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5 hours ago

I'm really going through it right nowa few months ago I met someone that I thought was going to be MY someone. We got into a fight (I guess?)and he has since stopped speaking to me and blocked me on every form of communication/social media with no explanation & no closure. And I am devastated/heartbroken/lost. I'm trying so hard to give it to God. I trust that He has a plan for me. But the hurt still hurts. heartbrokengirl godisstillgood idontunderstand loveshouldnthurt

6 hours ago

Dear Lord, I am thankful there are physics teachers in the world. And tutors. They likely need pay increases. High school physics was a long time ago for this mama and she’s not much help to her boy. And this makes me want to 🤮. Please lift all the physics students up! Amen. physics idontunderstand scary frustrated ifeelsick help

9 hours ago

My son”Nick Burns”the company computer guy.🎶 Anybody else’s kid spend free time learning how to run new operating systems and hacking into his own webcam?no?Just mine?Super! kalilinux idontunderstand whatareyousaying

10 hours ago

Dear Instagram, why do you fuck me on some of my captions? idontunderstand

20 hours ago

Разрушение 😈 Я обожаю бродить по заброшенным помещениям бывшего совка . Есть в этом некий романтизм и нотка ностальгии. А ведь строили на века . кладка такая , что молоток не берет. 😉 Люди просто обожают блять все крушить , уничтожать , разрушать. Почти исчезли редкие виды животных , леса вырубаются на ура , нефть , газ хуярют , деньги в карман , народу хуй😑 ранее 4 буквы наводили ужас , на всех. Были расстрелы (как мило ) , зато честь , отвага , добродетель. Но человек-пидар все разрушил. Все на все похуй , все клали болт . Зато другим старанам прощаем хуилиарды . Держимся , чо 😉 Но зато мы можем делать детей. А чо еще остается😁😁 разъеб злость молодость красавчик нетипичныйтатарин разрушение закон честно доброта благо вечное делюсь россия hate idontunderstand love peace russia fuck

21 hours ago

I guess I’m just mad because you’re no longer here. I’m mad because you didn’t reciprocate the love that I tried to give you. I’m mad because you wouldn’t listen. I’m mad because you didn’t try. I’m mad because you didn’t want to be apart of my life. I’m mad because you didn’t want to see me succeed. I’m mad because I have questions, that will never get the answers they deserve. But it’s okay, I forgive you. Maybe I’ll understand eventually, maybe I’ll understand the reasonings behind your motives. But I forgive you, father. I forgive you. restinpeace frustrated idontunderstand forgiveness acceptance goodbye

22 hours ago

Here’s what confuses me this woman can get rich and famous after doing such a random and benignly mind numbingly stupid video when so many nurses, ambulance workers and teachers work hard, day after day with selfless heart and compassion and they get no recognition and very few $$$. I just don’t get it. confusingworld nurses teachers hereswhatconfuses me idontunderstand

1 day ago

A.d.d. is rough. Those memes about minds being like 10 TABS open I have billions. They speed so fast, and when they slow down at all, it's usually accompanied by panic, depression, agoraphobia, and anxiety. Not sure how any of you balance your stuff and see it through to the end. And for those of you who believe I do nothing all day ~ HAH I may not have a paying job, never sold my art (always gifted), and never complete projects or see you/talk to you enough If I knew how to balance the chaos, believe me, I would. Like yesterday and a half. >~ I got 99 projects but complete ain't 1. add mentalissues idontunderstand imnotright sorrynotsorry healing learning 1000projects allatonce madness My payment is in the happiness and company of my Significant other. And I am very thankful and fortunate that he allows me to grow and learn without having to force myself to the voices that appear when I have a meltdown seek help when you need to. Mental ailments only make you weak if you keep ignoring them and don't seek help. I avoided seeking help for 18 years, because I was "too nervous" to go Believe me when I say if you find the right care team, you'll be so proud of yourself for the strides you've made in time to come. These people provide help for a reason. Don't forget that they chose this path as a healer. You can turn to them when no one else will help you or hear you. thankful nevertoolate seekhelp

2 days ago

If you french fry when you’re supposed to pizza, you’re going to have a bad time. ⛷

2 days ago

Tænk at jeg har et barn som skal starte i skole nu? Jeg ved godt det er så kliché at snakke om “hvor blev tiden af” Men jeg forstår det vitterligt ikke Jeg husker det som var det igår at vi sad med Malua som helt lille og snakkede om det ville være fedt hvis hun bare kunne en lille smule ( altså kravle, snakke eller noget i den stil ) Nu er hun så selvstændig og nu er det skoletid 😱 ( Mega fedt at hendes mor ikke er blevet et år ældre ) 👌 school schooltime mybaby mygirl mybiggirl myoldest wheredidthetimego idontunderstand readyforschool

3 days ago

The most recent episode of my podcast is now available. This time I have a conversation with officialblacks4trump The chairman of blackconservativemovement to discuss being a minority realdonaldtrump supporter. Chad is a high school freshman, but is already very active in politics. He was even recently invited to the White House because of his work. His position is quite unique and I think it is important to hear all perspectives on such polarizing issues as our president and race relations in the country. My aim is not to convince anyone of anything, but rather to guide the listeners into a better understand of WHY people think the way they do. It is important to be willing to listen. Thank you to chad for sitting down and helping me understand the mindset of being , black, and politically conservative in 2019 America. blackconservative maga idontunderstand blexit cylinderradio realcandaceowens turningpointusa

3 days ago

Heh, I'm back to posting awfully captured photos. enjoy I like my RBF

5 months ago

แกล้งทำเป็นภาษาไทย ( ฉันไม่แน่ใจว่าฉันเขียนอะไร) idontunderstand