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dontloveme •▪• fbf I still play this song on repeat (swipe). 🎶🎶 There are things that just stick to your soul like food sticking to your ribs. 😁 I remember in my teenage years, I'd play the New Edition CD on repeat like I heard it for the first time EACH TIME. 😄 Eh, I like what I like. 🙂

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Come on & get to know history and style Did you know, JACKS have been around forever Woman sometimes threw knucklebones jacks to find out who whether the man they liked felt the same about them, along the same lines as pulling the petals off a daisy while saying “He loves me, he loves me not.” In ancient Greece, unmarried women who played Knucklebones were thought to be placing themselves in the hands of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who would choose a suitable mate. ancientegypt ancientgreece antique jacks games timeless mindblown classic vintage vintagehome sheshed sparkle helovesme interiordesign interiordesigner interior create followyourheart

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El Nawal Maya es el espíritu protector que adquirimos al nacer y que se encargará de protegernos toda la vida. El mío es B’ATZ’ etimológicamente viene de “hilo”. Simboliza el destino de las personas y la continuidad con el pasado. Es el hilo del tiempo y desarrollo de la humanidad y de la naturaleza mayan mexico travel maya yucatan nature chichenitza mayanruins history ruins tulum mayas pyramid visitmexico photography mesoamerica culture love cancun travelphotography instatravel vacation traditional

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•a t h e n a• She was the baddass Greek Goddess that beat Poseidon in being the patron of what is now the city of Athens by offering her father, Zeus, an olive tree-practical! Poseidon retaliated by having sex in her temple with the beautiful Medusa, therefore turning Medusa’s hair into snakes👏🏽🐍 Goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill- she’s definitely top tier X goddess greek mythology history love war aushandmade mydesign nerd mixedmedia craft earringoftheday

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A visit to Arizona isn't complete without taking a day or two to learn about Native American history and culture 🏜 sedonajeeptours

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Our newest conservation volunteer, Arianna, is in the process of cleaning one of the ussmonitor gun tools :) She's using localized ultrasound (same tool our dental hygienists use!) to get rid of marine accretions and metallic stains. This rammer is made of wood, copper and rope, a really neat piece Arianna recently relocated to Hampton Roads from North Carolina where she was one of the conservators working on the Queen Anne's Revenge shipwreck! ⚓💪 ussmonitor shipwreck archaeology history science conservation conservationinaction marinersmuseum gun tool wood composite copper rope queenannesrevenge

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Fake Spring.

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🔤👍: Agritech Like 👍 comments 🔤🔠 & share Follow agritech for such a facts and videos . agritech agritech agritech agricultural agricultural global Follow agritech agriculturestudent agriculturelife agricultureindia agriculture agriculture_global agriculture_worldwide doyouknow generalknowledge history socialscience social movement flowers india love indianagriculture fruits vegetable horticulture vegetables 🔤👍: . agritech agricultural agricultural global Follow - YouTubechannel -https:www.youtube.com/features https:tiptoptop1.blogspot.com/?m=1 https:www.instagram.com/p/BuDqDCoHHpB/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=j9hn11nmfw7t https:www.instagram.com/p/BuL_kZjHaZV/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=ip77bv9hh2zu

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दिवसामागुन दिवस गेले शतकामागुन शतके गेली तरीही काळरात्र काही संपत नव्हती.आजूबाजूची राजकीय परिस्थिती,गुलामी,विस्कळीत समाज. शहाजी राजे म्हणजे एक असे व्यक्तिमत्व की,ज्यांच्या कर्तुत्वाचा डंका अखंड हिंदुस्थानात वाजत होता.तरीही त्यांचे स्वतंत्र राज्याचे स्वप्न पूर्ण होत नव्हते. परंतु त्याचा पाया नक्कीच त्यांनी भरला होता.अशा परिस्थितीत जिजाऊ माँसाहेबांची असलेली मानसिकता व त्यावेळी त्यांच्या मनाची चाललेली घालमेल इथेच शिवाजी महाराजांच्या संस्काराची सुरुवात झाली होती.अशा या राजकीय आणि लाचारीच्या दिवसात शिवनेरीवर एक युगपुरुष जन्माला आला.हा दिवस या हिंदुस्थानातील सुवर्णदिवस होता. १८०० वर्षांची काळरात्र संपविण्यासाठीच हा युगपुरुष जन्माला आला होता. shivjayanti shivajimaharaj jayshivajijaybhavani maratha marathas maharashtra india world legends great leadership brave history wars proud top photooftheday photo photography instagood tbt instadaily instagram art marathas96

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23 марта 1968 года в испанском городе Велес- Малага родился Фернандо Руис Йерро. Футболист, легенда клуба Реал Мадрид и сборной Испании. Один из лучших защитников ХХ века. Многократный чемпион Испании и победитель Лиги чемпионов. На чемпионате мира 2018 года в России в качестве тренера сборной Испании Фернандо с командой дошел до 1/8 финала, где был выбит из турнира сборной России.

