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Marshall « Major » Taylor, descendant d’esclave devenu contre toute attente, le coureur cycliste le plus rapide de la planète et icône planétaire à la fin du 19e siècle. Surnommé « Le cyclone noir », il réussira à forcer son destin pour devenir le premier sportif noir américain de toute l’histoire à conquérir le titre de champion du monde. majortaylor cycling cyclinglegend black artwork illustration

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🌿 Echidna Out Of Natives 🌸 . The Short-Beaked Echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus) is one of four living species of echidna and the only member of its genus They feed on ants and termites, and are monotremes, or egg-laying mammals Echidnas are great little diggers, and use their clawed front paws to dig burrows and find prey Although currently widespread in Australia, the species is threatened by habitat destruction and motor vehicles, which have led to localised extinctions 🌿 echidna australiannatives australiananimals australianflora australianflowers eucalyptus nativebouquet shortbeakedechidna puggle babyechidna gumblossom handdrawn illustration animaldrawing gumdots myhanddrawnheart uniquedecor uniquewallart animalpopquiz perthgirlboss ladystartup handmadeisbetter handmadeconnect conservationart animalfacts

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TOS Enterprise - Fanart Wie versprochen, habe ich noch ein paar andere Ansichten gerendert. Ich habe das Projekt in Blender 2.81 Alpha in Cycles gerendert Um das Rauschen zu entfernen, hab ich den Intel Open Image Denoiser verwendet. Dieser arbeitet wirklich ausgezeichnet TOS Enterprise - Fanart As promised, I rendered a few other views. I habe rendered the project in Blender 2.81 Alpha with Cycles. To remove the noise, I used the Intel Open Image Denoiser. This one works really well.

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💙 S I N K I N G D E E P 💙 . i'm truly happy for how this turned out 💕 It's been a while since I drew an 'original illustration' that I can draw freely hahah, I hope you who have seen this drawing love it as much as I do ☺ . This piece is inspired by the song "Sinking Deep" . "Wrapped within the arms of heaven In a peace that lasts forever Sinking deep In mercy's sea"

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«My texts arise from feelings and from dreams, but still more from pain than at will. I often have nightmares, and I wake up at night sweating, because I see terrible bloody scenes in a dream. My texts are a kind of valve for lava of feelings in my soul. We’re all struggling to hide behind good manners and outward decency, but in fact we’re controlled by instincts and feelings: hunger, thirst, horror, hatred, thirst for power and sex. Of course, there is still additional energy in us - this is love. Without it, all human sensations would fade away. Impulse and negative feelings are especially dangerous if they’re pinched in the mind and suppressed. My texts may come to light.” - till_lindemann_official His way of writing poetry is really specific, but that’s exactly what every song lyrics catches. Most of their songs make a lot of sense if you delve into the text, studying it not superficially and taking some metaphors not literally tillchard paulchard richardzvenkruspe rammstein rammstein2019 richardkruspe paullanders richardzkruspe tilllindemann lindemann sketch artistsoninstagram art_spotlight pencildrawing artistsofinstagram rzkaudio artofinstagram realisticdrawing realisticart illustration youngartist pencils artgallery dailydrawing artworld instaart worldart worldofartists instaartist supportart rammsteinofficial till_lindemann_official lindemannofficial

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