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Connaissez-vous ces petites bêtes 🐜? Ce sont des « altises ». Ce sont de petits coléoptères brillants très fugaces, dès que l’on effleure leur plante hôte, elles se laissent tomber pour se camoufler au sol. Elles creusent des trous circulaires dans les feuilles de radis, navets et autres plantes de la famille des Brassicacées 🌿. Ce qui a pour conséquence de ralentir la croissance de nos plantes La solution 👩🏻‍🌾 ? Cette année j’essaie de mettre un peu de cendre fine sur les feuilles et de pailler. Verdict dans quelques jours ! Et vous ? Vous avez une solution ? radis jardin jardinage garden gardening printemps potager potagerbio vegetables vegetable vegetablegarden vegetablegardening ravageur insect insecte insects insectes bio agriculturebiologique

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Today is Earth Day and the theme for 2019 is to Protect Our Species We must work together to protect endangered and threatened species including bees, coral reefs, elephants, giraffes, insects, whales and more. Each species plays a unique role in the web of life I have always loved bees. They play a key role in our ecosystem and other species depend on them to survive. A range of food sources including nuts, berries, seeds, and fruits, rely on insect pollination. Pollination is very important as it makes food available for other organisms and allows floral growth, which provides habitats for animals, including other insects and birds. As pollinators disappear, the effect on the health and viability of crops and native plant communities can be disastrous. We simply cannot survive without bees To help, we must reduce the use of pesticides, especially neonicotinoid pesticides. Other ways we can help include becoming beekeepers or planting a more bee-friendly garden. I intend to plant more wildflower seeds which are known to encourage bees. If we all do what we can, hopefully we can help save these amazing creatures 🐝 To find out more on how we can Protect Our Species, check out earthday earthday2019 worldearthday protectourspecies savethebees bee honeybee honey bumblebee insect pollen beekeeping beehive mothernature bethechange climatechange thereisnoplanetb savetheplanet savetheearth fashionourfuture wildflowers plantmorewildflowers wildflowerseeds consciousliving mindfulliving liveconsciously choosewell respecttheearth

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🐝 Follow our BeeKeepingAdventures Visit our website at 🐝 On YouTube at: 🐝 On Instagram at: JDMHoney 🐝 Comments are welcome! 🐝 🐝 beekeeping beekeeper honeybees savethebees bees honeybee pollen beehive honey bee bees savethebees pollinators honeybee honeybees beehive bee honey apiary pollen honeycomb hive insects insect beegurus backyardbeekeeping beekeeperlife apiculture 🐝 beekeepers beesofinstagram

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European paper wasp just chilling on top of the water 😁

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🕷️🕸️Oxyopes salticus is a species of lynx spider, commonly known as the Striped Lynx Spider. This spider can see 360° veiw by 8 eye located around his head. Oxyopessalticus Stripedlynxspider 🕷️ 🕸️ 360° 6eyespider spider macro macrophotography miniworld insect creature feelalive bbc natgeo natgeowild speed photography natgeoadventure TERRAfficshots safarseekhka animalplanetindia racingextinction india earthcapture insidenatgeo gujarat beautifulinsects amazing mini_world_1

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Can‘t stop

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Tüm canlılar gibi Ekosistemin bir parçası sineklerimiz. Belki bir ıyyy dediğinizi duyar gibiyim. Sinekler olmazsa bizleri bakteriler sarar. Ayrıca sinek larvaları doğadaki ayrıştırıcılardandır. insects insect sinekler sinek housefly commonhousefly houseflys

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