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Title: Pyxis of al-Mughira Time: 968 CE (Medieval Islam’s Spanish Umayyad period) Material: ivory, jade, precious stones Size: 16cm × 11.8 cm Location now: Musée du Louvre, Paris Function: was a gift for the Caliph’s younger son al-Mughira; hold precious items Subject matter/ motifs: heraldic figures (two human or animal figures facing each other); Arabic texts; relief carvings; geometric and symmetric Style: Islamic style islamicart pyxis arthistory medievalart history artwork art

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Do not praise me for my exceptional serenity. Can't you see I've turned away from the large excitements, and have accepted all the troubles? Go down to the old cemetery; you'll see there's nothing definitive to be said. The dead once were all kinds boundary breakers and scalawags, martyrs of the flesh, and so many dumb bunnies of duty, unbearably nice. I've been a little of each. And, please, resist the temptation of speaking about virtue. The seldom-tempted are too fond of that word, the small- spirited, the unburdened. Know that I've admired in others only the fraught straining to be good. Adam's my man and Eve's not to blame. He bit in; it made no sense to stop. Still, for accuracy's sake you might say I oftened stopped, that I rarely went as far as I dreamed. And since you know my hardships, understand that they're mere bump and setback against history's horror. Remind those seated, perhaps weeping, how obscene it is for some of us to complain. Tell them I had second chances. I knew joy. I was burned by books early and kept sidling up to the flame. Tell them that at the end I had no need for God, who'd become just a story I once loved, one of many with concealments and late-night rescues, high sentence and pomp. The truth is I learned to live without hope as well as I could, almost happily, in the despoiled and radiant now. You who are one of them, say that I loved my companions most of all. In all sincerity, say that they provided a better way to be alone. stephendunn favorite differenthours poem worldpoetryday nyc love secondchance joy history hope life

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Watching the sunset over Istanbul.

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🔰EL CASTILLO DE HIMEJI-JO, ubicado en la ciudad de Himeji, en la Prefectura de Hyōgo, Japón 🇯🇵, es la más perfecta expresión arquitectónica de un castillo japonés de comienzos del siglo XVII. ⏩El sitio comprende un conjunto de 83 edificios con dispositivos defensivos muy perfeccionados y sistemas de protección notablemente ingeniosos, que datan de la primera época del sogunato. ⏩Obra maestra de la arquitectura en madera que une los aspectos funcionales a un gran atractivo estético, el castillo de Himeji-jo se destaca por la elegancia de su silueta y sus muros de tierra blanqueados, así como por la sutil relación establecida entre los volúmenes de sus edificios y los múltiples planos. ⏩Fue declarado Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO en 1993 himeji himejicastle castle japan japon asia world historia history explore travel travelphotography travelblogger travelgram traveling travelling travels photography photo photographer travelphotography photooftheday photos l4l likeforlikes likes followforlike follow like4likes instagramjapan best_japan_photos japandailies visitjapanjp japan japan.vacations japantravelplanet explorejpn _photo_japan_ fun_japan_travel japan.travel.guide japan_travel_guide best_tokyo_photos tokyocreativetravel tokyo

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Tihosuco was the place were the War of the "Castas" started in the XIX century. The most emblematic building is the colonial church, which façada was destroyed during the conflict. Greatly overlooked by visitors, this small and old town in the middle of the jungle is a must for conscious travelers in the Yucatan peninsula. 📷 ebrunettz

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Today we shine light on beyonce as we look at her own rendition to the late great Maya Angelou’s poem “Still I Rise”. Dr. Angelou was a poet, singer, actor, activist, and more. Her charisma, style and grace left her beloved by so many. Beyoncé being the queen she is payed homage in the way only she could. Enjoy! photography art poetry words stillirise faith fashion style history culture vibe travel women queen beyonce mayaangelou notes tuesday love wisdom truth friends family artist writer black is beautiful heart