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Repost 😂 hornaceksgolf ・・・ Who do you know that has said this after they broke 80? 😂

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There may be no greater motivator for me to keep fit than to be able to wear some great looking clothes! When people see me after losing the 70 LBS sometimes they say I look 20 years younger. While the weight has something to do with that I believe wearing younger looking great fitting clothes is a lot of what they are seeingand what I am feeling. Get fit, get dressed, feel younger again! See how I was able to do this at the link in my Instagram bio. stoneroseshirts paige olukai scottsdalemensshoppe hornaceksgolf golfstore golffitness fit fitness lifestyle 2019goals fiftyplusfitness fitover50 losingweight healthyweightloss ObesityMedicineSpecialist Obesity DealingwithObesity gettinghealthy gettinginshape weightloss sciencebehindweightloss

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🎉 Our New and Improved website has launched! www.hornaceksgolf.com Check it out! hornaceksgolf

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The art of club making is something that often gets overlooked. Without this aspect in the game, there would be no game at all. Here at Hornacek’s we have an full custom build shop that allows for all projects to be done in a way that assures not only quality work, but timely work. We offer many services such as re-shafting for when that occasional “tree gets in the way.” As well as re-gripping with a plethora of grips options to choose from. Most projects will be back to you within 48 hours, barring something needing to be custom ordered. This shop will allow for a custom experience unlike any other in the area. Also being able to offer paint fill and stamping of certain products, allows us to offer an even more personalized custom fitting experience to allow the customer to play as well as possible and too look as good as possible golf golfswing golfrepair golfstore hornaceksgolf golfer golfcourse

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GOLF TIPS. A big part of how I lost 70 LBS in 15 months was to eat less and MOVE MORE, doing activities in addition to any gym work. Golf is a popular activity for many people. Why not play it better so you can enjoy it even more? Today showing us a few tips, we have a former All-Big10 player from Northwestern, 2-time Scholar All American, 2010 Arizona Amateur Champion and my son, Nick. dcranch hornaceksgolf golfstore golf golffitness fit fitness lifestyle golfislife golfaddict underarmour golfchannel 2019goals fiftyplusfitness hustlefitness2017 weightlosstransformation fit_over_50_ fitover50 fitfam jameslosole

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Getting your equipment properly fitted and taking lessons are two ways to improve your golf game and make your game more enjoyable. Even if you are just getting into golf or have been playing for years, buying clubs off the rack and not getting lessons is a big mistake. Just like in life every job has the right tool and the correct way to do that job. Without proper training and fitting, golf can be extremely difficult and frustrating. Lessons will teach you the basic of the swing: Grip, Stance, Posture, Set up, sequence, follow thru, and much more. This will help you to understand the golf swing and how it works. Fittings are going to make sure you have the right club for your swing. Fitting you into the correct Club Head, Shaft, and Grip. This will give you confidence as you step over the ball. Here at Hornaceks we try and make golf a lot more enjoyable for you. We have over 50 years of teaching experience with our three instructors and every club manufacturer on the market. We offer all types of lessons plans, from a quick 30-minute tune up to packages deals of 5 lessons. Also with our state of the art launch monitors, we can fit any club in the bag from a driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and even putters. Come see us today and get your swing back on track. -Justin Putz, Golf Pro 🏌️ Hornacek’s Chandler - golf golfinstructor golfpro golfishard golfstore hornaceksgolf arizona azgolf

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Weather shouldn't stop us from our passion for golf! And no matter what our score, shouldn't we at least look GOOD on the golf course? How about after, like the 19th hole or maybe even happy hour? This is the first post of a series of men's clothing reviews and what I look for to dress and feel Again! Follow me for future men's clothing and even some golf tips in future posts. They will also be at the link in my bio as well as on my Facebook page and YouTube channel. scottsdalemensshoppe dcranch thecountryclubatdcranch vugabrand vugabrand vugagolf teamvuga hornaceksgolf golf golfstore golf golffitness fit fitness lifestyle golfislife golfaddict underarmour 2019goals fiftyplusfitness hustlefitness2017 weightlosstransformation fit_over_50_ fitover50 fitfam

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Repost pxg with get_repost ・・・ New PXG 0811 GEN2 Drivers feature our Precision Weighting Technology. This system keeps club head mass distributed through a series of weights to increase MOI. The 0811 X GEN2 Driver has nine weights - platinum colored weights are made of high-density tungsten (4.1g or 2.5g) and black weights made of low-density titanium (0.8g). Fine-tuning these weight placements will alter the initial launch conditions, allowing you to achieve the best possible results off the tee without altering your swing. Tap our bio link to fine-tune yours today. PXG PXGTroops TechTuesday hornaceksgolf Arizona golfaz