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Just out of a class with a yoga master and I’m floating home, smiling like never before. The energy I felt in the class, flowing with so many people and chanting with them was unbelievable. I love how in a yoga class we rediscover a pure, immediate connection with a stranger. I love in 90 minutes class how we rediscover our body in movement; we remember how to breathe. Today was a long day, but I now only feel joy, so I’m going to leave you with the most joyful pose of all camelpose ⭐️ Happy Monday humans! May you all be happy and free! ♥️⭐️🙏 igyoga yoga yogamodel yogagirl yogainspiration yogaphotography yogaeverydamnday londonyoga yogaeverywhere yogalife yogateacher yogalove beachyogi seatherapy yogapose yogadaily yogagram beachyoga yogisofinstagram yogarebel instayoga backbend beagoddess ustrasana yogaoffthemat practiceandalliscoming trusttheprocess

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Hi beautiful souls. Sorry for the delay here I ‘m with you all Repost yoga_garage with get_repost ・・・ 👠NEW CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT 👠 . Are you ready to shake off your winter blues and have some fun? It’s time to ditch your winter boots and slip on some heels 👠 Join us for 7 days of yoga in heels - get sassy, be creative, have fun, but be safe! So dig out those shoes which you can’t walk in but look gorgeous, and join Cheryl, Amy, Luca and Sophie in HeelsOutForSpring 23rd-29th March 👠 👠 Hosts: AmyWeckerMD CBDugan Yoga_Garage Sophie_Seoul_Yoga . 👠 Generous Sponsors: FaithFoxDesigns MamasZen SongsOfEden TheSamadhiInitiative - a $70 gift card Toplus_BodyFit Vayumudra - winner receive a €60 gift card, all participants may use 'vayu15' to receive 15% discount Zenpolitan👠 Daily themes: 1. Any Hip Opener✅ grasshopperpose ✅ 2. Any Seated Pose✅ boatpose navasana 3. Any Standing Pose 4. Any Backbend 5. Any Arm Balance 6. Any inversion 7. Yogis Choice . 👠How to play: * FOLLOW all HOSTS and SPONSORS * REPOST this flyer to your feed or story and tag 3 friends to join * POST daily using the hashtag HeelsOutForSpring and tag all hosts and sponsors in the caption * Set your account to PUBLIC so we can see you * LISTEN to your body, modify as needed, and have fun yoga yogachallenge yogachallenge2019 mayyogachallenge highheels Progress YogaEveryWhere yogashape yogalove yogasexy yogaeverydamday YogaEveryDay yogadaily IGYoga

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“For years I’ve behaved like a Spartan, sharing my space with a select few but I’m so funny, seriously I’m Sunshine ni$$a 😭 I’m starting a blog cause this can’t be 29 Stay tuned.” : : : : : : : : :: : : : : ; gunna bigshot yoga yogi midnight 2018 2018bestnine flexible yogaflow trees nature lilbaby driptoohard winter fitness workout igyoga teamcameltoe ivypark champion fitnessmotivation healthy happy nurse rnbsn writer blog blogging gunna dripseason 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Lock down your routine with our new pricing! Get an unlimited month of classes—fusion, flow, boxing, barre, tone & sculpt, stretch, everything—for just $99/month (+ tax). This pricing is based on a 12-month auto-renew contract. Sign up now in-studio, online, or through the app yoga goals yogaeverywhere yogalife yogainspiration igfitness yogaeveryday yogaeverydamnday igyoga yogainspiration fitnessmotivation fitnessgoals infraredyoga hotyoga downtownyoga infraredfitness yogalove fitlifestyle abs workout fitnesslife workoutmotivation oxygenyoga handstand ilovemylife

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Two sides to Self-compassion 👇🏼 . There are two sides to every story, two sides to every coin, and two sides to self compassion. The mindfulness self compassion book I’m working through talks about the Yin and the Yang components: the being with (comforting, validating, soothing) and the activating (providing, protecting, motivating) components. 🌗 Self-compassion isn’t just sweet talking away your sorrow; no, sometimes it’s putting your foot down and saying what you need. Sometimes it’s getting your butt in gear towards a goal. Sometimes it’s turning your back to something (or someone) that hurt you in the past. Sometimes it’s doing what’s hard and uncomfortableall because you love yourself enough to succeed Wearing: ohmmeapparel the men’s pants in small- so comfy From : bnlove.yoga 💡 Like & Follow 👉Tag your freinds ✅ Follow us mylifeyoga 🚫 For credits/removal DM us yoga yogaeverydamnday yogi yogalove yogainspiration namaste yogaeverywhere yogagirl yogalife yogachallenge igyoga yogapractice yogini meditation yogapose yogaeveryday instayoga handstand practiceandalliscoming balance pilates asana yogajourney flexibility yogagram yogaaddict yogadaily yogisofinstagram stretch yogateacher

