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Here's a Superset/mechanical drop that will light up your Lats. In my new training phase I'm focused on pairing the short and lengthened for each muscle. For Lats this was the superset I used The standing plate loaded row overloading the short position and then dropping to my knee to overload the lengthened position. This can also be considered a mechanical drop since the resistance profile changes. coach_kassem came up with the kneeling version last year and it has been a great addition to the tools in the toolbox Why do I absolutely love this superset?? It's because it is an optimal arm path to maximize tension in the the lats through every inch of the rep. When you position yourself correctly the handle comes into your body for a fully shortened lat making the contraction a 10 out of 10 Doing both these movements really hits pretty much all of the Lat fibers from the horizontal to vertical fibers since it's a mix between a row in the standing version and a pulldown in the kneeling From a resistance profile compared to the strength profile of the lat it fits perfectly as it is heavy as f*$k where you are strong and drops off significantly right where you need it where you are weakest BTW coach_adam_miller the carbs I added with the training today made me feel swole again 😂 ➡️Coaching inquiries:allencress hotmail.com teamMPT education nutrex fit longevity health bodybuilding ifbb lifestyle teamnutrex n1.training

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"Know that what seems really hard today, with good practice and consistency, will be a piece of cake later." So true 🙏🏻 The words of massy.arias ✖️ When things get hard and you struggle - remind yourself of this. It will be hard today, but it will be easy later. 🙌🏼👊💯✖️ Check out Massy Arias ENERGY FILLED feed. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 💻 www.supplementsolutions.co.nz . ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Supplement Solutions HQ, 7 Pilgrim Place, Sydenham, Christchurch ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 📲 Google "Supplement Solutions . wejustdoitbetter ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖

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Quando comecei a treinar e fazer dieta, achava que bastava gastar mais do que consumia que iria surtir um efeito significativo no meu físico. De fato isso aconteceu, mas foi temporário. Com o tempo, meu físico estagnou e os resultados pararam de vir, e isso causa uma angústia muito grande! Parei para analisar o que poderia estar errado, e então então entendi que a dieta real envolve não só o balanço energético, mas também os fatores que englobam os macronutrientes (proteína, carboidrato e gordura). E você, como anda na sua dieta? Seus resultados estão surgindo ou estagnaram? Conta aqui nos comentários!

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True strength is facing malevolence head on & dealing with it. One does not become strong by running away from suffering but conquering it. You cannot hide in a corner & just hope it disappears. Avoidance makes you a coward. Pretending things don’t exist & putting it off for a later time will only extend the suffering. A muscle is strengthened by constantly breaking it down & rebuilding it. The strongest people I know have survived great tragedy & use it as lessons for life. They are free & grateful for the little things; meaningful relationships, peace of mind, the sun, the air in their lungs, a roof over their heads, and a safe place to lay their head at night. Let us be grateful for the peacemakers who face malevolence daily. Let them continue to be an example and a light for all those who cannot fight for themselves. 💪🏼 fitness fitnesslife fitnesslifestyle fitlife fitfam fitnessmotivation fitnessaddict igfitness fitnessfreak fitnessgoals goals mylife bodybuilding bodybuilder hardwork flex dream healthy life body muscle fitlifestyle igfitfam powerlifting ifbb npc warriorathletica girlswholift nfe growth Photo Credit: John Hawley musclepapajohn

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Your everyday is never guaranteed. Your given countless blessings in a day. Pause, be still and breathe; live in the moment & know its what you make out of your minutes that truly measure the value of your days. I challenge myself everyday to just pause & find the beauty in each day. To invest my energy in good, and if I happen to step into or create FEAR based energy; Im learning to stop and just send LOVE. God is LOVE and Light and where light exist darkness cannot subside. Faith isn’t measures by the elimination of pain/fear, but instead on how quickly we revert back to LOVE. Invest in YOU so much that your existence alone brings value, encouragement, hope and pours the upmost love and joy into others around you. God bless lovies 🧸🌹 lifeisbeautiful npc ifbb athlete respectthemuscle muscleisbeautiful showprep relentless maskoff prophysiques bestisyettocome selflove iamletty npcbikini bikinicompetitor warrior GoldenO ingodstime Imback latina competitor newchapter beyourself texasbodybuilding tuesday fortworth 👈🏽 home namaste

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Pra mim, não existe treino milagroso. Não existe uma dieta mágica ou algo do tipo. O que existe é foco e disciplina. Pois a Inspiração vem de fora, mais a motivação vem de dentro! 💪🏻😉👊🏻💥🦈 • • • tbt throwbackthursday   throwback fitness   fit arnoldclassic aesthetic   workout calisthenics motivation beastmode   physique   mensphysique bodybuilding   bodybuildinglifestyle   bodybuilder ifbb   natural   strong gym   gymshark shark fitnessmotivation   model   photooftheday picoftheday photography   lifestyle   healthy gymnasticbodies

