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“Jazz is about being in the moment.” -Herbie Hancock . Here is the short version compilation of my jazzy birthday weekend which started in Miami and ended in Manhattan… See my Facebook page for the longer version with more footage. So much fun with amazing, fun friends. So blessed and grateful. MusicIsAJourney JazzIsGettingLost HappyBirthdayToMe GeminiSeason TeamGemini Jazz JazzMusic BirthdayWeekend Blessed MyBesties MiamiToNewYork MiamiToNYC ILoveNYC ILoveNewYork ilovenewyorkcity❤️ ILoveNewYorkCity Manhattan JazzLounge ILoveJazz LiveTheLifeYouLove LoveTheLifeYouLive MusicTherapy Miami NewYorkCity NYC DanceTheNightAway

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Today’s tune. 初夏には、ジャズライブが気持ちいい。言わずと知れたジョニミッチェルの名盤、Shadows and Light。バッグにパットメセニー、ジャコパス、ライルメイズ、マイケルブレッカー、ときたもんだから奇跡。2枚組のこちらも、最近入手困難なよう。鳥肌もののライブです。🎵🎶🎸😎 travels nomusicnolife jonimichell ilovejazz ilovejazzmusic shadowsandlight patmetheny jacopastrius lylemays michaelbrecker ジョニミッチェル パットメセニー ジャコパストリアス マイケルブレッカー

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tbt Con esta bella postal despedimos el día, en pleno concierto la cantante mexicana Julia Vari, “la dulce Voz del Jazz Mexicano”. Vari es sinónimo de un talento relacionado con fusiones, mezclas e híbrido de géneros. El carisma vocal sin precedentes que la define encuentra su lugar en el pop, música latina, jazz, ritmos del mundo, música clásica, etc.🎼🎶🎹🎤🥇Te invitamos a conocer su trabajo 🎼👌🏻 juliavarimusic juliavari jazzmexicano jazz jazzlovers contrataciones musicaentodoslados músicadecalidad agenciadetalentoartistico liveandhappyshowsytalento ilovejazz jazzmexico

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Take a bow, maestro roncarterbass , for your beautiful cover story in gentlemanmagazineitalia What are your favorite moments following Master Ron?! We would love to hear your stories When did your first hear him? Favorite recording? I remember when Ron graciously performed “Rhythm Relief” at jazzstandard for my artist Norman Hedman who was ill with Leukemia. Also, handling PR for him during the Greater St. Louis Jazz Festival was an honor and privilege that jazzlegend doublebass roncarter jazzmusicians jazzmaster gentlemanmagazine standupbass bassguitarplayer jazzgram instajazz instabass bassgram jazzlife jazzmusician photoshoot musiclegend magazinecover ilovejazz ilovebass photographylovers

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Crazy week last weekI didn’t post a rhythm change video but I technically recorded this last Friday. So here’s last week’s video! Key of Db, quite possibly my favorite key signature🔥🎺 musician musicianslife practicepracticepractice musiclove denvermusic denverjazz denvermusician denvermusicscene trumpet trumpets trumpete trumpetlife trumpetlove trumpetsolo 🎺 solotrumpet jazzsolo rhythmchanges jazzmusic jazzmusician ilovejazz iplaybach bachtrumpet jazztrumpet jazztrumpeter jazzman jazzmusicianslife bachartisan bachstradivarius

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A heart, like a house needs to be clean both have their own rooms, in the heart we find a room of love, a room of friendship, a porch of affection, a bed of intimacy, a mirror of self-acceptance, a balcony of relaxation and understanding, sometimes instead of dusting off the floor for the hundredth time, it is worth to look into the nooks and crannies 😉 of our hearts and arrange them all over again. ❤️ ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ 🎧Herbie Hancock - Sun touch ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ music jazz herbiehancock jazzhands ilovejazz recordcollection jazzfusion eveningvibes🌅

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昨日のライブ後に、かわいい小学2年生の女の子がピアノコンクールがあるからドラムとセッションして欲しいという事で合わせたらめちゃめちゃ上手かった!!俺の方がついていけなかった笑 3歳から始めて今7歳ですって!4年でこんなに弾けるの!?やべー子供は天才や!コンテスト頑張ってね、応援してるよー( ^ω^ ) 天才少女 jazz はじめてのセッション ピアノ 小学2年生 manami morita I am 報道ステーションテーマ曲 素敵な出会いに感謝 drum session girl cute 生き生きしてた 町田 八王子 日野 ilovejazz drumlife 刺激もらいました jazz piano 7yearsold japan japanese little ありがとう

