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Here are two quick demos of a new kalimba prototype I made today. Typically I use grounding bars to mount the tines but they can be a bit expensive ($6 a piece). A friend of mine 3-D printed this new mount for me so I decided to give it a whirl. The first video is of me playing it acoustically and the second video is of me playing it with a clip-on mic and through the boss teraecho effect. So far it works pretty well and I may ask her to print me a bunch more musicdiscoverylab lofi diy maker homemadeinstruments diyinstruments boss kalimba thumbpiano hairpins electroacoustic

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Slumberland på Koloni/Skjulet

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Pizzibotella de cuatro cuerdas de hilo de nylon · Improvisación con una Pizzibotella fabricada con una botella plástica de refresco de 1.5 litros, hilo de nylon, un taco de madera y (como los usados para colgar cuadros o macetas). · Esta presentación es del día domingo 30 de octubre de 2016, en el Museo de Petare, Caracas, Venezuela, en el marco de la Exposición Creadores recuperadores, colectiva de 50 artistas. · · · concert music arte art artista creativity creative musician concierto homemade homemadeinstruments instruments musicalinstrument percussion recycle recycling reciclaje recycledart reciclar livemusic sound improvisation composer performer venezuela talentovenezolano petare museodepetare

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EBG 3 || UMP Presents A College Tour Prior to the awards, the organisers have decided to take the fun and entertainment to the University students . It started in zomba on 30th march at chanco with performances from Tuno and bucci among the others and last week it went down in Lilongwe NRC. From there the tour is supposed to continue to DMI, MUST , CU , LIVINGSTONIA , KCN and BUNDA . Other artists who are supposed to make their appearances in the mentioned destinations include Malinga Mafia, Eli Njuchi , Tsa Leo , Waxy K , Charisma and many more . Tickets are going at k2000 only```. malawianmusic africanmusic malawi africanbass homemadeinstruments Music AfricanMusic MalawianMusic Malawi afrobeats Video MusicVideo LyricVideo abstractartist rnb malawianlmusic malawimusic overstand overstandtheconcert reggaemusic mistarpush regrann AfriMusic Malawianmusic EuroVision africa music songwriter artist performer © 2019 www.nyasaplug.com

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Here's the latest creation from the lab called the springbulum which roughly falls into the category of home made instruments known as noise boxes. Me and my co builder friend, Fred spent the last few days building this instrument. It is composed of 5 different sized springs suspended by hooks on both sides of the frame. There is a hollow cavity in the center that allows the sound to resonate through a walnut soundboard on the bottom. On the front there is a tone block made of mahogany, a hand carved ebony guiro, and a jingle from a tambourine. The mallets are hand made using hollow acrylic tubes to carry the sound through the sticks and eye screws are used as the strikers on the tip of each mallet. The next step is to install pickups.

1 week ago

Haaskey V2. I've recently decided to upgrade my lovely Haaskey (named after the friend who give it to me), and give it a brand new look, and more controls, such as attack, decay, percussive glitch, ring modulation, power starve and octave selection (instead of pitch knob that I wasn't using that much). The distortion, ldr feedback, cv gate for drums and ultra slow mode are still part of this version! Video demo soon tatakipedal circuitbending circuitbent diy diyelectronics lofi toy keyboard kidtoys chiptune noise electronic synth synthesizer modularsynth modular homemadeinstruments geartalk gearnerds gearporn gearybusey electronicmusic vintagesynth synths synthporn gearslutz analogsynthe

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Recently I’ve had a number of people ask me about how they can acquire one of my Springzinger Sound Boxes so I decided it’s time to work towards opening an online shop. Over the next few weeks I’ll be building a collection of new instruments (about five basic spring boxes and about five specialty ones) that will soon be available to purchase. It’ll mostly be small runs to start but if the interest is there I’ll consider expanding the operation into something bigger. I guess we’ll just see how it goes:). In the meantime, here’s a peek at one of the specialty boxes that is mounted with five springs, tines from a toy piano, a comb and a music box comb. I’ll add the pickup tomorrow and post a demo vid shortly thereafter. Stay tuned musicdiscoverylab lofi diy diyinstruments homemadeinstruments rareandstrangeinstruments electroacoustic percussion maker workshop springbox toypiano musicbox etsy forsale comingsoon onlineshop

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Handcrafted 4-string Cigarboxguitar with beautiful hardwood neck. Great sound! $150