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Another Beautiful Day Another Blessing Gratitude has always been my Reminder to Myself that Life is not ever horrible 🙏🏽💯 ❤️💚💛 💯🙏🏽 The fact is I've overcome many trials & Tribulations in my time on this Beautiful Earth 🌏 PositiveVibes 💖 have really helped me get through the Tough Times 🙏🏽 it's incredibly important to "Remember that everyday above ground is a good day" pitbull Dope Music Blessed Gratitude Thankful Entrepreneur Motivated Inspiration

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On January, this year, the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) said it will install 625 ‘smart poles’ equipped with ‘panic buttons’ near gates of 43 school buildings, 16 Metro stations and prominent markets and other sensitive spots by December 2019 as a means of additional security. technology technologynews technews upsc ias ips ifs missionupsc missionias targetias targetupsc iasprep civilservices civilserviceprep civilserviceexamination examprep currentaffairs generalknowledge gkseries news important importantfacts note missionwbcs statecivilservices aimias

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Honestly this is important👆 My family are very anti Israel (I’m part Palestinian) but I have many Israeli friends My family are against the LGBTQ🏳️‍🌈 community I am very supportive of the LGBTQ🏳️‍🌈community My family are not feminists I am probably one of the biggest feminists in the world Take a step back and look at the bigger picture Tag someone who needs this👇 - - - - - - - - - - important feminist feminism lgbtq🌈 equality animals cute dogs

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אתמול הופעתי בפורימון הגדול בצור הדסה. רגע לפני שיחליפו את מדי הצופים במדי צה"ל, שרים אתי צופי וצופות גדוד "פסגות" ממיטב שירי הלהקות הצבאיות, באווירה טובה ובחיוך גדול. מאחל להם הצלחה מרובה וגיוס נעים! 🤡🎉🎭 כלהמיליםהשמחות פורים חגשמח telaviv israel show song jerusalem fun purim music happiness live important selfie fun love me video idf 2019 microphone smile life photo army tbt photooftheday picoftheday costume

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Kepong & Menjalara 的亲朋戚友们, 想吃[记得食] 的西米捞🍨, 以后可以来这里吃啦~ 环境干净卫生,有冷气室内室外,菜单多选择, 最重要重要重要的是, 这里的员工和蔼可亲多了😆😆 记得食 wismamenjalara good environment important staff friendly

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🐾🍟🐙🐾 きっと何年経っても 変わらないもの 身長差 ではないよ もっといいこと 場所なんて関係ない 服装なんて関係ない 音楽 なれば 動き出す 変わらないもの モノクロ ・ ・ 環境とか今いるところが それぞれ違ってもちろん 容姿とかも少し変わって そして変わらないのが中にある!🐢 そう想える 繋がり 出逢いは最強なんです。 感謝感謝 ・ ・ 身体が勝手に動いてる シンクロ練習懐かしき。 ああ、右手下がってる🤭笑 sport move selfy_time chenge notchenge important happy fun sogood インストラクター 健康を作る これからの未来を作る 若菜結 風邪ひかないようにね 私の想いや行動が誰かの為の何かになる。きっかけに架け橋になる。そして日々感謝を忘れず凡人徹底。

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Which one of these resonates most with you?⠀ ⠀ These are the 9 things you need to know when you’re starting in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is 90% mindset and 10% skills.⠀ Inspiration from sam.ovens⠀ -⠀ For more amazing business, money and investing content…⠀ Follow welfare_workshop -⠀ entrepreneurship responsible solveproblems focus focusing morefocus cashflow important entrepreneur entreprendre entrepreneurs entreprendreautrement socialmediamarketing successquotes solveproblems smartmarketing businessmarketing businessman nanotechnology businessdrivendream бизнес бизнесвкайф бизнескоуч бизнесмечты

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The most precious thing we have is our TIME Invest Wisely akv important humour conversation motivation Inspiration quotes india mumbai daily dailyquotes picoftheday aajkivine followme liketime 🔥 love relationships poem poetry Follow me 2 know the easiest ways to be positive N successful! likeforlikes ☺️ smile positivethinking blogger 😇😇 😍 ❤️❤️❤️ 🙏🙏🙏 ❤️❤️❤️ visit aajkivine ❤️❤️❤️ and share love and happiness around you 😍☺️💐😇🙏 Follow me 2 know the easiest ways to be positive N successful!🤗🤗🤗

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Im tryna capture a few different vibes on this epi call this one important WHYNOT

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|“Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.” - James 1:12 | ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Trials can look different to everyone. I would never want to belittle the problems anyone is going through by comparing their struggles to others- facts is- trials are trials. Thank you Jesus for taking part in humanity. For going through what we go through. For being relatable and understanding. Though we have never been through the trials you have you never belittle us when we cry out to you. What a friend and what a savior. Sorry it’s been a while since I acknowledged you for that 🖤 • • • • say said important saying quotes quotestoliveby quotestagram quotesoftheday quotesaboutlife quotesandsayings christianquotes jesus motivation lifeinism sayings quotesforlife quotesdaily quotesforyou quotesofinstagram bible quotesgram quotesoflife quoteofday quotefortheday christian quote quotetoliveby quoted apologetics scripture

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nflconfession The AFC North is going to run by your one and only Cleveland Browns, we may have a few bumps along the way, possibly shitsburgh and ratbird fans but we will be alright with Baker Mayfield at the steer, its going to be such a great season browns fans

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Right Guard is up for grabs for The Cleveland Browns going into OTA’s and Training Camp Candidates: Austin Corbett- he was our second round pick 33rd Overall last year and he sat behind pro bowl Kevin Zeitler; he played for Nevada the same school Joel Bitionio went too Eric Kush- he is a solid veteran that was drafted by John Dorsey in Kansas City and he was recently released by Chicago;he is a solid player that will give Austin Corbett a run for his money •Either way the best player will start and they will make each other better but John Dorsey doesn’t make mistakes the best player will start erickush64 bigcorbs73