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Feeling fabulous ✌

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Hello Instafamily 🌻 Esta imagen es una representación de mi equilibrio emocional.🕊 Todos nacimos con alas, Pero es nuestra responsabilidad Aprender a volar. Vuela tal alto, No para que el mundo te vea volar, Sino para que tu Veas al mundo Existen cientos de asanas inspiradas específicamente para el equilibrio emocional, y es curioso cuando hemos estudiado tanto tiempo para lograr sentirnos emocionalmente estables, de pronto como una brisa de lluvia, nos hace estacionarnos, pero esta bien, una vez esta brisa pasa, seguir nuestro camino con determinación nos hará sentir en paz! Llegue a mi: - camino -ser interior -meta -confort - amor - armonia - Vida Y muchísimas más!🦄 Namaste yogalove YOGALOVERS yogaeverywhere yoga yogaeveryday yogapractice yogi yogateacher instructordeyoga instamom yogapose igyoga yogacommunity yogadaily instayoga yogagram yogainspiration yogabalance Namaste yogacolombia comuna13 medellin arte bautiful word travel visitmedellintours

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One of our biggest sales of the year is just around the corner! Our springtoitsale gives you 3 months of classes for $269, then $99/month after that! Check out your local studio for details! Sale starts this Sunday sale yoga goals yogaeverywhere yogalife yogainspiration igfitness yogaeveryday yogaeverydamnday igyoga yogainspiration fitnessmotivation fitnessgoals infraredyoga hotyoga downtownyoga infraredfitness yogalove fitlifestyle abs workout fitnesslife workoutmotivation oxygenyoga handstand ilovemylife

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Just a little sugarcane playing around in the snow ❄️☃️

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25 days into the yyoga team member 30 day challenge, I have attended 24 classes. I take one TRX and one Pilates a week, and the rest is various types of yoga. I had set out to take 40 classes this month, and it is clear that will not be happening. What taking on this challenge (the first time I've done a 30-day challenge since starting to teach 5 years ago) has really helped me clarify is what my priorities are, as a yoga teacher who is also an actor. Yes, yoga is a huge and amazing part of my life, but it cannot take over my life! It is crucial for me to invest my energies into every single audition, self-tape request, and voice recording request, so that I end every day with pride, dignity, and self-respect. And the nature of my fluctuating schedule means there is usually a day or two a week when I am not able to make it to my mat in the seat of the student, and I have learned to be okay with that, knowing that things will balance out. It is also important to me to hone my craft, which I do in a weekly acting class, as well as in additional work on my own. I also pour a lot into my teaching and am committed to fully showing up, inspired, for all the classes I lead. So far this month, I have taught 50 classes, double the amount I have taken. While I will not be able to hit my initial goal, I am proud of having moved my body more than ever before and to have been able to give myself permission to step off the mat to enjoy the beautiful blooms that make up springtime in Vancouver 💜; and spend time with my partner Randy and my tabby loves 😻 yogidandasana marchchallenge yogachallenge yogalove igyoga practicedaily yogapants yogagirl yogagoals yogafit yogaeverydamnday instayoga foottoarmpit yogaasana yogaaddict yogateacher thesweatlife yogapractice yogainstructor yogainspiration quynhmi vancouveryoga vancouveryogateacher openhips vancityyoga practiceandalliscoming yogamotivation namaste 30daychallenge yogainspo

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Make every single posture both a meditation and an offering. Then, the benefits of your practice will quickly transcend the physical and even the individual. ✨✨🖤 •📸: michel_corpi

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A mind that is stretched to new limits will never return to its old dimensions. 💪🏼

