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rifletalks 2 of my favorite precisionrifle cartridges probably between them they can do it all under 2km. 284win with 180VLD fantastic 1km competition catridge and equally great on mid size game in a long action rifle and 300Norma with 215berger, shoot lights out as far as your naked eyes can see and with enough horsepower to knock down any large mammoth the southafrican cape can throw at you when using barnesbullets ● no compromise ● lapua_ammunition vihtavuori_powders federalpremium primers bergerbullets noslerinc barnesbullets triggertime hunting takedown riflecartridge africanhunt

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Transdanubian competition: Pannonia Superior clayshooting competition 🏆 Team Fausti 🔝

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What an amazing trip with the family! Utah is such a beautiful state! Also we had the privilege of meeting up with some incredible builders in the industry. Guys like oregontrailr escapodtrailers hivecampers intothewildoverland are great people with amazing craftsmanship. I have a ton of photos to go through and can't wait to share 😊 teardropcamper offthegrid offroad overland letsgosomewhere getoutdoors getouthere offroad offroad4x4 overlanding explore wonderlust adventure travel life fun love nature bestoftheday picoftheday followme hunting huntingcamp camping america jeepwrangler jeep toyota freedom tactical

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There are a few things that we appreciate about this screen shot. 1) The obvious. We’re in the top 3 podcasts in iTunes. 2) We’re right next to a few of our favourites including stevenrinella olcal406 aprilvokey bennyob301 and wiredtohunt 3) The Top 5 shows are about hunting and angling, all of which have a similar message and dedication to the conservation of fish and wildlife, and the protection of wild places. Hopefully this signifies a shift in thinking at a time when it is needed most. hunting fishing podcasts outdoors getoutside

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We continue to amaze you with our top offers exclusively for two persons! 5* hotel package: includes: 5 nights 2 days full trips in and around Almaty two sim cards private car tour guide airport transfer daily water supply entrance fees to national parks! ألماتي كازاخستان سياحة رحلات سفر بحيرة جبال واد ثلج منتجع شتاء غزالة صيد سياحة_في_كازاخستان تزلج إجازة عطلة تزلج kazakhstan almaty astana mountains river luxurytravel hunting fish snow ice_rink snowboard kite travelwithus

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🎣Comment Down Below When You Started Fishing🎣 - Follow fishingquarters For More Dope Posts! 🔥

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We recently arrived at our cabin up west around midnight. We unloaded the car and were in the middle of preparing a hot meal that would keep us energised throughout the night. The plan was to overlook the common eider settlement and protect it from predators. The settlement is looking better this year with more birds than the last couple of years. I noticed that the birds behaviour chanced all of a sudden, they became tense and something had clearly disturbed their peace. Then I saw him, a torn fox in the middle of the settlement, scaring the birds of their nests. I grabbed the rifle and got into position but the fox was sneaky and disappeared out of my sight. I repositioned and spotted him again, but no shot was available. So I eventually got back to the original position and koby11 measured him at comfortable 164 m. I pulled the trigger and he dropped on the spot, crushing the eider egg between his jaws. A symbolic death in a way for our work in protecting the eider settlement. This egg was indeed his last bite. lastbite arcticfox predatorcontrol

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Check out a great video on how to setup your Stryker boat⚓️

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👕 SHOP your T-Shirt or Hoodie NOW by clicking the link in my bio (profile) ➡ ✈✈✈ Worldwide Shipping 🔥 Printed in the USA. ============================ 🎁Perfect profile gift for your family members and friends. ✔ Not available in stores. 🌟100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! ➡ Click on the link in my bio (profile) to see the price and the sizes. * * ✈ Love to tag? Please do ! hunter hunting huntershirt huntingtshirt huntinngclothing

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Far from the easiest days but some great memories for our team from 🇸🇪 this past week, without a doubt some great stalks for everyone and they worked hard for each and every buck taken 👌

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Boys will be boys. Happy late birthday Riley I know grandma pam and grandpa todd were excited to get you that bow. happybirthday boys outdoors hunting

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Wilder Wolf in Polen. 🐺🐺 . Der Mensch hat schon seit Urzeiten eine besondere Beziehung zum Wolf, sowohl eine gute, als auch eine schlechte. So ist er der Urahne unserer Haushunde, aber auch seit jeher der Nahrungskonkurrent Nummer Eins! Waidmannsheil! 🌲🐺🌲 . wolf wilderness wildernessculture wildlifephoto wildlifephotography wildlifephotographer hunting hunter jagd jäger naturelover naturelovers naturephotography forest woods wald animal photography poland wölfe landscape predator animals

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If you're not wearing clothing bought at MEC you have no place in the mountains. - Every Weekend Warrior

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With bear season opening here in Minnesota in August I can’t help but get excited 😊 . I have being finding more and more bear sign on the lease😌 .Its going to be my first year bear hunting 😜so it’s going to be interesting. I plan On hopefully getting someone to film or self filming this entire process 🙃. I will have to do some research on the rules and regulations. I have always had bear come into my mineral or protein sites over the years . But this year I am reaching out and trying something new and hunting Black Bear . I plan on using my hoytbowhunting RX3 and some good ole ragebroadheads 🙌🏾😁 And even possibly chasing a bear on public land . But here’s a clip of an encounter from last season with a bear on public land in Northern Wisconsin 🙌🏾😊 bearhunters_ thehuntingpublic . Plus I have been watching a few of thehuntingbeast bear hunts on youtube so I’m a little jacked up😅! blackbear wildbear hunting bowhunting bowhuntinglife minnesotahunting wisconsin minnesota hoytbowhunting hha realtree realtreecamo ragebroadheads djonesoutdoors youtuber hunter rocky bigbear bigblackbear

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Ještě jedna Pinkie Pie z výstavy 😍 Aria Artegerd nordbohemiacanis V1 CAC, CACIB, Best of sex

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Multitasking on a lazy Sunday. 2 combo vertical/cross draw sheaths, a D2 hunter, and a small Damascus blade with buffalo horn scales. All in progress