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Just warming up and getting my fat butt ready for this tour in April. Turns out Pizza and Beer don't help too much with speed and endurance 😂🍕⚓ theanchorofficial manickatrecords sabiancymbals_official Tour dates: 4/4 - Wichita, Kansas 4/5 - Dallas, Texas 4/6 - Harker Heights, Texas 4/7 - Houston, Texas 4/9 - New Orleans, Louisiana 4/10 - Memphis, Tennessee 4/11 - Springfield, Missouri 4/12 - Topeka, Kansas 4/14 - Chicago, Illinois 4/16 - La Crosse, Wisconsin 4/17 - Iowa City, Iowa 4/18 - Omaha, Nebraska 4/20 - Denver, Colorado theanchor theanchorband metal instametal drum drums drummer drummers doublebass groove instadrum music musician musicians musicislife musiclife instamusic tour touring ilovemusic sabiancymbals tamadrums thezzaisthelaw

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Ready for another vacation and to get out of MA

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“Looking back at me I see that I never really got it right I never stopped to think of you, I'm always wrapped up in things I cannot win You are the antidote that gets me by, Something strong like a drug that gets me high” • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • melody shredding play gibson jackson fender playmusic instrument guitars guitarist guitarpick guitarplayer guitare lespaul guitar rock music tagblender guitarhero guitarsolo guitaramp guitarstrings iloveguitars ilovemusic musician musicflow musicismylife musicnotes guitartabs musicislife

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If you're a musicblog looking for followers or a fan looking for blogs that align with your taste, check out the new feature on Upbeat to sort by influencers/bloggers most similar to you based on your taste in music. 🎵💜 music influencers newmusic ilovemusic musicislife

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The one ☝️ I think is pretty cool 😎 is this : How no matter what you get the chance to be better errrrrday If I listen back to my first recordings or my first songsit's so so at best. 🙄 What I enjoy now is raising that bar daily in my writing skills, my knowledge base, and my health. Very cool place to be in blessed🙏 Understanding it is a journey and a process is one phukc of a ride - impatience is not a strong 💪 point for a lot of us But getting to that spot where you can sit back and just see where u came from and where u going. boss . For the daily show and music hit the link in bio mossamo_presents nosmallcreator musicismydrug musicbusiness musiclifestyle musicvibes musicmaker positivemusic positiverap podcastshow podcastlife lifemusic lifeofmusic musicislove positivementalattitude letsgetitdone neverstopdreaming musicians musiclovers musicislife musiclifestyle musicianlife musicisamazing musiclover ilovemusic reallifemusic

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Here’s my monthly spotify playlist. Music has always been a great joy and comfort to me in my life – I listen to it daily at home, in the car, at the gym or studio and while I work. I have a lot of fun putting together playlists that just “fit” my mood in the moment. This one is a collection of old and new songs that tickled my ears this month. • • • To listen - open the link in my stories and be sure to follow my account on Spotify. • • • Enjoy 🎧🎶

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Abbiamo tutti nel petto un violino e abbiamo perduto l’archetto per suonarlo. Alcuni lo ritrovano nei libri, altri nell’incendio di un tramonto, altri negli occhi di una persona, ma ogni volta l’archetto cade dalle mani e si perde come un filo d’erba o un sogno. La vita è la ricerca infinita di questo archetto per non sentire il silenzio che ci circonda. (Fabrizio Caramagna) ilovemusic tramonto flicorno jazz siena

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Singer: Song: bohemian rhapsody by queen Place: Punta Gorda, Florida Write me by DM The featured have a small price Do you want to be a professional and famous along with me, singer or artist? Follow joysonveigas For more Tags : melody shredding play gibson jackson fender playmusic instrument guitars guitarist guitarpick guitarplayer guitare lespaul guitar rock music tagblender guitarhero guitarsolo guitaramp guitarstrings iloveguitars ilovemusic musician musicflow musicismylife musicnotes guitartabs musicislife

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it’s a rainy south florida night ☔️ i stumbled upon iaarontaylor on my spotify discover weekly and boy is he setting the mood right🎺🎙 amood soundon

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W E S T I L L S E R V I N G ! 🍴🍳🍚🍲 T O D A Y ! 📲☎📞 2 O R D E R ! ❤💛💚 ♨♨♨ FOR ALL BOOKINGS / OCCASION S PLEASE CONTACT: 1(516) 778-JERK (5375) JERKMAN INC. 💯 IndependentChef artists datpiff indiemusic independentartist mixtape newmusic producer rappers reverbnation soundcloud unsignedartist unsignedhype beatmaker beats4sale beatsforsale protools checkmeout musicstudio flstudio hiphop mlb ilovemusic nba nfl  musicproducer nickiminaj  sports espn

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Der Blick Richtung Meer, weil der Asphalt dich abfuckt Wollen alle mehr, nie wieder Bahnfahren Keine Illusion, die dir sagt, 'ne Million auf der Bank Macht das Leben deutlich leichter ertragbar, denn nicht alles, was glänzt, ist auch Gold Und erst recht nicht der Weg des Erfolgs Doch egal, ob sie mich hassen, was soll's? Hauptsache, Papa ist stolz Denn am Ende sind wir alle wieder nichts Ganz egal, ob studiert oder gut überlebt Denn am Ende sind wir alle wieder Licht Und wollen den Weg dahin so bequem, wie es geht🎶🎶🦋😍❤️🙏🏼 staystrong staypostive fernweh kontrak farben 🎶 ilovemusic italiangirl germany bavariangirl allgäuliebe beyourself beyourownhero thatsme ❤️

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Il mio pensiero oggi và a chi non posso più rivedere. A chi ho voluto e voglio bene. A chi mi protegge da lassù. A chi mi viene in mente quando guardo il cielo. Il mio pensiero oggi vá a chi in me ha lasciato qualcosa che niente e nessuno potrà mai cancellare. Perché certi legami vanno OLTRE. ♥️

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Düşün, kim üzebilir seni senden başka? Kim doldurabilir içindeki boşluğu sen istemezsen? Kim mutlu edebilir seni, sen hazır değilsen? Kim yıkar, yıpratır sen izin vermezsen? Kim sever seni, sen kendini sevmezsen? Her şey sende başlar, sende biter Yeter ki yürekli ol, tükenme, tüketme, tükettirme içindeki yaşama sevgisini . Ya çare sizsiniz ya da çare siz keys  piano  instrument  instapiano  pianogram  pianist  sheetmusic  music  mozart  beethoven  orchestra  ilovemusic  tagblender  ilovepiano  pianokeys  pianoman  pianobar  pianoforte  pianosbecometheteeth  pianorock  grandpiano  musical  musicians  musica  musicflow  musicislife  musicismylife  musicnotes  pianonotes  igersplay

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In the end nothing gold can stay