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“If you ‘re always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be” - Maya Angelou Hosts: inspiremyyoga ina.yoga kwang_angkana heartmaher saho_yoga Sponsors: liquidoactive mentalalchemy.tm rollgahealth yoggys_yogamats infinitystrap essentialoilnurse radhabeauty List of poses: Day 1: seated compass ✅ Day 2: boat compass ✅ Day 3: standing compass✅ Day 4: chair compass✅ Day 5: inverted compass✅ Day 6: flying compass Day 7: compass of choice To join, and have a chance for winning one of our amazing prizes: 🔅Follow all hosts and sponsors, and tag them in all your posts 🔅Repost this flyer and tag some friends to join in 🔅Post a photo or video each day, with the tag NavigateYourCompass 🔅Make sure your profile is set to public, so we can see your posts balance yogabalance flexiblity strength yogachallenge igyoga igyogachallenge longlegs hamstringstretch stretch marchchallenge letsstartyoga dailyyoga yogapractice loveyoga getonyourmat hipopener yogini yoga upsidedown splits shapegr shaoegreece liforme inverted compasspose

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Much needed Vitamin Sea.

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Yepyeni bir yol, yepyeni bir heyecan ♥️ kalbim pırpır 🧚🏻‍♀️ yogangelas yoga Stüdyosu’nun birbirinden tatlı sahibeleri ile kesişen yollarımız farklı bir alan açtı ve Pazar günlerine Gençlik Yogası dersleri açmaya karar verdik. Detaylı bilgi ve kayıt için bana ulaşabilirsiniz. Gençlik yogası nedir? Stres, toplumun hemen hemen her yaş grubunu etkileyen, zaman zaman başa çıkmakta en çok zorlandığımız duygu durumu. Gençler, gerek ergenlik döneminin getirdiği büyük değişimler, gerek eğitim ve sınav sisteminin üzerlerinde yarattığı baskı sebebiyle kendilerini daha fazla stres altında hissedebilirler. Gençlerin ergenlikte yaşadıkları ikilemler, okul hayatı, arkadaşlık ilişkileri, hormonal değişimler, kişiliklerinin oturmaya başlaması, özellikle meslek seçimi konusunda gelecekleriyle ilgili vermeleri gereken kararlar ve sorumluluklarının artması gibi etmenler yaşadıkları stresi arttıran önemli nedenlerdir. Bu durumlar sebebiyle yükselen stres, kaygı, öfke, korku gibi olumsuz tesirleri olan duygularla baş etmede yoga, gençler&ergenler için etkili bir araçtır. Faydaları nedir? Nefes çalışmalarıyla akciğer kapasitelerini geliştirerek, fizik bedenlerinin oksijenden daha iyi beslenmesine katkı sağlamak, doğru nefes almalarını sağlamak & pekiştirmek; Sınav heyecanlarının, kaygılarının ve streslerinin doğru nefes alma egzersizleri, nefes teknikleri ve yoga çalışmalarıyla en aza indirgenmesini sağlamak; Dikkat eksikliği & konsantrasyon bozukluğunu en aza indirgemek, odaklanmalarını arttırmak; Kendileriyle barışık, öz güveni yüksek, öz denetimi becerebilen; öfke, kaygı, korku gibi duyguların kontrolünü sağlayabilen; enerjilerini doğru kullanan ve doğru yönlendiren öğrenciler yetiştirmek; Nefes çalışmaları ve eşli yoga ile ilişkilerindeki güven duygularını ve karşılarındaki kişiye saygılarını geliştirmek; Yaşadıkları hormonsal değişimlerle vücutlarında gördükleri farklılıkları, bedenlerinden utanarak ya da gizlemeye çalışmaları yerine, vücutlarıyla barışık olmalarını hedeflemek; doğru esneme hareketleri ve doğru duruşlarla bedenlerini geliştirmek; Bedensel zekâlarını ve duygusal becerilerini geliştirmek; Yaratıcılıklarını geliştirmek; denge ve esnekliklerini arttırmak.

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Don’t miss Sculpt tonight 5PM at The Yoga Collective Santa Monica with mychalangelo! ⚡️ . We also offer hundreds of online classes so you can practice yoga and meditation anywhere anytime!

