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On this, the eve of the game end, for anyone that doesn’t know, I’m participating in a solo internet blackout for 24 hours due to the release of Endgame, I won’t be seeing it until the 25th at 21:30 so if you need to contact me Don’t. Peace out everyone and see you in the Endgame. idontfeelsogood

2 hours ago

Damn, pezcandyusa Thanos just snapped his head back and half my Pez turned to dust?

2 hours ago

i can't talk about avengersendgame and don't have a good pic to post about it, but i can say that i'll definitely watch it again and you should absolutely go and see it too bc it is brilliant and it'll blow your mind. 💥👏 (Also, my cats are cute.) It also was my fav cinema experience, never had the audience clapping and literally cheering so loud ever. 😍😂 . partofthejourneyistheend thanosdemandsyoursilence dontspoiltheendgame mcu marvelstudios idontfeelsogood catstagram

4 hours ago

We're approaching the endgame, folks! Before the ComicsObscura crew heads to the theater, Tim & Jesse give their predictions about what could possibly happen in AvengersEndgame. After listening, let us know your predictions in the comments below 👇 Link in bio NeverSayAssemble podcast comics graphicnovel podcast panels podcastlife itunes spotify itunes stitcher soundcloud CaptainMarvel CaptainAmerica IronMan SpiderMan Hawkeye MCU IDontFeelSoGood Gazebo TeamCleanCap TeamBeardCap Armageddon YoungAvengers RevengersReassemble Wakanda dirtbaghawkeye WhosPaulRudd Limearita

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Create your own superhero team💥 On the first slide 9 is korg (Made by me) ———————————————————————————————————————————————— Hi im joshua the owner of this acc, im a huge marvel geek Ill be posting all kinds of different things about marvel and the cast members bc i love them so much. I hope u like this post and consider pressing the like button ❤️thx in advance Fc: 433 ———————————————————————————————————————————————— tomholland spiderman farfromhome infinitywar marvel marveledits marvelmemes avengers blackpanther scarletwitch starlord gamora avengersendgame captainmarvel ironman captainamerica wintersoldier blackwidow thor hulk scarlettjohansson chrisevans chrishemsworth robertdowneyjr idontfeelsogood hype fff

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~Im a bad guy Remaking my old Loki art turns garbage Swipe for my cringy old art First one 24/April/19 Second one 22/December/17 Song : Billie Eilish - Bad guy Characther belong to : Loki = twhiddleston or marvel App used ▪IbisPaintX ▪MagoVideo ▪Filmorago Time took 3 hours Layers 29 layers Tags ibispaintxapp ibispaint ibispaintx avenger avengers theavengers earthmightiestheroes marvel marvelstudio marvelcomics marvellegends idontfeelsogood loki lokiodinson lokilaufeyson lokigodofmischief lokiart lokiisalive lokifanart filmorago art artwork artwork🎨