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I’ve been through so many things lately, felt caged, unhappy. I’ve been trying to find myself, like I’ve never had to do before. I am back on track now, thank you for being part of this journey. Exciting news are coming soon 🌹 📸 rossana.argentero fredperry blondey acmusicuk london singer songwriting songwriter life newmusic goodmorning motivation musiciansofinstagram retro indiepop pop indie music londonmusicscene instamusic londonmusicians musician me outfit instamusic love musiclover musicians photooftheday instamood fredperry thames portrait

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this is a really good spot to perv on people. 📷 sorrelh

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🔉New song alert 🚨 It’s been a while since I finished a song because I’ve been putting all of my focus into my sound engineering internship. This song is dedicated to my partner Brandon. He has been my biggest fan and has done so much for me to be able to pursue my goals. We haven’t been getting much sleep lately because we’ve both been on the grind. This song is called Free Sleep. Thanks for listening. SoundCloud link is in my bio newsong grindtimeprimetime soundcloud artist bassist guitar drums influence soundon newtune indiepop indiemusic popmusic studiotime inthestudio studiosession newmusic listenhere musician la losangeles ca protools sharethelove lovewhatyoudo

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LA SINDROME DI STOCOLMA (alcune info utili se volete ascoltare, comprare, curiosare, miPiacciare, condividere, farci sapere il vostro parere) SITO WEB (testi, preview): FACEBOOK (pagina ufficiale): INSTAGRAM (pagina ufficiale): ACQUISTA CD (pre-order CD, uscita prevista 1 luglio): VIDEO CLIP (guarda su YouTube il video de L'IDIOTA DIGITALE): SPOTIFY APPLE MUSIC (ascolta online): YOUTUBE (ascolta online): AMAZON (acquista online): CD BABY STORE (acquista online): indie pop rock elettronica italiana indiepop indierock rockitaliano

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LA SINDROME DI STOCCOLMA tracklist L’IDIOTA DIGITALE disegno di Daniel Novaro (Prigionieri della frustrazione e dell’ignoranza). Nel mondo, là fuori, non contiamo niente. La gente non ci ascolta, nemmeno ci vede. Ma davanti a una tastiera tutto cambia. Qua possiamo essere tutto, nascosti dietro al nostro monitor e a un nick più o meno fantasioso: politici, dottori, artisti, critici, fighi, famosi, superdotati. Speciali. E per dimostrarlo, quale miglior metodo di dire la nostra su tutto? Anche se non la sappiamo. Anche se contraddice il pensiero di un sociologo, un medico laureato, un artista riconosciuto, uno scienziato. Loro esistono davvero, là fuori e l’unico modo per prenderci il nostro piccolo spazio nel mondo è di provare a urlare più forte e sovrastarli… e per farlo dovremo ricorrere a tutta la nostra preposcienza (scienza-prepotene)! Se vuoi essere un idiota digitale, parola d’ordine: sempre criticare! Testo della canzone: Ascoltalo su Spotify: Ascoltalo su YouTube: Videoclip: indie pop rock elettronica italiana indiepop indierock rockitaliano

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Never need an excuse for posting this picture again. Did any of you have this as a sticker during the Ocean Rain tour?

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Come and see Easy of Zurich ⠀ LIVE at themilkfactorybar This Sunday, starting at 4PM with indie artist caleb_caswell ⠀ Entry is free,⠀ we’re on at 5:15 ⠀ See you there. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ brisbane brisbanemusic brisbanelivebands eprelease studio music upandcoming upandcomingartist newband undergroundband indie indiepop aussiebands australianmusic live concert new next instagood instadaily instamusic bandsofinstagram bandsofaustralia livemusicaustralia triplej triplejunearthed single release

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We are very honored to work with GlobalVentures from USA. Thank you for having us every year at FamilyFestival And this year is more special coz we get to work with the Hulk! Lol 😆💜 พวกเรามีความสุขที่ได้ร่วมงานกับโครงการ Global Ventures จากสหรัฐอเมริกา ที่พาเรามาเล่นงาน Family Festival ทุกปี แถมปีนี้ยังได้ร่วมงานกับ The Hulk ด้วย Lol 😆💜 CoconutSunday JessCoconutSunday christiangirls LiveInKorat gvthailand thehulk markruffalo coconutsundayband thaipop electropop indiemusic indie indieband indiepop altpop jesslov

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Our NEW SINGLE Hello You will be released NEXT FRIDAY (28.6) 🔥🔥 📸: iisakinnunen

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[ NewRelease] Nuovo singolo Pop “STELLE CADENTI” by & trbrec disponibile in tutti i migliori digital store & music streaming

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Went through Max Jury's new album yesterday. He is moving towards more of a pop-sound on this one. Instead of his usual acoustic guitar/piano songs there is now a beat going through most of the tracks. I like this change, artists evolving their sound is almost always a good thing. The track that stuck the most with me was Primrose Hill, a very sweet song towards the end of the album🎤 maxwelljury indie indiefolk alternative indiepop singersongwriter goodvibes summervibes nightvibes

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Программа Дня Музыки musicday_kharkiv ! Ссылка в описании! Группа Мэриленд выступит на традиционном празднике Дня Музыки musicday_kharkiv Мы ждем Вас на площади Архитекторов (метро Архитектора Бекетова) 21 июня в 19:30. деньмузыки деньмузыкивхарькове musicday maryland marylandband music kharkov kharkiv indiepop people britpop livekharkiv live kharkovgram kharkivgram guitar drums kharkovstyle dance remix kharkov kharkiv ukrainemusic ukraine livekharkiv live typical_khv livestreem single fender fendertelecaster telecaster drums live livemusic concert live

