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Sigur Ros - ( ) [2002] . mayvinylchallenge . Day 23: An Unexpected Genre How about some Post Rock, everybody? After scouring my collection to find the genre I own the least of, I found that this is the single, solitary Post Rock album I own. And a weird one at that. A made up language called Hopelandic is all you will hear in the minimalist lyrics that accompany the ambient music contained within. I don’t listen to this one often, but when I do, I prefer the first four “optimistic” songs to the latter four with their “bleakness” compactdisccollector cdcollector cdcollection compactdisc musicfan recordoftheday nowspinning cdcommunity sigurros thebracketalbum hopelandic postrock

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inni-mer-syngur-vitleysingur-inside-me-a-madmanfool-sings My best friend, regardless of what happens I swallow a tear and breath hair Unruly, in embrace cry When we meet When we kiss The lips burnt, let us hold hands I see you awoken I see you naked Inside me a madman/fool sings Always you wade, we run faster Everything becomes smaller I shout louder I am by (unintelligible), leave sigurros victoryrose hopelandic icelandic

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The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place. EmilyDickinson / If I can stop one heart from breaking If I can stop one heart from breaking I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain. 에밀리디킨슨 / 아픈 마음 하나 달랠 수 있다면 만약 내가 한사람의 가슴앓이를 멈추게 할 수 있다면 나 헛되이 사는 것 아니리. 누군가의 아픔을 덜어줄 수 있다면 고통 하나를 가라앉힐 수 있다면 혹은 기진맥진해 지쳐 있는 한 마리 울새를 둥지로 되돌아가게 할 수 있다면 나 헛되이 사는 것은 아니리. SOUNDANVISION Explosions in the Sky - Your Hand in Mine Sigur Rós - Hoppípolla Sigur Rós - Heima - in 2006 SigurRós return home to play a series of free, unannounced concerts in Iceland. Heima (at home) is a documentary film about this tour. film postrock instrumentalrock peaceofmind poem healed spiritual mothernature escape explosionsinthesky Icelandic hopelandic dreampop relaxed shoegazing ambient brianeno radiohead 익스플로전스인더스카이 시규어로스 치유 세상의모든아침 🙏

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vinyloftheday is Sigur Ros - Takk (thanks) recorded as the fourth album, and released on September 12 of 2005, this is a monumental album to me. As a throwback, I've met the artists, and witnessed art live. Among the artists, Ken Thomas helped produce this masterpiece, label Geffen (US) and EMI. Beginning in Iceland, this album features both Icelandic and Vonlenska. The string quartet that accompanied the making and touring of this band was Amiina. The quartet was sweet like Sigur Ros, leaving just an everlasting mark as well. There are only 1,000 copies of Takk On vinyl, and I can say I own a piece of artwork; nay, Sigur Ros history. I was a teenager when I witnessed this performance, while being accompanied with family and friends. For more information about this band, I suggest going to wikipedia, donating and reading more about this artists story. wikipedia donate charity musicislife throwback family friends Amiina ("Hopelandic") hopelandic icelandic nofilter sigurros kentucky autograph throwbackthursday tour postrock america iceland thanks takk 2005 sundlaugin 6532 2004 america amazon localstores spotify florida

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Sigur Ros: Ára Bátur (subtitled) hopelandic

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Sigur Rós: Hvarf / Heim 2LP EMI 2007 (RE Parlophone 2013) • Limited edition of 3000 copies on 180g coloured vinyl (Hvarf = clear blue / Heim = clear green) in a gatefold sleeve. Released for Record Store Day 2013. • SigurRós SigurRos HvarfHeim EMIMusic Parlophone Hopelandic ColorVinyl IgVinyl IgVinylClub VinylFans VinylOnly MusicNerd Vinyljunkie Vinylporn Vinylrules Vinylgram Instavinyl RecordCollection VinylSoundsBetter VinylClub VinylAddict VinylCollectionPost AlbumCollection MyVinylStop Vinyllife RecordPlayer NowPlaying VinyylinVinguttajat Vinyyli Mate20Pro

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() (or ‘Untitled’) is the third full-length album from Icelandic band sigurros, first released in February 2002. This is a 2016-repress. The album contains eight untitled tracks, divided into two parts: the first four tracks are lighter and more optimistic, while the latter four are more melancholic. Singer iamjonsi sang the entire album in ‘hopelandic’, a made-up, gibberish language🤘🏻❤️🇮🇸. sigurros untitled sigurrosfans jonsi icelandicmusic hopelandic 00smusic artrock ********* nowspinning nowplaying vinyl vinylcollection onmyturntable ilovevinyl lovevinyl vinylcommunity musicinstagram instagramvinylcommunity instagramvinyl vinyljunkies vinylcollector music musiclover vinyligclub instamusic albumoftheday recordoftheday

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. - Winter. Snow. Dark. Cold. Sigur Rós. ( ). - ( ) is the third full-length album from Icelandic band Sigur Rós, first released in February 2002. It comprises eight untitled tracks, divided into two parts: the first four tracks are lighter and more optimistic, while the latter four are bleaker and more melancholic. The two halves are divided by a 36-second silence, and the album opens and closes with a click of distortion. Lead singer Jón Þór Birgisson ("Jónsi") sang the album's lyrics entirely in "Hopelandic", a made-up language consisting of gibberish words. [Wikipedia] winter snow dark cold sigurros hopelandic postrock artrock ambient cdcollection inmycollection

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Bienvenue! Welcome to my live photography account 😊 It's been a long time now i'm taking live pictures and i said to myself that i should share them. So there's no logic or any chronology about my posts, i just share them as i feel it 😜 Feel free to share your memories about bands and their shows 🎶 Sigur Rós {23/11/2013, Rockhal - Luxembourg} This picture is one of my favorites, one of those i'm the most pride of. It was taken in the crowd, a bit far from the stage so i'm happy for capturing this moment, this gesture, this eye contact. To me the atmosphere matches well their heavenly music.