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3 hours ago

Stardust (7/7) / Your body was designed to contain a cosmic storm. It is no wonder that sometimes your head and heart hurt so much that you may just explode. It takes a nebula, a cosmic storm of epic proportions falling apart to create a star. So be easy on yourself. You are a storm in transition, even as these words are being written. /

8 hours ago

“I like the muted sounds, the shroud of grey, the silence that comes with fog- Om Malik” Dawn in the Mara. I just love the morning fog in the Maasai Mara, you never know what is lurking within it but when the dawn unravels the fog you see the clarity of life and all it’s trials and tribulations among the animals. landscapes africanamazing africa fog dawn unlimitedafrica landscape_perfection lanscape_captures ig_discover_nature landscapephotography landscapestyles_gf pocket_landscape landscape_lovers nature_perfection outdoorphotography mountains safari wanderlust beautifullandscape beautiful_landscapes wowworldwide_photography natureatitsbest foggymorning maasaimara

9 hours ago

I was hibernating the last few months, here’s to my first sunrise of Spring.

11 hours ago

Pano of the Willamette River in Downtown Portland on a beautiful Spring day