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Diving Osprey ⭐️- damou.n

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🗣WORD OF ADVICE 👂🏽: GET OUT YOUR OWN HEAD‼️ GO FOR THE GUSTO 😆💫‼️ Boy did I have nerves and mind went 🤯 for a min but I came out a hyena 🌀 Thank you realsway for the opportunity to bless this stage siriusxm swayinthemorning swaysuniverse shade45 yg400 drake whodoyoulove losangeles thereal923 laleakers djamen3000 thizzlercypherchallenge Thank you thehappyhourwhb for swinging that NEW sweelymerch 🧦 Around 🤸🏽‍♂️🍭. sxsw2019 austintexas kaysweeiisweet sweelyculture onthecomeup ontherise femalerapper inlandempire majorplatforms hiphop followyourdreams viralvideo lgbtq🌈 newwestcoast

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Stepping into the weekend like this Blue-Footed Booby 💨 Photo by libor_vaicenbacher Tag your friends who need to see this. For more 👉 Follow us! 👉 animals_all_theworld Thank you so much 👌🏻👌🏻

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Going through some old files from my Kenya trip last year I found this picture of a hyena: Hyena on the hunt. Hyäne auf der Jagd. Since many hyenas are not able to feed on kills of lions or cheetahs due to them not being able to hunt in the high grass, they actually have to go hunt by themselves. This hyena was succesfull but how long will this prevent it from starving? Dadurch das Löwen und Geparden im hohen Gras Schwierigkeiten haben zu jagen, können Hyänen sich nicht mehr ihrer Beute bedienen und müssen notgedrungen selber jagen gehen. Diese Hyäne hatte Erfolg, aber wie lange wird das den Hunger aufschieben? kenya massaimara wildafrica wilderness travelphotography travelphotographyoftheday lordofthetravellers wildlifephotography naturephotography nature wildlife nikondeutschland nikond7200 travelawesome predators wildafrica hyena featured_wildlife earth_unlocked cruelnature action chase natgeowild natgeo naturecapture wildgeography africananimals animal111135

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⚠️ATENTOS⚠️ 🔴Por problemas técnicos/eléctricos en la sala, tenemos que mover el evento al Miércoles 27 de Marzo 🔥Vamos que en unos días lo tenemos todo ready para disfrutar con garantías del concierto de Hyena!🔥 No penseis que es nuestra manera de generar expectativas😃. No hubo otra opción ⚡️Os esperamos a tod s el miércoles, estamos muy felices con la acogida del evento y el directo será TOP⚡️ ❤️LOVE para tod s❤️ 🌠Estamos de presentación! Ya tenemos el vinilo de nuestro EP “July” y queremos compartirlo con tod s vosotr s🌠 ✨Editado por  settheoryrecords y disponible para escuchar en https:settheoryrecords.bandcamp.com/album/july 🌠 💎Tres versiones muy diferentes de la canción "July" junto con un remix de DJ Amable. Y la muestra de los nuevos temas que en unos meses tendrán la salida en formato digital tanto como en vinilo💎 💥También contaremos con la última edición del Fanzine de  tekillart Fanzine💥 ⚠️Horarios⚠️ 21:00h · Apertura de puertas. 22:15h · Concierto. 23:45h · Final y charla con el grupo en la barra del Meteoro 🔥Entradas de venta en taquilla: 7€ entrada simple. 10€ entrada + fanzine. 15€ entrada + vinilo. 17€ entrada + vinilo + fanzine. Cartel de la gran Edurne Pesadumbre hyena  settheoryrecords  electronica electronicmusic  neopop  psycodelia  july epmusic  newalbum  synthwave  band  record oníricaproduction  barcelona  bcn  worldmusic

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Ahh! 😍😍 {The Lion King} Follow netflix.posts.ig for more 🦁🐾 Shoutouts!😍😱 (Only doing 20) [READ BIO FIRST] -To enter comment KING letter by letter✨ -Double Tap on 5 of our posts❤️ -Follow our account 💍 -Tag three of your friends on this post

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Its gonna be a problem baby Hyena

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- Haven't worked on much so here's an (attempt at) Dark/Dragon Remi! This was from the most said typing from that story I posted a few days ago ^^ Dark/Dragon was the most suggested! I also wanted to incorporate a Dragon/Electric palette, being that in canon Remi DOES have a Dragon form and the ability to control electricity! But I didn't get to that. Maybe I'll fix it up later 🍥🍥🍥 art digital digitalart medibangpaint furry furryart furryartist pokemontypechallenge dragon hyena

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An old hyena in grave danger. These two incredible species are eternal enemies, with the wild dogs doing all the hard work, and the stronger hyena stealing the kill. 📸 thewildphotographer exploringafrica exploringafrica africansafaris exploringourglobe exploreafrica africa african exploring explorer explore travelafrica africanbeauty visitafrica wildlife animals southafrica tanzania egypt namibia kenya zimbabwe botswana travelgram hyena wilddogs thenaturelobby safari realworld

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Scavenger Scuffle A hyena lunges at vultures who were moving in on a buffalo kill. It’s amazing to watch the power dynamics at play over carcasses.