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9.5 weeks until the torontoprosupershow Battling a chest cold but that doesn’t stop the progress. Usually I would power through my workouts and not care about being sick but rest is key. So if you are ever feeling run down rest! If you’re not resting you’re not recovering therefore not growing and not progressing. So eat your proteins, carbs, veggies, and trust your coach and trust the process. Hope everyone has a good week! classicphysique ifbb bodybuilding fitness

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🇨🇷🏆PUMP MACHINE 🏆🇨🇷 🇨🇷🔥LA MARCA 💯% NACIONAL 🔥🇨🇷 🏆UN SALUDO Y UN AGRADECIMIENTO MUY ESPECIAL A NUESTRA CAMPEONA Instagram Follow teteprofit POR APOYAR NUESTRA CAMPAÑA 🇨🇷🐾 DEJATUHUELLA 🐾🇨🇷 GRACIAS POR TANTO APOYO teteprofit DESDE EL PRINCIPIO DE ESTE PROYECTO💪🏆♻🔥 🇨🇷🏆PUMP MACHINE🏆🇨🇷 LA MARCA 💯% NACIONAL🇨🇷 🎬📽️🔥 NUEVO VÍDEO PRÓXIMAMENTE! ironlife pumpmachine pump pumpmachine pumpmachine506 pmcrew ifbb PM506 PMCREW fitnesslife fitlife nuevacoleccion bodybuildinglifestyle workout workoutmode 💪💣 PUMP MACHINE🏆🔥 pumpmachine PM506 PMCREW fitnesslife fitlife nuevacoleccion bodybuildinglifestyle workout workoutmode pump costarica exercise bodybuilding aesthetic aesthetics iron motivationgym gym costarica🇨🇷 gymmotivation veins gainz gymgoals gymaddict work aesthetic

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Última foto atualizada que postarei do shape antes do grande dia. 😁 Depois só no palco. 🙈🙈🙈 Ansiosa para ver a mágica! 🤩 E aproveitando para fazer um agradecimento especial a arsenalsuplementossjp pela parceria e ao meu personal hardcore_bodybuilding_wear esse cara é fera 👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏🙏 trofeucuritiba ifbbparanaoficial ifbb bikinifitness atletabikini athletelife ifbbbikiniathlete bodytransformation noplano segueoplano nopainnogain fechaacaraetreina rumoaospalcos rumoaosinistro shapenatural shape fitnessfreaks fitnesslife focoforçaefé workoutroutine workout motivation dedication amotreinar fitnessgirl moldadaaferro

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they’re jealous. they’re envious. they’re insecure. they’re threatened by the fact that I’m coming up. 😉 -275 RPE 8 (coulda repped 2-3 tbh) - 6x2 RPE 7 from yesterday (sets just got easier) -coming up whether you like it or not.

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Things are starting to get crazy! We bringing the 🔥 underground.athletes 10 1/2 weeks out

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Repost alearanguizcoach • • • • • • WORKSHOP USN & LIFE FIT NUTRITION GYM , “Una mirada desde la práctica, la evaluación y la sicología” Sábado 04 de Mayo, desde las 14:00hrs, Ubicación Gimnasio LIFE FIT NUTRITION GYM (La Ligua); Valor entrada General: $15.000 y miembros del Gimnasio LIFE FIT $12.000 Expositores albertopadrontrainer claununez_ alearanguizcoach usnfit kineandsports ——————————————————————— USNfit Challengeyourself Teamstarkmpc IFBB bodybuilding Bodybuilder Fitness aestethic wellness BikiniFitness Physique mensphysique muscular atlethe training gym body nutrition Determination motivation healthy Inspire workout muscle Bodyfitness focus sport

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The start of this year was rough. It tested me in many ways but something was telling me to just hang on, that something was coming You see, God puts you through situations so you know he is there. He got you. He will always gets you through it Today I am so blessed and happy. Excited for what’s to come. I know the struggle has not ended but I’m glad to see a light at the end of the tunnel 😊 . npcbikini npc ifbb wbff 1stphorm bodybuilding teamwycked iam1stphorm blessed happy girlswholift fit gymmotivation fitspo

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Set always your goals. Without setting goals is difficult to achieve something. Go to the gym not to socialize but to bring yourself in discomfort and pain. Every training that’s going without challenging yourself is a lost one.

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おはよーございます🌞🌸 ☆ ☆ 今日で9月からお世話になりまくった ゴールドジム金山店は最後です(,,o̴̶̷᷄﹏o̴̶̷̥᷅,,) ☆ 約半年しか通えなかったけど ジムに行けば声をかけてくる方や スタッフさんが優しかったりで 毎日の辛いトレーニングも頑張れました💪🏾☺️ ☆ ハードコアで古きよきのマシンが多い 金山店がなにげ1番好きだし落ち着く( ˙灬˙ ก)❤ ☆ 明日から4ヶ月間は京都へお引越し〜🚅💨 次なるお世話になるゴールドジムは ゴールドジム二条店です🤘🎀 初めての一人暮らしに ガラッと環境も変わるので不安ですが 京都に行っても頑張りまーーーす🙋🌸 ☆ 名古屋トレーニーの方々 ありがとうございました😊❤ また長期休みに帰ってきます🙆🐛 ☆ ☆ トレーニング 筋トレ トレーニング女子 筋トレ女子 ダイエット タンパク質 プロテイン 筋肉 ジム 名古屋 最後 次は 京都 ゴールドジム ボディメイク フィットネス ありがとうございました トレーニング 楽しいね 4月からも 頑張ります gmy workout bikini ifbb npcj NPC fitness