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ผู้ไม่ประสงค์จะออกสื่อ 😁 มารับเเผ่นกลับไปฟังที่บ้าน Belle & Sebastian / The Life Pursuit, Poolside / Contact High Edits (vinyl) ขอบคุณมากคร้าบน้องครับ 🎸🎵👍❤️

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Lp responde a unas preguntas en Estambul: 🔸New York o Los Angeles ? ⚡ Los Angeles. 🔸Pop o rock? ⚡ Rock. 🔸Heart-shaped Scar o Heart to Mouth? ⚡ Heart to Mouth. 🔸Grabación en vivo o en vídeo? ⚡ Video 🔸Festivales o conciertos? ⚡ Conciertos 🔸Llamadas o mensajes? ⚡ Llamadas 🔸YouTube o Instagram? ⚡ Instagram 🔸IPad o cassette ? ⚡ Cassette 🔸Ahorrar o gastar? ⚡ Gastar 🔸Ejecución o triunfo? ⚡ Ambos iamlpofficial powerfm lp iamlpoficial lpfan indie indiepop alternativerock indiefresh songwriter iamlp lostonyou hearttomouth lpinturkey lptour2019 lpfamily lpfriends lpeople iamlpfan spainlovesLp fmpower

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ok so this has got absolutely nothin to do with my music but can yall believe i witnessed a fricken MURDER the other day???? zoom in to find the evidence, i'll brb calling the police ☎ (also ✝ RIP lil fishy) crime riplittlefish weliveinacruelworld music newmusic musicmonday youtube instaartist instanewmusic subscribers instamusic musicartist musician musicproducer producer singer songwriter selfproduced selfwritten pop popmusic dreampop indiepop indie artist artistsoninstagram singersofinstagram musiciansofinstagram

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7 - Phantogram Before I discovered Phantogram I didn't really know what shoegaze and dreampop were, so props to them for introducing me to those styles. The duo consisting of SarahBarthel and JoshCarter weaves the aforementioned styles in with triphop and indiepop sensibilities, along with some really cool sampling of classic RnB records. I was hooked ever since I heard Fall in Love, and their last album Three was full of great songs

1 hour ago

Catchy song about a relationship with a happy tune. It's lyrically creative in saying how much they love someone and how that person vastly improves their quality of life, mentality and overall well being. They put everything into this person and feel like they can't live without them and don't want to. I'm listening to this guy's other songs and he defintiely is super talented. I recommend you check him out, especially since he has less than 5 thousand monthly listeners (spotify)! Go give him a few listens that he deserves.⁣ 😊 ⁣ ☁️ Artist: James Baeu Barclay ⁣ ☁️ Song: My Head is Healing ⁣ ☁️ Album: Released as a single ⁣ ☁️ Release Date: January 18, 2019

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Kickstart your weekend with some lovely music as ‘the talented’ unklewhisky goes live at Unwind. Come experience the melodious band with some smoothing time at your venue, unwind, Friday 8pm onwards For further details contact- 07887884642 / 07887884646 fridaynight atunwind livemusic unklewhiskey indiepop bollywood koregaonpark PunePartyPlace everynightatunwind WeekEndUnwind PuneNightlife Nightlife Music Dance PuneBars Cocktails punegigs puneevents funtimes punefoodbloggers dj weedkendvibes

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“Run Fast Slowly” by Chet Faker/ Nick Murphy So if you’ve been following my stuff for a bit you know how much I hate Chet Faker. Not because I think their music is all that bad, at worst the songs of Chet Faker are innofensively boring. No, the reason I hate Chet Faker so much is the trend he’s started in Australia of having these really eclectic, dynamic and often dense instrumentals right. You have these instrumentals and then you just suck the fucking life outta them when you layer your boring ass soulful singing over the top of them. None of the tracks ever have a chance to live! To grow! To become their own person! It’s a sad life because you can hear the potential in every track and it’s just so sad how it’s never fulfilled. This is somewhat the case in this album though I gotta say, it fucking struck me in some parts. Opening track “Hear it Now” is quite simply EBIC and sounds like they sampled the music from the Cowboy Bebop OST so that’s cool. “Harry Takes Drugs on the Weekend” is probably the best track on the album, it’s a real sadly fun track that really gets in the headspace of people sedating themselves just to forget their anxieties. These are unfortunately the highpoints of the album though I think the piano ballad of “Believe-Me” is at least worth mentioning in that it provides at least a sanctum of consistency in how it transitions into autotune warble. And that’s all we’re really looking for throughout the album, a vessel of consistency and something to latch onto because there is soooo much potential in these instrumentals that is never really fulfilled. Yet again, Nick Faker, fails to show the world anything that’s not just hella lame despite also probably being a musical genius. You should be stunting on Chet Murphy this Christmas. runfastslowly chetfaker nickmurphy flume drugs desert cowboybebop bland melbourne potential piano alternativernb rnb alternative alternativemusic indie indiepop popmusic indiemusic pop indietronica electronica electronicmusic electronics run melbourne melbournemusic detailrecords bonobo taku

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There's no more night, blue skies forever

2 hours ago

Nice clip from our lovely Tom Misch / Geography (vinyl) ขอบคุณ คุณไกด์นะครับ สำหรับคลิปงามฯ เพลงเพราะฯ 🎸🎹🎵👍❤️