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e⃣q⃣u⃣i⃣l⃣i⃣b⃣r⃣i⃣ i⃣n⃣s⃣t⃣a⃣b⃣i⃣l⃣i⃣ 🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️ • headstand

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Sirsasana | Headstand Calming the mind, relieving stress and anxiety, while strengthening the entire body, especially arms, legs, spine, and abdomen. Supports digestion and stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands, circulatory and lymphatic systems. Clarity, focus, confidence, centering 💛 Use a wall as you learn how to balance and find your alignment. ✨Alignment is everything✨Be mindful not to dump into the head and neck by pressing the forearms into the floor. Keep arms shoulder width apart to support the neck. Enter with control and take it step by step, this pose takes practice and will teach you discipline if you let it✨ Day 4 of  Bloomforspring 🌷 HOSTS: yogimegs Whitneydavisyoga mikmill warriorfromwithin martamilani  SPONSORS: aloyoga  alo.moves

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As the excitement builds for Easter Holidays, it was an effort to bring calm to todays class. However the bolsters worked miracles 🙌

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I'm not always this happy. In fact, the other day Reuben asked me why I was so angry (and why I always seem to be so angry - I think my resting face isn't as happy as it could be 😂)⠀ ⠀ The truth is, I'm probably smiling and laughing only about 10% of my day. The rest of the day I'm in-between emotions. Frustration, calm, apathetic, joy, self-doubt, grateful. I dread a lot and then pull myself out of it to feel thankful and energetic. ⠀ ⠀ But it's a constant struggle. Once upon a time I always felt some form of happy, but now it's a little harder to hold onto. I still feel happiness, and in truth the happiness I feel now is stronger and more frequent but it doesn't last quite as long. I'll smile at a funny line in a book, or at Nimbus doing something silly.⠀ ⠀ It isn't always easy to be happy, but since 'losing it' I've been able to regain it with more intention, which feels 100% better.⠀ ⠀ The secret? I've written about it for you in the blog this week. ⠀ ⠀ Link in the bio!⠀ ⠀

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🌟YOGA CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT🌟 FlexyHipsAndHammies3 Join us ➡️22-31 March Day 4 supersoldier Il momento presente è tutto ciò che possiedi. - Thich Nhat Hanh ❤️🙏🏽🤩🥰 Namasté Hosts: ritaayoga inspiremyyoga yogi.hemaxi sil_06 Sponsors: marthaacunasportwear everstretch soulfulwear liforme sashka_co stardustmala . List of postures: 1. Wide legged forward fold 🤩 2. Hand to big toe💙 3. Lizard💙 4. Super soldier or compass💖 5. Pigeon 6. Frog 7. Shiva 8. EPK 1 or 2 9. Splits 10. Foot to armpit or padmasana challengethyyoga yoga.challenges.directory quantumyoga igyogachallenges yogisofinsta yogachallenge hipsandhamstrings hipopeners hipopener hamstringstretch startyoga yogaforall chiedimisesonofelice yogapostures FlexyHipsAndHammies utthitahastapadangusthasana bestyogaphotography yogaphotography 47andfabulous igyoga hipsandhammies vegan fitmotivation yogi utthanpristhasana yogainspiration viparitaparivrttasuryayantrasana supersoldierpose balance

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YOGA FOCUS PODCAST: intro & first episode are up! 😁 The podcast episodes are also on my youtube (video format) if you want to be able to SEE the board, - but if you just want to listen the audio is up on ANCHOR & 8 other podcast platforms including itunes & spotify! 💥💥Episode 1 is an intro to the concept of the essential breath & how we can work this into yoga practice & teaching. 💥💥 lauragoellneryoga lauragyoga yoga yogavideo yogateacher yogatherapist yogatherapy yogisofig igyogis yogini yogi yogatherapy yogagirl igyoga yogisofinstagram hummingbirdyoganj therapeuticyoga modernyoga evolutionofyoga

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🔹Follow yogabeginners.official for daily inspiration. Too good not to share via ・・・ We often think each day should be better than the next - that our lives should be a straight line towards happiness. The truth about the human existence that yoga teaches us is that we are beings with complex emotions, and all of them are valid. Working through the postures and breathing teaches us that everything is transient and allows us to process emotion. If you want to do the postures, in the comfort of your own home (or where ever you are) or want to advance your practice to be more easeful in class check out our +100 page comprehensive ebook (link in bio)🙏🏻❤️ Thanks for sharing ・・・ It’s okay to feel not okay 🕛 We see happy people wear happy clothes, drink happy drinks, and talk about happy things on TV all the time. Our minds are then tricked to believe that ecstasy is what we should feel on a regular basis. If we see an unsmiling person, we immediately assume that there was a problem. 🕐 The truth-truth is that the world isn’t made of two opposites. Even if you are feeling an emotion close to the label ‘sadness,’ you might not actually be sad. You could be feeling curious, contemplative, nostalgic, or even relaxed. We humans are capable of so many more emotions than any language can convey. A smile is not always joy and a frown is not always anger. The inadequate lexicons as well as the numbing pretense of the mainstream communication dictate what we should and should not feel, more often than not, without us even realizing it. 🕑 I don’t know about you but I’d rather feel what I feel for it might be the only way I can truly understand my own needs and desires. Try this with me— Next time you feel ‘not okay,’ imagine at least 5 different emotions that you could possibly be feeling. Whatever it may be, you will be the one who gets to name it. Oh, and you get to choose more than one! 🕒 Repost from howtopracticeyoga yogaeverydamday yogainnature yogaanywhere yogaphoto myyogajourney yogafitness happyyoga yogawithprops myyogapractice yinyoga happyyogi yogaclass namaste yogafun igyoga learnyoga yogalifestyle instayogi forwardfold yogainspo

