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31 minutes ago

U wanna be a fruit? You might as well beat it. Ya can’t be a fruit of the spirit.

33 minutes ago

I want hamborger helper

35 minutes ago

Christian Borle wouldn’t treat me like this

5 hours ago

This app☠️

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13 hours ago

SCROLL a Goose Fury post :))) ~ A cats grooming themselves is one of the worst sounds in the world oh my Lord I can't stand it you know what else I can't stand??? Condescending supervisors who get irritated with me for wasting one (1) paper cup like oh pardon me I just killed an entire forest omg look the Black Forest is dead shriveled up and gone because of ME marvel marvelmemes marvelstudios mcu avengersendgame endgame infinitywar2018 infinitywarmemes thor avengers4 ironman captainmarvel captainamerica thorthedarkworld loki lokilaufeyson lokid tonystark peterparker tomholland robertdowneyjr avengers4memes chrisevans chrishemsworth letitiawright tomhiddleston blackpanther shuri tchalla

16 hours ago

Yachty in the studio laying down verses for the city girls