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แวะอ่านสือแพร่บ 🇺🇸 losangeles

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Grow together, glow together ❤️

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Book store instagram photo checked✔️🇺🇸 losangeles

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Hey everyone! So yesterday after begging my mum for ages I finally got her to agree to making this recipe that I learned from senpai qqquang for chicken strips! As expected the chicken turned out really great, the taste of the chicken itself was great, the batter came out a little tougher than initially planned but that might be because of an oversight on our part. Regardless, I'd recommend all of you to check out qqquang on YouTube, he makes some of the best food videos on the internet and he inspired me to start cooking again. So what do you guys think, how'd I do? Written by: theromantichopelessly • • • • • • bloggersofinstagram bloggerslife beautyandthevlogger beautyandtheblogger bloggerslifestyle bloggerstyle chicken postoftheday picoftheday instagood igoftheday avengersendgame writingcommunity writersofinstagram writerscommunity writersofig wintervibes food foodporn aesthetic agameof10k tumblraesthetic

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Need a little plant 🌱

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RJ the kind and loving foodie. Too bad it was too heavy for me to take him home. Can you guys guess what goodies I got from the linefriends_jp? It was honestly so hard to refrain myself from buying the whole store * * * * * * * * * * * * * * btslinefriends bt21 btsbt21 linefriends btsofficial bt21merchandise bt21rj bt21goods bt21indonesia imprintagram igersmelbourne UNIVERSTAR linestore iseoulu beautifulasiangirls koreangirls igoftheday asianwoman worldofasians bloggercommunity melbournefolk kmakeup asiangirlsonly asianulzzang koreanulzzang 미지우 ulzzangmodel australianbeautyblogger bblogersau earth_portraits

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🎥🐝🎭"Cause after all we’re all actors on a stage ."🎬 Rehearsal | Cast Opera Production of “Voyage Dans La Lune” by Offenbach . theater royals stagedesign pinoy opera classic musician livefree artist lyrical pilipino igersph goodvibes lifestyleblogger lifestyle lacoste theater barytone people livefree theater offenbach people ofw travelingpinoy performer artist igoftheday proudpinoy asianboy wanderer wanderlust igersphilippines performingartist baryton 🐝🎤🎬🎷🎺

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ISTANBUL Formerly known as Byzantium and for a time Constantinople is the largest City in Europe and the fourth Largest City of The World . The most famous landmark of Istanbul is 'HAGIA SOPHIA'' meaning Holy Wisdom is a symbol of Harmony,Peace and Tolerance. Hagia Sophia stands tall since 537 AD. Since 537 to 1453 it served as a church and when Constantinople (Istanbul) was conquered by Ottoman Turks in 1453 , the ruler declared HAGIA SOPHIA the place for their Holy Prayer. So, since 1453 to 1931 as a mosque and hence thereafter , in 1936 ,it opened it gates as a museum for Public Hagia Sophia remain amongst the most visited museum s of The World . The place stands in testimony , that different religion s can co-exist in Peace and Harmony. PS: Not to miss Mother Mary and Allah In the same frame. If one does visit This Museum please do not miss on the wishing hole on the Bronze Wall. istanbul🇹🇷 istanbuldiaries traveldiaries hagiasophia museum museumofart love peace harmony rarity constantinople amazingfacts allaboutgoodthingsinlife instadaily insta instagram igoftheday

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Museum day 1 🇺🇸 GoLA

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Dinosaur tour🦕🦖 tourLA

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Musuem day tourLA

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The lights how continuous today ⛈⚡️⚡️

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Note to self: One day someone is going to hug you so tight, that all of your broken pieces will fit back together instapic igoftheday igph

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While experiencing this amazing journey I captured this click; and whenever I look through it, it feels like diving a deep dive into oceans of Beauty. Obviously, nature is phenomenal; every second it creates a new world around you, a creation which shows everything you feel, you deserve and what you wish! Nature is infinite, which makes you a unit worth to exist the infinity!🔥🀄💜 manalidiaries traveldiaries _lit Shot on:- Canon EOS 77D with 18-135mm canonindia_official PortraitMania portrait_wizard portrait_wizard ig_bhopal ig.bhopal pulpkeyxyou pulpkey portraitphotography bleachmyfilm bleachfilm howtophotograph howtophotograph brandonwoelfel brandonwoelfel apna_bhopal ghummakad_27 thedroneracingleague landscapephotography landscaping igoftheday landscapeoftheday saturday photography dragonclicks canon manali worldoflandscape myworldthroughlens worldthroughlens01 canonphotography lucknow clickpro indianportraits sushantsinghrajput sushantsinghrajput awesomeearth travelphotography the.crazypanda thecamerakiss janmajay_tiwari splendid_himachal sachinjoshi123 filmyplax sulabhlamba6 bideeproy sourabhkantshrivastava

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"Sometimes it's the little things that count the most." rphouang had this great idea to take the air out of the front tires so I could reach the middle of the hood because the step ladder wasn't enough for my short ass and it actually helped hahaha • • girlsbehindthegun motivatedpainters gbtgfam refinishkulture offthegun keepitglassy gbtg refinishfamily autobody paintingisourpassion instadaily instagood insta instapic instagram igoftheday workhard iwata igers cromax bebraveorgohome boothcriminalz