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▲is my favourite shape 🤸🏽‍♂️

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Come and join us on the 1st April for a day of yoga, sound healing and massage! The price is ridiculously good! 😍💗 Repost pranayogaoxford ( get_repost) ・・・ Flow, Glow, & Raise a Glass ✨🥂✨ We’re hosting a Mini Day Retreat with lots of yoga, a bit of glitter, and a few glasses of bubbly to celebrate our community crowdfund! ✨ We’ve been so lucky to have had such immense support already, and are going out with a bang as the Crowdfunder campaign comes to a close. ✨ This event is for YOU, the growing yoga community we know and love. Come have a ball of a time with six classes, a gong bath, glitter station (yes!) and a glass of Prosecco after savasana. ✨ Enjoy some nibbles and treats too as the early evening raffle gets going - providing you with some seriously lovely prizes. ✨✨✨ ALL proceeds go to our crowdfunding campaign - every last pence. Let’s launch this new studio with all of your amazing and positive energy! ✨✨✨ Location will be in Jericho, exact spot TBC. Stay tuned. ✨✨✨ EARLYBIRD DAY PASS (online, until April 1) £30/Day (includes all classes, Prosecco/nibbles, raffle entry) ✨✨✨ DAY PASS (online)£40/Day (includes all classes, Prosecco/nibbles, raffle entry) DAY PASS (walk-in) £45/Day (includes all classes, Prosecco/nibbles, raffle entry) ✨✨✨ Single Class Pass (online) £10 Single Class Pass (walk-in) £15 ✨✨✨ 10am - Ashtanga, Michalina mysiallek 11:15am - Yin, Venetia venetiaadamson 12:30pm - CSV, Cassie cascardiff LUNCH 🥗 2:30pm - Acro Yoga, Kristine kristine_yoga_acro_pole 3:30pm - Mandala Flow, Ale _yogasquirrel_ 4:30pm - Gong Bath, Anna annaoyoga and Massage, Grace grace.and.yoga miniretreat yogaday yogadayretreat flowandglow yogaevent yogauk practiceyoga yogateacher yogajourney yogaeverydamnday yogainspiration yogalove yogagirl yogapractice yogini yogaeverywhere yogapose yogalife igyoga practiceandalliscoming instayoga yogalover yogagram meditation yogisofinstagram yogaeveryday yogadaily yogaoxfordshire yogaoxford .

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The practice begins when your willingness out weighs your fear ——————————————————————— The postures, sweat, and all the physical stays on the mat ——————————————————————— You can take the willingness you cultivate on your mat, outside the studio walls and use it in your life ——————————————————————— Practice daily. You won’t be sorry yoga igyoga dallasyoga yogateacher ardhachandrasana yogapose yogainspiration weyogis beastmode yogatribe yogacommunity doyoga yogagirl

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.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ For our classes visit the link in our BIO.⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ yoga yogaeverydamnday yogainspiration yogalife yogalove yogachallenge yogaeverywhere yogapractice yogaeveryday yogajourney yogagirl yogapose yogafit yogadaily yogi yogateacher yogagram igyoga instayoga yogini yogafun yogaaddict yogaphotography yogalover depression mentalhealth mind staystrong

