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Everyone's responsible for firearm safety. withgreatpowercomesgreatresponsibility bebetter dogood rangeofficer beresponsible 👉 tacticaltoolbox ・・・ 😱This is why we can't have nice things Reposted from militaryready - Natural selection almost got her ass. Do guns kill people? Or do dumb people with guns kill people? hoodrat 🤣 usarmy usnavy militarylife usmc navyseals troops usairforce veterans stupid hooah lmao fail crazy soldiers pewpew armedforces usmarines navylife infantry usaf usmilitary armystrong semperfi

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hoodrat things happens 😂

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Yup‼️Let that sink in😆 ⬇️TAG HOWEVER DIDNT KNOW⬇️ Follow mifiy_shop 🔥🔥 funnytweets

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Mr Coke 💕

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Hello yes I'm a sketchy hood rat kiddo now hoodrat

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I grew up in this shit hole. Or should I say, "i was dragged up by the scruff of my neck in this shit hole" and I hadn't been back in 20 years. I dont know why I felt so nervous but it felt oddly good to be back. Some of the worst experiences of my life happened here and yet I still feel so connected to it, so much so that when I dream of "home" I dream of this place. It truly is a love hate relationship, but at least there is love even if it is tempered by hate. I know my past and I know where I'm from. I'm a Hood-rat at heart. 😊 whitecityestateofmind hoodrat hoodlife hugahoodie

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D A M N.

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Sometimes, you bring home new Harley’s. So you can go do hoodrat stuff with your friends. And sometimes those bikes need a fork rebuild, tire change and some rewiring, inside your house. While the Honda sits in the back watching his future unfold. hooliganracing aft gripitandripit

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Lock your doors, Freddy’s in town