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Here's one I took awhile back that I love insects

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Saw some duckgeese, cool ass big walking sticks insects in oklahoma, put a baby on a giant teddy bear, and discovered mija's inner 80s-soccer-mom

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This cicada, resting among goldenrod leaves, will soon join its companions in the treetops where they will perform their mating song- the sound of high summer. cicada soundsofsummer insects bugs

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Scientists have known that insects could sense pain, however it has known been shown that insects experience what we describe as chronic pain.⠀ ⠀ Researchers damaged a nerve in one leg of a fly, allowed it to fully heal, then noticed how the other legs had become hypersensitive.⠀ ⠀ They found that after the injury, some inhibitory neurons that control pain in the nerve cord (the fly’s version of our spinal cord) are killed forever. Then the rest of the animal doesn’t have brakes on its pain. The pain threshold changes and now they are hypervigilant to pain. ⠀ ⠀ Read more via link in our profile ⤴️⤴️⤴️⠀ ⠀ 📸: Vistas from Soni Rakesh / Getty Images⠀ ⠀ fruitfly drosophila genetics neurons pain painmanagement insects science

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🐝BUMBLE BEE FACTS👇🏼🐝 . 💛 Their wings beat 130 times (and sometimes more!) PER SECOND! 💨 🖤 Bumblebees usually build their nests closer to the ground (under wood & dead leaves), so watch your step! 🥾 💛 Bumblebees live in smaller groups than honey bees & don’t tend to swarm🚫 🖤Bumblebees hibernate underground through winter!🌨❄️😴 . Bumble bee jasper is one of my favorite stones! I just got a couple in and I am SO inspired! I can’t wait to show how I decorate these up! 💛🐝🖤 Link in bio! Follow to see more pics of these beauties Information via &

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Quite the week with insects giant hornet corpse, monster spider wrapping my car too. Also, woke up this morning to a spider falling off the ceiling into my face 😨 At least I don't live in Australia fuckspiders fuckinsects insects spiders

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Этот комар слишком полосат

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Taking just a few extra minutes to prepare before heading out to your favorite park can make all the difference! We suggest filling a backpack with science tools. When in a time crunch, your little ones can grab the adventure to go!

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Late day sunbeams cut through the canopy of this forested ecological reserve when a beautiful Eastern Comma fluttered into sight. The butterfly landed in a warm spot on fallen leaves and I remember thinking a rest on the sunlit bark of this tree would make for an amazing photo. It landed right where I hoped, but my camera decided not to autofocus and the Comma flew off! Thankfully it returned several times visiting a couple trees in the area, allowing for manual focus captures, and then disappeared. A few moments later the shadows covered the tree trunks. May 2019. amazingearth bestnatureshot bestnatureshot_buginsects bestnatureshots bugs bugs_are_us bugsofinstagram earthgallery excellent_nature great_captures_nature ig_discover_wildlife ig_naturelovers insects nature nature_brilliance naturegram naturelovers nature_lovers nature_nj nature_perfection naturephotography natureshots natureworld_photography naturyst wildlife wildlife_inspired wildlifeperfection wildlifephoto wildlifephotography wildlifeplanet