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Homies Kadın Kol Saati 169 TL 🙋🏻‍♀️ | Sipariş, Bilgi, Destek+ 📱WhatsApp: 0537 836 2325 📞Ofis: 0212 482 2686 🌐Web: www.bisaat.com 📩info bisaat.com 📲İnstagram DM🔛 〰 〰 ✔️Orijinal ve 2 Yıl Garantili 💵Kapıda ödeme (+6 TL) 💰Banka Havalesi veya +EFT 💳Kredi Kartı ile Taksitli Ödeme 🛍Tüm Türkiye'ye ücretsiz kargo 🔃Kolay iade ve değişim 📌%100 orjinal, garantili ürün 🔷Satış sonrası tam destek 💭Müşteri yorumları➡️ bisaatcomreferans 📸Fotoğraf çekimleri Bisaat.com'a aittir. 📷Detaylı fotoğraf ve video için whatsapp numaramıza yazabilirsiniz. 🏠Merkez ofisimiz İstanbul Merter'dedir. ☕️Sıcak bir kahve için sizi ofisimize davet ediyoruz😌 🌍Tüm detaylar ve gerekli bilgi için tabi ki www.bisaat.com homies homiessaat homieswatch homieswatches ladieswatch ladies kadınkolsaati kadın saat kolsaati

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Congratulations my man You have just purchased your first home fr4nchise It has been an absolute honor and privilege being your representative. Thank you for your friendship and loyalty through the years brother. It warms my heart to to experience this time with you. Who knew a simple text in November seeking clarity would turn in to this We kicked off our friendship in the service industry working together 6 short years ago in Victory Park. Now I’m your Realtor and you’re buying house. I’m glad God put you there when I needed a friend like you. I’m glad to see us grow together. vanesadabell I appreciate your love and support through this process. Behind every good man is a great woman One of the greatest joy in this world is seeing people I came up with achieve their goals and see their dreams flourish right before my eyes. There’s no greater joy than seeing your friend smiling. Nothing feels better than the results at the end of the day. Thank you for the shoes and booze. I appreciate the closing gift I pray this home brings you all the joy, happiness and success you desire. Let’s celebrate! It’s a great day to be alive closingday appreciationpost thanks friends homies realestate realestateagent sales networkmarketing happy realtorlife realtorlife realty dallas suitsupply instagood menswear menwithstyle dressedup

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A collection from this past month! Clear Creek, Lookout Mtn, Mt Evans, Avon/Vail, and Nottingham Park 🌲🏔🥰👌 Blessed by the people I twerk with! We were able to escape the city lyfe and go out camping for a couple of days on our very own 'team bondin' trip, accompanied by 4 cases of Claws, 2 bottles of tequila, one mezcal and a whole lot of love! Cant wait to do it again! All hail Chomo 🤘🤘🤘 colorado clearcreek lookoutmountain mtevans avon vail nottinghampark workfam camping gooutside adventure campingtrip homies getlitfam aintnolawswhenyouredrinkingclaws

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Crystal Clear im a magician Dear coz i make all the things DisaPPear homies high_times

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🎀⁠ Auf in die nächste Phase!🃏⁠ ⁠ Welches Kartenspiel sollen wir für den nächsten Spieleabend einpacken?⁠ Uno⁠ Phase 10⁠ oder doch lieber Mau Mau? 😊⁠ ➤ Di | 03.09 | ab 19 Uhr⁠ 📍 retemataengbar⁠ .⠀⁠ .⁣⠀⁠ .⁣⠀⁠ spiel boardgame monopoly scotlandyard ⁣⠀⁠ gesellschaftsspiel retro bier gaming alt mitdenbesten friends damals crewLove altezeiten wiederholungsbedarf duesseldorf düsseldorfcity früherwarallesbesser nostalgie instabier feierei beerwithfriends freundschaft homies ratinger love spiele events

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A throwback to that one weekend we all barely remember. 1️⃣ Mi hermano elorozco1 who got into every club and bar with a temporary license, expired passport, and two pieces of mail with his name on it 😂🤣 gatta love the beauty of the coed bathroom aesthetics 😻 2️⃣ The entire crew of misfits that meet annually for the birthday weekend. We been riding dirty 8 years strong 💪🏾 🎉 3️⃣ Classmate turned friend and bully 🤕 Ho Eneri lollllll vegas homies celebrate

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Who photobomb who?! 🤨🤔😂 . homies

