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2 minutes ago

Sometimes I like to cross my paws when I sleeps 🐯🙅🏻‍♂️

12 minutes ago

Hello Followers and Friends! Great news Pickles is filming season 3 of his youtube series Stay tuned for more information, sneak peaks,etc.

17 minutes ago

It’s no wonder why I’m in a Taiyaki. Swipe right to see what my pops and mummy’s been eating in Perth. Mummy got lunawildchild to do up a digital print where S$10 proceeds goes to a good cause. I think I’m loving cotton candy. What do you think of this print? Thank you Luna Wild for this cute work! gemmafluffymuff taiyaki catintaiyaki

35 minutes ago

The Ivy-cat has begun her winter routine of settling down on Mum's lap for warm pats just before bedtime. She then begins herding her foolish staff/companions towards bed - though they really ought to know to stick to the schedule by now. They know how put out the Ivy-cat gets when regular nightly rituals (like feeding and pats)are not observed in a timely manner. She won't sleep (unless its just a quick nap) until her wayward kin are tucked away in their beds. ivycat nofilter white cat whitecat lilacburmilla cute cutecat kitty mypet catsofinstagram instacats bestpetsofinstagram igcats catstagram animalcompanion cutepets companykitty companioncat housecat purrpurrpurr catnap sleepykitty littleballoffur softkitty warmkitty

56 minutes ago

МояКрис говорит, что выходные - это когда весь день лежать! Вот она вчера весь день лежала, а ночью опять куда-то ушла! Пришла как Ваня - под утро! А я думаю, что выходные - это все человеки дома! Это когда они свою чёрную картину смотрят и меня по очереди гладят! Это когда они себе мясо жарят, а мне сырое дают! Ещё когда собачат мне приводят играть! ТетьЛита с наступлением тепла ушла на улицу и домой теперь не хочет! Она там за Мэзенорчиком следит и косточки вкусные грызёт! А ко мне теперь только в гости приходит! А я скучаю же Вот! Как отдыхаете вы, расскажите? catsagram catlove igcats большойкот mainecooncats mainecoonstagram котенокскисточками kittylove instakitty баснивесны кошечкавесна рыжаявесна запискикота рыжаякошка человекикошка мейнкункалуга мейнкун котики

56 minutes ago

Dear diary. The humans spend insane amounts of minutes looking at these big screens, pressing little plastic buttons. I'm concerned about their well being. Why don't they watch the real life TV: the window? It's my favorite.

1 hour ago

shot by itsmistycat Location - Congratulations 🎉🐈🎉 . Friends please join us in congratulating our featured artist and be sure to visit their gallery to see more shots ! for a chance to be feature follow and tag bns_cats Selected by lucianalua Please check out bestnatureshot bestnatureshot amazing_shots amazing_shots ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . cats catsofinstagram instacat catsgram cat_features catoftheday excellent_cats excellent_kittens bestmeow topcatphoto happy_pet petsagram jj_justcats amazing_picturez_animals bengalcat bengalcatworld bengalcat bengalcats meowbox bestmeow topcatphoto igcats ig_cat nature_cuties happy_pet raw_cats jj_justcats catlover ilovemycat loves_cats kings_cats bnscats_itsmistycat

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Dear diary. The humans have green stuff everywhere🌱🌱🌱 Why don't they just go outside if they like nature so much? It perplexes me.

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so sleepy 💤

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Isis 💚