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I am the master of my mind

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⠀ Один из самых первых моих артов. Жутко мне не нравился после создания, был отложен в кучку "на коллажи"🙈 Но сегодня я решила устроить день свободы от внутреннего критика😁 поэтому показываю вам не удачную, по моему мнению, работу. ⠀ P. S. А не плохо ведь смотрится, если оформить в рамочку? Даже не смотря на то, что любимых мной рельефов в этой работе почти не получилось😁 ⠀ Долой перфекционизм!👌 ⠀ One of my first pictures😉

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Proofing up some new key blocks for a commission. These will be done as a multiple block to be editioned at a later date when I have more time I'm currently working on this set of nature inspired images for a healthcare environmentcan't reveal any more just now about where they're going but looking forward to making more and getting them installed in their final form later in the year limitededitionprints printmaking printmaker blockprinting blockprint linocuts linocut linocutting reliefprint reliefprinting inkonpaper printandcut justprintmaking get_imprinted printpower linocutfriends printmakingprocess printedbyhand handprinted dailyprintmaker inkprintrepeat reductionprint birdart birdartist birdartwork wildlifeart natureillustration natureart ukprintmakers natureartwork lizmyhillartist

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A little teaser of my entry for BABAE art exhibit Sigwada Gallery. March 29-31 Oroqueta St. Sta. Cruz Manila Music used for this vid is by Microwave Dinner ( wawendeala ) inkonpaper illustration

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Trash panda, sp00ked

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Cicada FUN FACTS: Cicadas will stay underground from 2 to 17 years depending on the species. They are not hibernating, as commonly thought, but instead are active, tunneling and feeding. Cicadas exist on every continent but Antarctica. Cicadas make a very distinct sound. If you’ve never heard a large chorus, they sound like a large alien ship hovering nearby. You can listen to some recordings at The world's loudest cicada is the Brevisana brevis, which is found in Africa. It can reach 106.7 decibels at a distance of 50cm (~20") — that’s louder than a jet take-off at 305 meters cicada cicadas insects insects_of_our_world natureisawesome art artwork blackworknow drawing fineline illustration ink inking inkart inkdrawing inkedart inkedartgroup inkdrawing inklouvre inkonpaper inkstagram inkwork lineart linework naturedrawing onlyblackart pen sketch penandinkalliance blackandwhiteart

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° AllGalond clã 2/5: (Killyn). • 'O verdadeiro portador do Zerom-Kee' -Feito um fantasma cauteloso, No silêncio de uma batalha se encontra a carnificina. • • Blackwork blackworknow iblackwork blackworkers lowbrowart lowbrow darkart darkartists inktober inkwork linework dotworknow tattooideas doodle micronpen micron design illistration illustrator sketch instafineline artwork artcollective illustrationNow dotwork inkonpaper sketchworkpaper pendrawing tattoo2me penandink

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I sewed this paper under the sun in the cold autumn of Shangxi province, China, more than one year ago. It was a beautiful time in the countryside with some colleges from the China Academy of Fine Arts. Mi exhibition is still on in espaciobrut_gallery , Madrid. Feel free to check it out if you’re around. cuerpodedeseo arteespañol artejoven exposicionesmadrid artemadrid artechueca arteynaturaleza paperart paperinstallation artexhibition youngartist paperart naturalart inkonpaper fountainpen contemporaryart handmadepaper handmadeart naturalpigments chinesepaper angelperis