills saudeebemestar conforto qualidadedevida arquitetura designer interiores familia foco top

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Looking back on adventures like these can be warm and lovely but they don’t come around every week! Both my long distance bike trips happened because I quit my jobs, and both times it took me a good few months to get new ones. The highs of travel and brilliant freedom are a bliss you can never forget, and that is what makes it so hard to get back into the grind. Still, I hope this video inspires someone to ride the long way home tonight, remember you can make adventures just by walking home the wrong way. Before I met up with Tally tonight, I slipped into a cafe, didn’t buy anything but tried to read my book, the chap next to me told me all about his crazy life. He had been in films, in advertising, had met the queen many times, bafta nominee and phd in psychology! Sounds bonkers but it’s true. Strike up a convo with your neighbours and find the crazies close to home, you don’t have to cycle or walk through exotic places to find great connections and stories. bikepacking adventure bikes helpforheroes brownhair vaguemoralcompassion walshyy facebookmemes travelblogger christopherhitchens paulbloom crocodiledundee cycle trees hills grass edinburgh globalnomads woodlandtrust alistairhumphreysinspired

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'Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you can't begin to explore your possibilities.' • Happy Hump Day guys 👐 • • • • • • • • bridge photography photooftheday lifeqoutes beautiful exploring outdoors outdoorphotography adventures potd hills instaphotography clouds cloudporn trees branches appreciation quote inspire love countryside naturephoto natureisbeautiful instaphoto natureporn photographyart naturelovers nature_good photographyig photography_lovers