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For someone that consumes copious amounts of raw honey and hive products, getting into beekeeping is a no brainer. I believe that bee products saved my brain during long periods of strict veganism. Without them, I’m sure I would have suffered permanent brain damage. 🐝🍯 There is no reason why someone without allergies to bee products should not be consuming them. On the contrary, there is every reason to be consuming them everyday. There is no aspect of human health that isn’t positively touched by the effects of honey, bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly. I am most excited to collect and process the beeswax sans electricity using only the sun. This means that I will have a source of light at night should I lose electricity. I’m slowly building a sustainable life where I will not be as reliant on importing and shipping food to my door. I will soon be able to feed my community while supporting the local ecosystem and working with nature instead of against it. bee hive honey pollen homesteading homeschooling animal agriculture humanity biblical milk food raw nutrition

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🐝 From a cold and flu treatment to a wound healer, manuka honey is often touted as one of Mother Nature's greatest creations. Two options - the MGO 83+ for the hardcore Manuka fans

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Obrigada por ser o cara que topa todas as selfies comigo! Obrigada por ser meu amigo, companheiro, amor e por estar ao meu lado sempre. Somos namorados incríveis❤️🙏🏻😘 na minha infância tinha o balão mágico cantando: "Se o seu ouvido Fosse um microfone Ligado ao coração Eu lhe diria Bem baixinho Vou ser disc jockey Nessa estação" desculpa novinhas. 😘 boyfriend love honey loveofmylifeforever loveyou

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👑 BİGBANG 👑 People waiting for the bigbang to break up will have to wait a longer time. Bigbang will never break up. 5 people will go on their way forever. I am very curious about the expression on your face when everything is in order. Today I'm telling people who are preparing bigbang ot4 videos. Please be a little honest when bigbang makes a new song. and don't listen to them secretly. It's going to be hard on you, though. bigbangis5forever seungriseyo youngbae xxxibgdrgn choi_seung_hyun_tttop daesung bigbang seungri seungriseyo gdragon jiyong taeyang daesung choiseunghyun panda honey SeungriTurkey xxiibnmdnymiixx 빅뱅 승리 태양 권지요 胜利 スンリ ビッグバン パンダ 熊猫

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Naturally, beauty starts from the inside. This much we already know. The perfect start to your day though Maybe due for a little improvement Manuka honey is one of natures most amazing ways to improve overall health. New Zealand's Manuka honey has unbelievable antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. So weather its a kicker in your smoothy to boost your day, or to relieve that sore throat, we got you covered. manukahoney honey roimatawe natural remedy health superfood newzealand beauty beautystartswithin

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What an incredible week it has been! First being featured in the April edition of Gourmet Traveller, Drinking in the age of wellness, “To Your Health” thank you for the feature maxallendrinks & gourmettraveller ! 🎉 Then we had a wonderful first market at Spotswood slowfoodmelbourne, thank you to everyone who braved the weather in the morning. 🙌🏼 From rain on Saturday, to the heat of Sunday, it was great to see everyone come and find us in our backyard at the larafoodwinefestival We are so excited for whats to come, and to share the journey with you all. ✨🐝

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Honey straight off the honeycomb, The only way it could get any fresher would be to get straight out of the bees arse howtheotherhalflive honeycomb honey 🍯

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stunning client from last weekend 😍 currently taking bookings for prom! 💞 • FACE: lorealmakeup true match foundation in 3D lagirlcosmetics pro concealer in porcelain/natural milanicosmetics translucent powder, baked blush and bronzer sleekmakeup highlighter palette • EYES: cabellaboutique spice bundle palettes & yasmina pigment revolutionpro foil eyeshadow • LIPS: milanicosmetics matte naked lipstick • nottinghammakeupartist nottinghammakeup cabella kodimua makeupoftheday motd makeupbyme nottinghammua honey bridalmakeup undiscoveredmuas makeupartistnottingham prommakeup prom makeuptutorial

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Another day, another bee almost -as the say - lost in the sauce (???) Swipe to see this lucky save 😂😂

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Is your honey crystallized? Don't throw it out! "Bee" smart and put it in a warm water bath so it will be one liquid again. Several of our producers offer honey. Now you know how to keep it in good shape! Buying pages stay open until midnight tomorrow.

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Happy Baby Shower to my beautiful cousin Kristina. We are so excited and can’t wait for baby Kaulinis to be here! Girl or Boy, you'll bring much joy. We love you already! 🐝 🍯🌻 WinnieThePooh SuchABeautifulShower 03.24.19

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70 gallons, yes seventy, yes gallons 😲,of maple tree syrup collected over a period of 4 days Boiled down to 1 gallon and some change 🍁🌲 Absolutely. Delicious. 👌✓ maple syrup diy

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Day 76 of the Daily-Bake-Challenge, Honey Loaf Bread! I wanted to use the remaining honey in my cupboard so I whipped up some bread to make use of it. While my sourdough wasn’t as active as it could have been and the spelt flour not the one recommended in the recipe, I found the loaves came out rather well. The recipe gave a recommendation to drizzle the honey between the seems created after scoring the bread, which blended very well and makes me tempted to even start doing this with other breads! To make them combine warm water, sourdough starter, yeast and salt in a bowl and whisk all together and allow it to settle, activating the dry yeast. Once activated whisk in clear honey and set aside. In a large bowl mix spelt and plain flour and make a well in the centre, pour the liquid mixture into the centre bit by bit and mix, slowly incorporating the flour. Once all mixed together leave to prove for an hour and a half. Divide into tree pieces, shaping them into balls and place a damp cloth over to prove again for 15 minutes. Place onto a baking tray lined with baking paper and prove for another hour and a half before using a finger to punch a hole in the top of each loaf, followed by scoring the tops in a box shape. Line the scored marks with honey and place into a preheated oven for 20 minutes and allow to cool, then enjoy bake bakes baking bread breads breadmaking breadbaking sourdough sourdoughstarter sourdoughbread honey honeybread 365challenge 365daychallenge