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Myles Garret, Larry Ogunjobi, Sheldon Richardson, Oliver Vernon; We need to give this scary front four a nickname What should it be?? Comment below 👇 olumide flash_garrett oliviervernon54

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Browns fans, this offseason has been absolutely insane we have gotten tremendously better through the acquisitions of Kareem Hunt, Odell Beckham Jr, Sheldon Richardson, Oliver Vernon, Demetrius Harris, Eric Kush,Adarius Taylor, Kendall Lamm, Jaelen Strong all of these players were brought in by John Dorsey to build around Baker Mayfield; We need to humble ourselves we look great on paper, On paper we are a Top 10 Roster, Last year we flipped the switch from that losing mentality and our players know it, the coaches know it, the world knows it, now we are to prove ourselves worthy, Ohio is the heart and soul of football, Let’s bring back a winning mentality to motherfucking Northeast Ohio, It’s time to prove ourselves, The Cleveland Browns will thrive for decades to come, mark my words, We are going to shock the world DAWGPOUND THIS FOR YOU

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🚨Breaking🚨: Kareem Hunt is only suspended 8 games which is great because we get him the whole second half of the season, Browns fans this is going to be a hell of season bigreem_3

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Update: Browns are rumored to be having talks with Eric Berry, and we are now dealing Duke Johnson and Emmanuel Ogbah; My opinion is if we can get 2 second rounders for these players; defense is so deep having 2 second rounders and 2 third rounders ; could fill the holes of Strong Safety(if we don’t get Eric Berry), LB and OT to get solid franchise players stunt4president Come to Cleveland Brother

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Browns fans me and 31 other fanpages made a mock draft for the first round tell, What do you guys think about my pick? What do u think of the mock itself? Tell me all the unrealistic things in this mock draft;this took a great amount of time especially for vikings.scout for making this all happen I can only tag 20 people for the rest of everybody ravensnewsdaily texanscentral eagles.times thecoltswave chargers.territory packersdaily_ For our pick in the first round tag cwilkins42 Comment below 👇

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The Browns have tendered Rashard Higgins, Treveon Coley and Jermaine Whitehead Rashard Higgins- is a great move he is and has exploitable potential like he has soon last year and he has shown his love for Cleveland Trevon Coley- he was a starter last year and has worked his way up in this league he will be a great rotational player in the near future Jermaine Whitehead- he is a DB and has starting on special teams for PR and other thing Mike Priefer should have fun with him yeahthatswood trex_13 j2whitehead Love to all you all back franchise building

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This offseason is going to determine if we are a super bowl caliber team we have brought in the elite coaching staff, we have signed Kareem Hunt, resigned Greg Robinson and Jaelen Strong we have released Tanner Vallejo and Jamie Collins we need to have a big splash in free agency and the draft so we can host our first Lombardi Trophy and build a dynasty to last a lifetime; John Dorsery our fate is in your hands

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Positions of Need: 1. DT- Defensive tackle is our number 1 need we were 27th in the run last year and we need a quick big guy off the ball to fix that to put beside Myles And Larry I think we address this position in the first round with our 17th pick 2. CB- Cornerback is our second need we need another franchise corner to help Denzel and give depth to the cornerback position we had a good pass defense last year but our depth was thin and I love our other starters but they would create great depth players if we got another franchise cornerback 3. WR- Wide Reciever is a very tricky position in our case, we need a big and fast target for baker and their our plenty extremely talented receivers in the third round D.K. Metcalf is really good but we do not need to waste a first or second round pick on him when their are bigger needs 4. OT- Offensive Tackle their are a ton of franchsie tackles in this draft that we big strong and they have very quick feet we can wait later in the draft for an offensive tackle because Greg Robinson is and a hard worker and has played great so far brining in anothe tackle would create competition and make It would make Greg Robinson a better player 5. LB- Linebacker is a need but not a big one for us because even though Jamie is bad and we are either going to cut him or trade him we have a stud replacement in Genard Avery he has shown flashes all of this year when Kirko was hurt 6. DE- Ogbah didn’t play the best this year and we could use an upgrade to help Myles and Larry I think honestly we could get Trey Flowers in free agency and he is and explosive and that would create a monstrous defensive line

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John Dorsery and Freddie Kitchens have put together a people buisness, people who are egoless and believe in the work of their team and they believe in the team aspect of the game of football; where most NFL teams players have big egos and coaches have big egos and it’s just a player competition instead of a team sport where the players believe in each other; John Dorsery has taken these former first round picks and exploited their potential, These players didn’t work out because they didn’t have the talent and skill set; they didn’t work out because they didn’t have a good environment where everyone is working toward one essential goal that’s why players like Breshard Perriman and Greg Robinson, Both were first round picks , but were considered busts thenJohn Dorsery signed both of them; The difference between Cleveland and other organizations is that we are building a people business, by doing so the players believe in each other and the coaching staff because they do not think of themselves as great individuals but great as one whole; another intersting fact is John Dorsery said “what Kareem Hunt did was a terrible act, but he has a good heart” g.rob73 b_perriman11

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Breshard Perriman is supposedly going to “test the waters March 13th” let’s be real the same fuckhead agent that Terrelle Pryor had that made him leave Cleveland I am fully confident that we will give him the better deal and John Dorsery will get him back where he deserves to be in the long run, Cleveland Loves you Breshard come back to Cleveland b_perriman11

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My boy Grute grew a lil bit

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The beach is def move 🌊

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White man cant jump?🤷🏻‍♂️🏀