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I drew this last year before summer hHAHA but it was based on the song “Everyday” by Bo En and I really like this drawing even a year later so take it - - ventart boen hyena procreate

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Reposted from maxstrong - “Are you crazy??” “You know that animal can hurt you??” “Why do you trust them?? They don’t know you.” The list goes on and on People call me crazy ALL THE TIME. They don’t understand why I do what I do. Lemme fill you in. You see that tail wagging at the beginning? And those kisses are the end? That’s why I do it! Knowing these animals enjoy my company and have accepted me as one of their own. In a perfect world they wouldn’t need me, but the world isn’t perfect anymore. If the day comes where I no longer add value to their lives, I’ll have no problems checking out. Until then I want to make a difference in the lives of these animals and I’ve worked hard to make it happen. During that process I’ve been given so many incredible opportunities, worked with so many amazing animals, and met a lot of great people along the way. Forever grateful for what the animal world has provided me, it’s all love over here ✊🏼 Let’s all come together and make this world a better place for all the incredible animals that it’s been blessed with 🙏🏼🌎 wildlifeinneed Hyena SpottedHyena Animal AnimalLover Animals NotPets - regrann

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Day 10 of 26 UG🇺🇬KE🇰🇪 Wildlife, Primate, Cultural photography tour. Today we concluded our Game Viewing safaris in the Masai Mara National Reserve and we had amazing moments with the unique wildlife encounters that we missed on yesterday such as hyena cheetahs gnus etc Below we share a few of the pretty shots from today Ask your experts +256773568605 (Mobile/Whatsapp) wildlifephotography masaimaranationalpark canonphotography nikonphotography pretty encounters believe uniquevacation letsgoonanadventure tagalong whatsapp📲

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Spotted hyena babysitter, lying outside the den to watch the pups while mom hunts.

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❓ What's your favorite animal?🐾❓ Page 155 of Africa Comic, where we learn that Faida is not necessarily evil, just a bit of a lunatic. Also, new character introduction! Meet Safari Read the full comic! tapas.io/series/Africa Buy AFRICA: etsy.com/it/shop/PantheraComics/items Support on Patreon: patreon.com/arven africacomic webcomicseries comicpage comicpages webcomicartist comicarts comicartwork catcomic felineart catcharacter leopards leopardart leopardcubs🐆 leopardlove hyenas hyena cheetahart comicbookartist comicbookpage comicillustration animalcomic catillustration wildlifeillustration africanwildlife africawildlife webcomics leopardcub

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🎥 Video by miaghald - The struggle for survival in the wild. A clan of hyena managed to kill a hippo, only for these lions to try and take their well earned prize off them. A prize the hyenas were not willing to give up. Location: Maasai Mara, Kenya 🇰🇪

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A Wilderness Story; Spotted Hyenas feeding on the carcass of an old elephant who died of natural causes. This photo could be quite grisly for some people but it is part of the natural cycle of life on the plains of Africa. Hyena do not only scavenge but are also very successful hunters and live in large social groups in which the matriarch is the boss. They are actually quite beautiful mammals and the film the Lion King does an injustice to them. Come to Africa and get a view them in their natural habitat close to find out more about these very interesting animals! hyena elephant mammals naturalhabitat habitat naturalworld nature natur natuur naturaleza wildlife africanwildlife photography photographer photographie fotografie fotografia wildlifephotography wildlifephotographer naturephotography naturfotografie natuurfotografie travel reise reis viaje voyage inspiring travelstories africa laikipia_annabelle laikipiawilderness inspiralafrica

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We enjoyed a night walk around Etosha’s Halali Camp where we found African Scops Owl, Pearl-spotted Owlet and Black-tailed Tree Ray before heading to the floodlit waterhole where African Elephant, Black Rhino, Spotted Hyena, Black-backed Jackal and Rufous-cheeked Nightjars kept us entertained. owl owlet etosha etoshanationalpark namibiawildliferesorts birdingnamobia etoshanp elephant africanelephant rhino blackrhino hyena nightjar nightlife Birding Birds BirdWatching Travel BirdPhotography Photography Swarovski_Optik Your_best_birds Nature Wildlife NaturePhotography WildlifePhotography birdsofinstagram instagrambirds ig_birds ig_birdwatchers

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เอาเหงื่อออกบ้าง hyena football

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Tarih tekerrür etmekte, Medeniyet dediğin tek dişi kalmış canavar mehmetakifersoy çanakkale şehitler ine Nerde -gösterdiği vahşetle- "bu: bir Avrupalı!" Dedirir -yırtıcı, his yoksulu, sırtlan kümesi, Yedi iklîmi cihânın duruyor karşına da, Ostralya'yla berâber bakıyorsun: Kanada! Çehreler başka, lisanlar, deriler rengârenk; Sâde bir hâdise var ortada: Vahşetler denk. Kimi Hindû, kimi yamyam, kimi bilmem ne belâ Ey şehîd oğlu şehîd, isteme benden makber, Sana âgûşunu açmış duruyor Peygamber hellobrother newzealand yenizelanda 18martçanakkalezaferi gallipoli çanakkale terör terror christchurch newzealandmosqueattack masjidelnoor terrorism islamophobia hyena sırtlan yenizelandakatliam prayfornewzealand Turkey terrorattack zionism siyonizm humanity muslim news haber karikatür Cartoon