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HuMayNist MeetTheCelebrant⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Day 24: Nicest Feedback Received?⁣ ⁣ In this role, I get lots of lovely feedback from the families and couples I work with. I am equally grateful to them, for inviting me to be a part of such an important occasion and giving me a window into their lives. It’s the most enriching and rewarding job and I’m truly honoured to do it. ⁣ ⁣ I trained to be an HSS celebrant because I wanted to help the bereaved. I’d had my own experience of grief and had worked with bereaved families in a previous role. I understood the importance of not being afraid of grief and how supporting someone well through a difficult day can really bring comfort. ⁣ This feedback was from a family I worked with earlier this year when we celebrated the life of a much loved mum. It brought tears to my eyes when I received it and filled my heart. The final sentence is the most important. It’s what I hope to do with every funeral ceremony I conduct. ⁣ ⁣⁣ humanistcelebrant⁣⁣⁣ candicethehumanist ⁣⁣ humanistceremonyhumanistfuneralilovemyjob

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Last 2 Shows in Linz! It was a pleasure. Summer is waiting full of new challenges, hopes and 2 Locations to do more theatre Come and visit us Nepomuk(See)Festspiele, Waldhausen (Strudengau) in July and Theatersommer Grein, Stadttheater in August. Come and see our ART! artworkers last shows summerfeelings☀️ challenge hopes locations theate seefestspiele festspielec festival theater theatresommer directing leadingteam producing showact stage stagefever ilovemylife❤️ ilovemyjob artintheheart art

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Mention spéciale aux participantes de la vente privée « chouchoutez-vous les mamans » de, à qui j’ai présenté hier les couleurs tendances de l’année 2019. Le vert et le rose sont les couleurs de cette année 2019! Et comme vous le voyez, ça marche aussi bien en décoration d’intérieur que dans la mode! 😉👟 mode decoration bensimon basket tuileries park garden architectedinterieur architectureinterieure interiordesigner sketcher design perspective dessin croquis crayon feutre interiorsketch drawing sketchbook pinkspacelevesinet pinkspace architecterose voiturerose levesinet boucledeseine promarker ilovemyjob Belle journée à tous,

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Transformation Tuesday (yes it’s Friday, but I did it on Tuesday 💁🏼‍♀️) Well needed colour and cut over here for Olivia. Ready for the queen (she is meeting the queen today at her work 😱) glorioushairbysteph colourmaster balayage blonde brunette loreal tigi indola toning styling ilovemyjob senioystylist surrey hairdresser hair fashion balayage colour hairgoals cutting blowdrying hairoftheday zalon colourstrip blonde hairhut behindthechair colourchange blondefrombrown magic meetthequeen glorioushairbysteph

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La brillantezza della nostra tecnica fredda. Rende tutto più deciso e una chioma originale e luminosa. 🦋Nuance Frozen🦋 Il salone si trova in via Riviera di Chiaia 245/248 Napoli 📍 💥NOVITÀ: Domenica aperti 9:00-14:00 ⏱ Info ℹ 👇🏻 📞✅ 3494026917 ☎081/0144127 📧 idolachiaia 🚘Servizio Navetta GRATIS x MOLO BEVERELLO STAZIONE AEROPORTO ✂HAIR IDOLA SALOON✂ work toptags top.tags working job myjob office company bored grind mygrind dayjob ilovemyjob dailygrind photooftheday business biz life workinglate computer instadaily

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Orologio Albero della Vita🌳

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Repost karolinathea with get_repost ・・・ Yesterday we had pleasure to meet producer of greenbookmovie charles_wessler together with amazing power couple kasiawarnke & piotrstramowski_official ❤️ Thank You Charlie for hilarious stories and lot of fun! restauracjadompolski We really loved the food and 🥂 👏🏻 meeting producer movie actors filmindustrynetwork amazing people greenbookmovie oscarmovies instaphoto polishgirl castingdirector ilovemyjob piotrstramowski katarzynawarnke instadaily instagood photooftheday

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Где найти работу студенту? Ну конечно же в компании «Кредитэкспресс финанс»! ✅ Индивидуальный график работы ✅ Самая высокая оплата часа по городу в соответствующей области ✅ Официальное трудоустройство ✅ Стабильный оклад и хороший бонус! Звони: 8 964 884 72 22

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[This photo captures what appears to be a real master of creating at work I can’t say I really feel like a master of creatingbut lazybonesphoto caught me deep in the thick of it, surrounded by my paint pots and canvases. Deep in the land of imagination I’m looking forward to my studio days of creation this Wednesday & Thursday👏🏻]

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Gorgeous Mumma and her babies 💗

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heeeeellllloooo FRIDAY 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

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