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Get ready for some great music in Red Bank with the return of Summer Series: Jazz in the Park, courtesy of RedBankRec. 🎷🎺🎼⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ RedBank RedBankNJ NJ NewJersey Jersey JerseyShore MonmouthCounty JerseyStrong supportlocal njlocal njlife njevent NJevents JerseyShorelocal NJspots localNJ livemusic music jazz jazzmusic jazztime jazzrock jazzday jazzman lovejazz jazzinthepark jazzy ilovejazz jazz🎷 jazzfunk

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+500! 🎉 Oltre 500 likes alla pagina 👍 e oltre 5000 visualizzazioni 🎥 per il video trailer di thelicksquartet Questi numeri ci rendono ancora più carichi ed impazienti di farvi ascoltare il nostro primo EP 💿, in uscita il prossimo venerdì 21 giugno. Nel frattempo vi lasciamo con un piccolo spoiler del brano cover che abbiamo deciso di includere nel disco, per omaggiare due incredibili artisti che hanno profondamente influenzato il nostro modo di vivere la musica. Loro sono milesdavis e Marcus Miller, e Amandla sarà la quarta traccia del nostro EP. Manca poco. 🎺 📸 miss_bastet 🎸 vincenzonigrobass 🥁 joey_helmet 🎸 pepe_gtr jazz jazztime jazzrock jazzfest2019 jazzfit jazzart jazzday javajazzfestival musicajazz lovejazz jazzie jazzartist ilovejazz

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It’s been cocktail hour for a while, but I’m just now getting around to posting. :D This is one of my favorite jazz albums of all time, and another one you can bet I’m going to post every time I play it because it’s just that fantastic. Lee Morgan - City Lights 1957, Blue Note Records Original US pressing, mono, RVG ilovevinyl vinyl vinyladdict vinylcommunity vinylfreak vinylgram vinyligclub vinyljunkie vinyllover nowplaying nowspinning records nowplaying nowspinning 33rpm lifeat33rpm jazz ilovejazz jazzvinyl leemorgan bluenote bluenoterecords

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It’s cocktail hour. The Village Vanguard is one of the very, very few “old guard” jazz clubs in New York City that still survives today, and over the years, the amount of talent that has played there is nothing short of astounding. This is an excellent recording of Coltrane and his group where firing on all cylinders. This performance was not without its controversy however, and this album was heavily derided by jazz critics when it was first released. Noted jazz critic Ira Gitler said of this album: “Coltrane may be searching for new avenues of expression, but if it’s going to take this form of yawps, squawks, and countless repetitive runs, then it should be confined to the woodshed.” That’s complete garbage, but that was the general attitude of the jazz press at the time. John Coltrane - Live at the Village Vanguard 1962, Impulse! Records Reissue from 1963, Mono, RVG ilovevinyl vinyl vinyladdict vinylcommunity vinylfreak vinylgram vinyligclub vinyljunkie vinyllover nowplaying nowspinning records nowplaying nowspinning 33rpm lifeat33rpm jazz jazzvinyl ilovejazz johncoltrane impulserecords

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ilovejazz 🧡💛💚💙💜🖤♥️🐛

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6/14ヒルズパン工場にて、森川七月さんのライブに行ってきました😊 (録音はだいぶ前の「アイスクリーム」です) ・ 6月14日に森川さんと Kanna_ethnic_land さんの対バンライブに行ってきました。会場は撮影不可なので、ほとんど借り物です😅という訳で、雰囲気だけお伝えします。 ・ Kannaさんは歌とダンスを演じられる方ですけど、大黒摩季さんの「熱くなれ」などで、しっかりメロディに歌声を乗せていて、素質を感じました😊 ・ 森川さんはいつもと違うアレンジとか、自身のウクレレ伴奏の「アイスクリーム」があったりして、なかなか楽しいライブでした。次はAsuka Ⅱの船上ライブ、7月25日ミスターケリーズのBDライブですね😊 ・ (追伸)今ストーリーズ見てたら、7月6日にもシアタージャジーでライブがあるとのことです❗まだ、詳細は分かりません。 ・ 森川七月 natsukimorikawa morikawanatsuki なついろ アイスクリーム giza所属 対バンライブ 平成ポップス ポップス ジャズボーカル 素敵な歌声   jazz  jazzsinger instamusic instasinger chanteur_de_jazz  bellevoix jazzsinger  ジャズシンガー  音楽好きな人と繋がりたい  ウクレレ musiclove  musicinstagram  jazzinstagram ilovemusic  ilovejazz  jazzlove  jazzvocal  джаз Chanteurdejazz  ilovejazz