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ÇEKİLİŞe Katılmak İçin BEĞEN❤️ ve 1 Arkadaşını ETİKETLE💥Orijinal Commes Marka Saat | ⚙️ 2 Yıl Garantili 〰️〰️〰️ ♻️Airbox ŞEFFAF Kargo - Önce Gör, Sonra Al 🙂 〰️〰️〰️ ^🏷️139 TL saatfonii Detaylı Bilgi Destek ve Sipariş + 📲 WHATSAPP | 0555 161 39 91 〰️〰️〰️ 🌐www.gumusfoni.com 💥 Saat, Gümüş ve Tesbih 👉Türkiye Geneli ÜCRETSİZ Kargo 💰Kapıda Ödeme / ✈️1-3 İş Günü Teslimat 〰️〰️〰️ 📄Garanti Belgesiyle ve Orijinal Kutusunda Gelir 📷WhatsApp üzerinden detaylı fotoğraf ve Video isteyebilirsiniz 〰️〰️〰️ 🏦Mağaza - Havacılar Caddesi No 11p Gaziemir İZMİR homies homiessaat erkeksaatmodelleri erkeksaat erkekgiyim saat saatkombin erkekaksesuar erkekmodası 〰️〰️〰️ 📣Ara verdiğimiz haftalık Çekilişlerimiz yeniden başladı 👉Her hafta 1 saat için çekiliş yapılacak 👉Her posta etiket yapabilirsiniz 👉Her etiket 1 çekiliş hakkı 👉Tüm postlara yapılan etiketler toplanıp 1 çekiliş yapılacak 👉Her CUMA canlı yayında çekiliş yapılacak

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So I got in my 53 Chevy diecast truck today. Here it is with Dr Bomba and Angel. Need to fabricate a Fulton visor and some skirts. Found a Homie that’s gonna hook me up ( custom made) with chrome spoke rims and 5-20s. Got another homie hookup that’s gonna airbrush the truck for me. Beginning the 2:32 diecast car exhibit. Called Supershow. Have 20 1:32 cars entered and pre qualified. Lol. Getting a lot of love out there. Thank you dgatees davidgonzalesart homies Chicano cholo lowridermagazine Lowrider streetlowmagazine mexican homies homiesexhibit supershow

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Always good vibes when kickin it with my day one homie!

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A wild boston_on_road in the woods. Met this dude through mutual friends when I moved to Australia in 2013. I’ll never forget how much him and maxime_cassady inspired me to seek out a different kind of dharma and to never stop traveling. I always stalked their trips throughout Asia and craved that kinda adventure. Fast forward a few years and boston_on_road and I always meet up so randomly in different spots around the world. Hope your trip back down under to Oz wasn’t too rough mate 🤙🏾

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TOMS Kadın Kol Saati Bileklik Hediyeli 💎 📲 Whatsapp sipariş 0534 036 6856 💰 179 TL En iyi fiyat burada 💳 Kapida Ödeme (+6 TL) 📝Garanti Belgeli-Faturalı Ürünler 📌Müşteri Yorumları için saatinburadareferans ✉ İnstagram DM 🚪İade ve değişim garantisi ✍️ Adınıza faturalı orjinal kutulu garanti belgeli 🗺️ Türkiye'nin her yerine ücretsiz kargo 🕑 Satış sonrası tam destek 📷 Fotoğraf çekimleri SAATİNBURADA aittir 🎥 Detaylı fotoğraf ve video için WhatsApp sipariş hattımıza yazabilirsiniz 🔭 Merkez Ofis Üsküdar İstanbul saat saatkombin saatmodelleri uygunsaat bayansaat bayankolsaati bayansaatmodelleri hediye sevgiliyehediye danielklein homies ferro toms bigotti pacoloren rossini garantilisaat orjinalsaat watch kadınsaat kadınsaatleri çiftkombin çiftsaatleri doğumgünühediyesi takı aksesuar kordon hasırkordon ücretsizkargo

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A big ol’ house in the south with approx 11 of the homies 🦑🦑🦑

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わかや〜まん🌞🤟🏽 和歌山 homies春のアニバーサリーでの約束🤝 また夏休みにかえってくるからね🤙🏽 がやっとのやっとで約束を果たせました❤️ 昨日東京から戻ったばかりでの強行突破なスケジュールだったにも関わらず😅 川遊びもできたし👙 BBQもできたし🍖 お菓子パーティーもできたし🥳 ユメキクラスで頑張ってるhomie達も見れたし💋 和歌山ラーメン幸太郎にもいけたし🍜 銭湯も♨️ なぜかレイホソナお泊まりも🙈 夏休み中に和歌山homiesを満喫できてlucky🤞happy 🤙🏽yeah🤟🏽 愛してる❤️ また次はハロウィンかな😄 homies homies_insta

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you can tell we’re not athletes homies

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The moment when you get stopped thinking you fucked up to only find out you've been bumped to A group by the boys! Congrats freedo70 Event: clubloose Summer Moves Location: racewayparknj . NEW CODE ALERT Be sure to get your apparel from poorandinfamousapparel at: www.poorandinfamousapparel.com At check out, be sure to use code "RobGRoD" to receive 10% of your next order Check out my site https:fineartamerica.com/artists/5+robert+goodwin . Hoonigan Tireslayer boosted KeepDriftingFun bmw KillAllTires nikonglobal goDrifting m3 nikon nikonphotography friends summermoves homies movingonup listentoclubloose applause ad poorandinfamous tuner clubloose letsparty clubloosemakestheworldtakes racewaypark smokey e36 sponsored

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Love this shot of Shane taken by picturemylife03 on his recent trip up. It's so great to have our LA family visit - and give Shane some much needed "bro-time". I better see more of you up here this year (you know who you are)❤

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Me & the homies casually chilling 🚩