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2 months ago

What’s in your bag? That cellphone belt is key 😂I hate when my phone falls out my pockets. letsgetit 🙌🏽

5 months ago

New year, still working on me! Excited to see the progress this year. Also I walked passed the mirror and was like Damn I'm fine! ImheresoIwontgetfined

10 months ago

Happy Birthday to my bestest friend in the whole wide world Xoxoxoxo mmwuuahhh imheresoiwontgetfined

1 year ago

While everyone's busy posting pics from Geneva, little throwback to last summer with this beautiful white 918 imheresoiwontgetfined - Porsche 918 Spyder teamwolcars

1 year ago

You’ll be alright Cam one advice to give, take the Marshawn Lynch route next time • ImHereSoIWontGetFined

1 year ago

I’ve been sleeping ever since I got home from work cause of a headache, now I’m hyped. Also, there was a time in my life where I only fucked wit Bay Area music.

2 years ago

I just can't stomach the idea of marshawnlynch beastmode wearing another jersey. No raidersgames for me this nfl football season . How strong do I stay in my anger? Would I still draft him for fantasyfootball if I can? 🤦🏻‍♀️ well I drafted rayrice the day before they announced his suspension so I've made some unfortunate decisions before. but him in another jersey shatters my heart 💔💔 . Don't know how to reconcile these feelings. gohawks hawknation seahawks seattle seattleseahawks 12s 24 12thman skittles imheresoiwontgetfined heartbreaker seattlereppin sujinNYC tacomagirl raiderhater

2 years ago

It is sooooo tough chasing an NFL dream and finishing up school while also working full time, but i wouldn't trade my crazy schedule for the world 😊 i love the improvements that i've been making in my punt snaps, especially after leaving Alabama disappointed, but hungry, a month ago. I've been really working to make my punt snaps faster, and i fixed the little kink i had in my technique to sling the ball back to the punter. I know i have what it takes to be an NFL snapper, but i'm also graduating from Weber State in April, so just pray that i keep school my top priority and that I maintain this good balance between football and school! imheresoiwontgetfined snapperswag itsabouttogetwild specialteamsu