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Have you try the Lean1 Paleo Chocolate 🍫 Coconut 🥥 banana🍌 from billromanowski53 nutrition53 yummyliscious 🤩 As many benefits: - BCAAs & Amino Acids - For strength, power, and recovery - 25g Dietary Fiber - For Heathy Digestion - Kale & Spinach - Powerful antioxidants and vitamins - Grass-Fed Beef - Clean, raw power - 25g Clean Paleo Protein - Strength and stamina - Hormone Free - 100% All-Natural - Superior Taste - Best tasting Paleo protein - Stevia Extract - Zero-calorie sweetener - Lean1 Paleo FUEL MUSCLE RECOVERY & REPAIR† - INCREASE MUSCULAR STRENGTH† - GRASS-FED BEEF AND HORMONE FREE† SUPERIOR TASTE† . For more informations visit my pages💋 http:/nathaliechopin.n53.club/ This link will allow you all my friends and clients to buy from my site and get 20% off and a free shipping N53 Nutrition53 nutrition53athlete nutrition53 kathyt_53 billromanowski53 billromanowski53signedhat lean1pro lean1vanilla fitmom wbffpro ifbb wbff onefitnessnation competitor coreworkout lifetimefitness npc npcbikini ifbbpro fitmom fitmama instabodybuilding

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• We’re 4 days out from the NPC vancouver_open Who’s bringing some 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️ freaky conditioning !? 🤔💭 One thing is for sure I’ll be ready! 😉🤣 ( To Guest Pose that is ) • Be sure to come stop by the teamwestcoastsupps booth and come say hi 👋🏽 I’ll be there for prejudging and finals, along with damonjohnsonofficial and the rest of the teamwestcoastsupps Team . We’ll have tons of product for sale, swag, shakers and samples that we’ll be giving away • You guys are almost there Have a great peek week and I’ll see you all in 4 days 🙌🏽✌🏽 titan_grips vancouver_open teamwestcoastsupps westcoast_nic_and_kobe wade_lowery awesomesaucesmoothies virtuslifestyle aesthreadics omguaschmeals mysterieux.brand dr.brandonbridgeman officialtanjijohnson teamwestcoast_stayfitlisa

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Just keeping it together

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03/26/19 Tuesday 7pm 50F degrees 187lbs BACK TRAPS trapezoid striations looking insanethey also go vertical which ill post a pic of those later tonight. Striations are all over my back its nuts 🔘Discount link➡ https:www.muscleegg.com/jeromedinh 🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 CUSTOMIZED DIETS AND/OR WORKOUT PROGRAMS, please inquire at 📱💻📩jeromedinh gmail.com📫📝 for rates the personal training services I provide. 🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼 🐯🐅🐲🐉 jeromedinh theotherrock TransforTHEm ifbbpro IFBBProud transformation ClassicPhysique ifbbproleague bodybuilder bodybuilding fitfam aesthetics ifbbclassicphysique pullups tbarrow seatedclosegripcablerows dumbbellrows cablelatpulldowns ifbb dumbellshrugs shrugs flyaway wings backday

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Stand up and look forward to your future never let anyone put you down 🔥💪 ifbb absworkout 🏋🏻‍♂️ 💪🏽💪 حلم 💪 goals💪🦅- -الحمدالله علي هذه النعمه 🙏 -for 10% discount use my code : BOUDY10 qntsportuk mo_elmawardy transformation transformationtuesday fitness bodyfitness sportnutrition fitnessmodel muscle asthetic shredded workout motivation instahealth naturalbody bodybuilding bodytransformation models fitnessmodel cairotower 💪🔥 🥇gym time 💪🦅- -الحمدالله علي هذه النعمه 🙏 - mo_elmawardy transformation transformationtuesday fitness bodyfitness sportnutrition fitnessmodel muscle asthetic shredded workout motivation instahealth naturalbody bodybuilding bodytransformation models fitnessmodel cairotower

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After being stuck at 315 for the past 2+ years I finally hit a bench PR of 335 lmaoo thanks to my boi gonz_and_oak bench program. I actually like bench now

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🤣🤣🤣🙌🙌🙌 posted this on FB For coaching inquiries, please contact me: kellylynnfit gmail.com Website: www.Kellylynnfit.com No. 1 Suit maker: suitsyouswimwear . teamklf prepcoach bikini figure physique klf bodybuilding fitfam competitionseason inseason showprep onlineshowprep mealprep personaltrainer showprep  kellylynnfit muscles legs abs girlswholift contestprep precontest onlinecoaching fitnessmotivation npc gym fitnessmodel npccompetitor transform npc ifbb

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