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5 hours ago

Last year i got to take these guys to Yosemite cramisdope cali_d909 grandmasterhisik. It was cold and foggy and we took a lil somethin somethin that made everything look even more unreal lol. For the past 15 years these guys been there for me and friends like that are hard to find. Thanks fellas bringtheheat yosemite yosemitenationalpark nationalparks nationalparkgeek halfdome wanderer adventure nature hike hiker traveller travelbug outdoors igtravel explore explorer roadtrip tunnelview elcapitan brideveilfalls vagabond bucketlist travelblogger wanderlust optoutside staywild friends hoodrat

9 hours ago

After a full back lift, had to get in some extra with a side of hangs. A lot more forearm/grip/hang stuff the past 6 weeks since we’re doing the terrainrace next weekend. Excuse the hoodrat hair 😂😂😂😂

23 hours ago

First tattoo for this kid done right at home, half buzzed, with soot ink we made. That's not a shitty tattoo that's a good memory. hoodrat grease 211

1 day ago

Great time yesterday working with my homie loctite_sportybuild on a couple of his projects! One bike is at home while the other is going to hang around a while why we pick away at her! Also shout out to astroman1985 whiskyeye and redbeard_dirtybuilds for coming through! lowlifechopperpodcast boston sportstermafia sportsternation harleysofinstagram hammerperformance fastsportsters wrenchriderepeat fatmanapproved bigbore sscycle hoodrat stepchild harleydavidson chopper chopcult bobbersnchoppers newhampshire mechaniclife moretocome

1 day ago

🌆🌌 ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

2 days ago

No need nothing 🤲 ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■