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Boa tardeee meu polvooo! Como esta esta segundona ai? Por aqui esta tranquilo é favorável 😂 estava aqui relembrando esta aula top de sábado 😍 como estes momentos são bons e me fazem bem! Muita gratidão por te-las comigo jeictorres e mandy.yoga 🙏😍 yoga yogaeverydamnday acrosport yogalife yogalove yogachallenge yogaeverywhere yogapractice yogaeveryday yogajourney yogagirl yogapose yogafit yogadaily yogi yogateacher yogagram igyoga instayoga yogini yogafun yogaaddict yogaphotography yogalover practiceandalliscoming yogapants yogaemmovimento acrobrasil acrobacias acroyoga

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Practicing yoga is not just a series of pretty shapes. In fact, if that’s all it feels like I may suggest that you’re doing it wrong 🙃 Within the shapes that we make, are minuscule moments where our minds can be still. Where we do nothing but just. breathe. Getting upside down is fun and cool, yes. It becomes yoga when the intention changes from the image to the *feeling*. The feeling of liberation from physical restraints, and the thoughts and emotions that bind us. The human *suffering*. If only for a moment, we can be free.

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Happy Monday! This quick flow focuses on strength within the whole body. When we create a strong foundation, our balance flourishes both in our physical bodies and in our mental space. I also shared a nice plant based protein smoothie recipe to replenish post workout. New blog post: Link in bio!

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It seems fitting that a redhead would be holding the “Lord of the dance 💃🏻 “ pose aka Natarajasana. Obviously I’m cheating by holding the railing and the full pose would actually have me holding my foot with both hands over my head ( goals). ⁣ ⁣ In my movement towards self love 💕 I have decided to finally pull the trigger and enroll in a 200 hour yoga 🧘‍♀️ teacher training program. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while because my ultimate dream would be to host yoga retreats all over the world. Allowing (and paying) me to do 2 things that I truly love.❤️ ⁣ ⁣ Where would you want to escape for a week and do yoga? ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ yogateachertraining yogateachertrainingsyoga yogaeverydamnday yogalife yogaeveryday yogagirl girlgetoutside mermaidyogis mermaidyoga yogi yogaeverywhere yogainspiration yogapose yogalove igyoga yogapractice natarajasana instayoga yogaaddict shesmilesyogi yogaflow igyogafam instayogi yogamotivation yogaanywhere igyogacommunity namaste yogini

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Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other. ☀️ ~ Walter Elliot I’m back on my chin 😃 I haven’t done this without a wall in 4 years big step up here chinstand yogachallenge yoga yogadaily yogaeverydamnday yogalove yogilife elsalvador loveyoga yogi yogaflow beagoddess yogajournal yogaholic igyoga igyogis yogateacher yogafun yogaeverywhere yogamotivation yogagram yogajourney instayogi yogahigh feeltheyogahigh yoginomad allyoucanyoga instadaily yogacommunity namaste

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If you believe in yourself, things are possible. yogagirl

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‘For every balancing posture, concentrate on steadiness or stillness in the pose to quiet the mind and improve will power and concentration’Sri Dharma Mittra (Yoga Wisdom) 💜✨🙏🏼🕉 Have a great week! - - - dharmayoga yoga yogaeveryday yogagirl yogaeverywhere yogagram yogamex dharmayogamexico dharmayogamonterrey yogateacher yogamexico yogamty yogamonterrey picoftheday yogamx asana igyoga instagood lululemon koundinyasana armbalance instacool yogaonspiration yogisofig yogalife yogalove

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✨Firefly pose or(Tittibhasana):- Tittibha means INSECT, asana means POSE• A pair of Tittibha birds that nested by the sea, the ocean swept away their eggs, and the birds complained to Vishnu, asking for the eggs to be returned. The god gave the order, and the sea gave the eggs back. The effectiveness of the small weak birds is said to be used as a symbol of yoga🧘‍♀️• ♥ ♥ 🌻 It activates the manipora chakra (solar plexus) increasing self confidence, self control and emotional balance)• ♥ ♥ - Day2 of yogisembodystrength Challenge• It was challenging to get my legs straight• ♥ ♥ ✨Hosts:- piccolayogini rbf.julie ele_argi antonio_all_in_one_breath ♥ ♥ ✨Sponsors:- naturesblingoregon 5am_provisions namamala_gioielli_japamala starlingbox vibratehigherofficial ♥ ♥ yogachallenges igyoga yogateacher yogastudent myyogapractice manipurachakra chakras healing homeworkouts embrace emotionalbalance wellness yogapassion fireflypose tittibhasana challenge iloveyoga yoga myyogalife yogaforall yogaforhealth morningyoga yogaasana yogaposes namaste🕉 yogaforever