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Thank you to everyone for such kind and heartfelt responses about the previous post. As with initial reactions when I first debuted the painting, so many of you resonated with the emotions and depiction of depression. I thought I’d continue with another throwback from the series. This time a self portrait. loribellespirovski art oilpainting contemporaryart konst kunst arts art_spotlight contemporaryart artnerd artsy igers igdaily igart instaart artist artistsofinstagram artistsoninstagram artoftheday artofvisuals artoninstagram artstagram artshow arts_help artwork artcollector artcollective artlovers artlife sketch

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I’ll be posting another one to even things up and because my friends don’t want to wait 12 weeks to see theirs lol. Anyways, here’s Aquarius ♒️! • • cr to zodiacpng and pngshimmer for individual photos • • • • • • aesthetic explore explorepage satisfying aestheticaccount thoughts thought thoughtprovoking photooftheday instamood picoftheday instadaily follow igdaily post theme horoscope horoscopes astrology niche niches nichememe nichememes edit edits aquarius

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The morning after

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See my Truffle Mac n Cheese melt? 😛Yes it did that 🧀🥘 Get it Linda

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It’s Sunday and that means rest but it’s still a great day to something fabulous 🙌🏽

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What if who I hoped to be was always me?

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תמונה שמסכמת את פורים ❤️ המסר לי עד פורים הבא לכו תתחפשו שד,מלאך, פיה אינדיאני תעופו עם עצמכם ועל עצמכם פעם בשנה מותר ויותר ! גם שנה הבאה בע״ה נהיה פה להגשים לכם את הפנטזיה תודה מסטודיו פיקוק peacockdesignCUTE TBT PHOTOOFTHEDAY INSTAMOOD IPHONESIA TWEEGRAM PICOFTHEDAY IGERS GIRL BEAUTIFUL INSTADAILY SUMMER INSTAGRAMHUB IPHONEONLY FOLLOW IGDAILY BESTOFTHEDAY HAPPY PICSTITCH TAGBLENDER JJ SKY NOFILTER FASHION FOLLOWME FUN SUN

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A volte più che di un mondo nuovo, c’è bisogno di occhi nuovi per guardare il mondo.💫🌙

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Do yourself a favour peeps 🙌

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⏳Solo il tempo, qualunque cosa sia, ce lo dirà!☉ Buongiorno! 📸

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Painting in progress

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Life drawing