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BeeFact - Africanized bees have an origin story that sounds like something out of a Hollywood monster movie. In the 1950s, a scientist named Warwick Kerr interbred European honey bees with bees from southern Africa in his lab in Brazil. The intent was to create a species of bee which would produce more honey and be more adapted to tropical climates. The end result was the Africanized honey bee, a species that not only was hardier but also much more aggressive to humans and other species of bee. honey bee 🐝

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LA RECETA👉🏼 fresa 🍓, plátano 🍌, arándanos 🍇, canela, avena, leche 🐄, chía, Miel de Abeja 🍯Artesanal (cruda y extraída en frío) Hacienda de Najar ® - "Néctar del Paraíso" y un topping de Polen de Abejas🐝, Hacienda de Najar ® - "El Polen Artesanal"si eres deportista🏀 o si quieres dar “el extra” cada día, esta receta es POTENTÍSIMA🥊, Antioxidante🍃, vigorizante⚡️, nutritiva💪🏼 y supresora del apetito❗️😃💕 ———————————————————————————————————————— THE RECIPE👉🏼 Strawberry 🍓, Banana 🍌, cranberries 🍇, cinnamon, oats, 🐄 milk, Chia, 🍯Artisanal Honey (raw and cold extracted) Hacienda de Najar®-"Néctar del Paraíso" and a Bee🐝 Pollen topping, Hacienda de Najar®- "El Polen Artesanal" If you are an athlete 🏀 or if you want to give your best effort every day, this recipe is POWERFUL🥊, Antioxidant🍃, invigorating⚡️, nutritive 💪🏼 and appetite suppressant ❗ ️ 😃💕🐝 ———————————————————————————————————————— haciendadenajar superfood honey polen receta jugo antioxidante vigorizante nutritivo healthy sano slowfood coldextracted rawhoney pollen beekeeping superalimento abeja premium bee happiness

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Calling all cocktail lovers! 🍹 2019 is a milestone year: 100th anniversary of Prohibition, 50th anniversary of the Caesar, and the 30th anniversary of Fairmont Chateau Whistler! To mark the occasion, our MallardLounge bartenders have unveiled 3 signature cocktails with a secret Fairmont twist Up first, Bees Knees No. 2. Stop by this Spring and see what we’re sipping! Link in bio. WeAreWhistler SecretSeason NationalCocktailDay

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“And it's just like honey⁣⁣ When your love comes over me (That's right)⁣⁣ Oh, baby, I've got a dependancy⁣⁣ Always strung out for another taste of your honey (Uh huh)” HONEY MARIAHCAREY⁣⁣ Subject: shaylyn.riane ⁣ •⁣⁣ •⁣⁣ •⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ portraits_today⁣⁣ portraitspage⁣⁣ portraithood⁣⁣ portraitvisuals⁣⁣ portsvision⁣⁣ portrait_shooterz⁣⁣ portraitvision⁣⁣ portraitamazing⁣⁣ portraitgames⁣⁣ portrait_perfection⁣⁣ portrait_mf⁣⁣ portraiture⁣⁣ portrait_mood⁣⁣ galleryshooters ⁣⁣ taintedmag ⁣⁣ dreamermagazine ⁣⁣ visualsoflife ⁣⁣ cinematographer cinematography ⁣⁣ bravoportraits ⁣⁣ instagood⁣⁣ earthportraits

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This is a soap bar! 🧼🧼🧼🧼🧼🧼🧼🧼🧼🧼🧼🧼🧼🧼🧼🧼 〰️ This is simply the easiest swap to zero-waste. 〰️ Since when liquid soap has become the norm? I remember that not long ago I used to prefer shower gels or liquid hand wash or even foaming face cleaner. 〰️ Now I use one bar for all. This one is an all natural and ethical olive oil based soap, with white and yellow clay and honey. It froths perfectly and smells delicious. 〰️ I store it in an old tin that I found in my stuff with a natural loofah, that I use to scrub rough areas. That’s also an easy swap from the plastic net balls that I used to have. 〰️ I just love how it looks, smells, feels, and it is super easy to carry for travels! 〰️ ️⃣ soap soapbar loofah metaltin zerowaste zerowasteliving zw zwh zerowastelife zerowastehome zerowastelebanon lebanon plasticfree bath shower zerowastebathroom zerowastelifestyle goingzerowaste swap zerowasteswaps easyswap honey oliveoil oliveoilsoap natural ethical beauty

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Pilons de poulet au miel et au gingembre.😋 Faire mariner les pilons incisés dans le mélange de: 3 cas de miel. 1 cas d'huile de sésame. 2 cas de sauce soja. 1 cas de sauce d'huître. 1 cac de gingembre en poudre. 1/2 cac de poivre. 1 cac d'ail en poudre. Pendant 30mn minimum au frigo puis disposez les pilons de poulet dans un plat allant au four et enfournez à 180c pendant 60mn. Saupoudrez de sésame blond et servez avec du riz thaïbon appétit.😘 pornfood foodporn instafood foodstagram foodlover foodblogger igersstrasbourg foodies homemadefood homecooking foodpicture yummy amazing cooking like4like pilondepoulet poulet chicken miel gingembre honey ginger delicious recipe recette bonappetit

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SEED SLICE || recipe in the comments ✧ ✧ ✧