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And when that person is too hurt to meet you where you are and help you when you’re down, it is in that moment when you find your strength and live in your truth—that your light is bright enough to shine on yourself and light your way to find love again. Your strength is found in in that moment in your faith—faith in yourself that you deserve love and that, somehow, it always finds you. And in that moment, that feeling of love transcends you, propelling you forward in your life towards your true reason for being on this Pale Blue Dotfulfilling your higher purpose in light”Your” lightand love. Namaste 🙏🏼 nyimatravels idrinkandiknowthings Repost menshumor with get_repost ・・・ sgrstk with the 🔥🔥🔥

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Kick Names and Take Ass at Marvel Trivia last night! Our sensational six killed it and got 2nd out of 30 different teams last night. The HYPE for Endgame coming out is getting hardcore I always do trivia with my friends every Wednesday but we will never pass up an opportunity to raise money and awareness for poverty in my area. All drink costs, household products, and donations from the night went to Ozark’s Area Community Action Corporation Can’t wait to see what theme they choose next year IDrinkAndIKnowThings mycrohnsstory ibdawareness trivia best friends Mantis Marvel

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Cosa conterrà questo pacchetto di urbandecaycosmetics ? Mi sento come una bambina in un negozio di giocattoli! È arrivata oggi la palette dedicata al trono di spade! Non avete idea della meraviglia! Sto canticchiando la sigla da mezz'ora Lo so sono fanatica Ma oggi sono felice unagioiainunavalledilacrime urbandecay makeupishere gameofthrones gotaddict forthethrone happiness thursday thursdaymood thisishappiness valarmorghulis dracarys idrinkandiknowthings makeup neverenough givememore shutupandtakemymoney bloggerstyle vitadablogger bblogger instamakeup picoftheday

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HNNNGH welcome home my pretty 😍 Massive fan of the series! Who do you think will sit on the iron throne? Who do you think will live? Or do you think everyone will die? Man I love talking about this masterpiece and hearing what others think it is awesome 💞 funko pop popvinyl gameofthrones hbo got tyrion tyrionlannister ironthrone idrinkandiknowthings alannisteralwayspayshisdebts whitewalkers nightking danaerystargaryen handofthequeen westeros stark lannister targaryen baratheon tormund brienneoftarth jamielannister winterishere

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Feeling cute, might just bleed black all over when I'm washed later, idk 🌚 This is a real fear, I don't normally wash them and I've heard black thread bleeds. Currently trying a new method which requires it (the water soluble stabilizer on top to keep the drawing/writing tidy) We'll see 😬 wip idrinkandiknowthings tyrionlannister gameofthronesembroidery gameofthrones quotes handembroidery workingonlettering pleasedontbleed embroidery ihavethisthingwiththread itsalwaysstucktome reddingcalifornia

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Game of Thrones is back and better than ever. You've got to feel for Tyrion though. Things are not looking his way according to Sansa. NEW Game of Thrones Short-Sleeve T-Shirt in my Etsy shop: I Used to Drink and Know Things Now I Just Drink gameofthrones tryion sansa winterishere idrinkandiknowthings got forthethrone winterfell knightking westeros asongoficeandfire lannister gotseason8 gameofthronesseason8 funnyshirt tshirt dadshirt dadjoke highfunctioningfangirl geek nerd fandom fanart

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We drink and we know things🦁🐺 Z.B. wissen wir, dass heute Astra-Donnerstag ist wir leiten ihn jetzt schon mal gebührend ein rotlichtlove •Astra 0,4 vom Fass nur 3€ •alle Astra Knollen (Urtyp, Rotlicht, Rakete, Kiezmische) nur 2€ 🍺⚓️❤️🍺 astra tyrionlannisterquote winteriscoming gameofthrones idrinkandiknowthings thirstythursday astra knolle astraurtyp astrarakete kiezmische rotlicht alsterwasser arschkalt astrazag bierbierbier einbisschenhamburg prost beer astrabier drinkstagram tomorrowisfriday weekendvibes bartender astrawasdagegen

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Greetings fellow planty friends, I’m Steff from steffhasplants and the other half of BotanicalLushes. - Following Dan’s lead my favorite houseplant is any that I can keep alive and thriving. That being said my current obsession is with ferns because apparently I like a good challenge 🙃. I got into plant hoarding to combat my seasonal depressionwhat’s better than a greenhouse in the dead of winter?! Nothing. So I decided to basically live in one and you know what, it helped! - Dan and I thought how great would it be to have a greenhouse “directory” of some sort. We show people all the cool places you can grab a new houseplant, or get in touch with the botanical world, but add a tasty beverage because we like fun. We assume you like fun too, that’s why you are here! - Looking forward to connecting with you all and hopefully we are able to inspire some to think about plants in an accessible way whether you have a green thumb or not. -Steff😘 botanicallushes onwednesdaysweplantpink botanicalpickmeup drinkingwithplants clevelandplants clegram cleplants fernfriday fernfanatic girlswithplants botanicalwomen botanicaldreamers plantporn plantpeople australiantreefern birdsnestfern kangaroofern maidenhairfern buttonfern idrinkandiknowthings plantselfie planttherapy horticulture crazyplantpeople

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▪️ Season 8 EPISODE 2 new PHOTOS! 🤩 • ▪️This episode figures to be very interesting 😯 we are getting closer to the Battle of Winterfell 🥶❄️! • 👥Tag your friends! 🚨 Turn on post notifications! • 🔔 Follow gotcuriosity for more pictures!

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I drink and I know things 😜🔥🐉 Happy MalbecWorldDay! This versatile, full-bodied, bold beauty is one of my absolute favorites and go-to reds. Added bonus: it pairs perfectly with my favorite pungent cheeses like bluecheese and gorgonzola 🧀 😋 Who else is a Malbec maniac? What’s your favorite red? Share below 👇🏻🍷 WineWednesday IDrinkAndIKnowThings

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The Game of Thrones wines sold out quickly on Friday so we brought more in for Episode 2. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and a Red Blend are the options. gameofthrones idrinkandiknowthings

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The offscreen castle for the Stark’s (and the rest). One of the best things about the Game of Thrones tours was hearing about what happened off screen. For example, this lovely hotel, just opposite “The Red Keep” was were the main stars stayed. Got a bit of insight into what the stars were like too, as it was common for them to be seen in and around the city during filming spells. Not surprisingly Peter Dinklage was meant to be quite similar to Tyrion, frequenting numerous bars and restaurants around the old town and making friends with locals and tourists alike. There’s plenty more stories to be told but I’ll not spoil them - hopefully you’ll do the tour yourself one day on your trip to croatia gameofthrones tyrionlannister idrinkandiknowthings gameofthronescast dutimes dubrovnik croatia_photography croatiafulloflife timeoutcroatia filminglocation croatia_lovers justgocroatia worldplaces iamatraveler globejumpers keepjumping schooloftravel viajar instago letsgosomewhere gameofthronestour viaggio traveldudes got gameofthronesfan gameofthronesseason8

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Recording later but had a beautiful session with my Archangels and wanted to share in this moment with you. They have some beautiful messages of love for you. Grateful for you. My gift to you—my connection with Source Blessings to You and Yours nyimatravels oracle idrinkandiknowthings lightworker ascension intuitivemedium angelreadings faeriereadings intuitivechannel channel channeling lawofattraction manifestation tealswan abrahamhicks starseed alien vegan love lightandlove namaste grateful riderwaite oraclereadings seraphim pickacard