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Einfach mal nur liebe Grüße aus Brigthon 🇬🇧. • Heute habe ich meinen sehr guten Freund zum Geburtstag überrascht 🎉. • Wahre Freundschaft kennt keine Hürden ☝🏼. • Zeit spielt hier auch keine Rolle, denn wenn man sich wieder sieht, ist es als hätte man sich gestern erste gesehen 😉. • • • logistiker büroausstatter unternehmer büroeinrichter selbständiger selbständigkeit büroplaner ceo erfolgsmensch unternehmensberatung büromanagement arbeiten inspiration unternehmertipps travel travelling birthday geburtstag überraschung meer brighton freundschaft persönlichkeitsentwicklung netzwerken motivation tipp erfolgreich erfolg england

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This spectacular entry corresponds to the collection of Georgia´s Muebles Picó. Doors of luxury projects where the quality and authenticity of the designs and to the warranty of Muebles Picó shine more than ever Esta espectacular entrada corresponde a la colección Georgia de MueblesPicó. Puertas de lujo para proyectos de lujo donde la calidad y la autenticidad de los diseños y la garantía de Muebles Picó brillan más que nunca. comfort luxury diseño lifestyle style furniture muebles madeinspain living interiordesign decor furnituredesign homedesign inspiration instadesign designlovers comodidad homedecor lovedesign hogar tendencias decoración mueblesdelujo lujo pico

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🙏🏽♥️🙌🏽 I Am SO Grateful For The Ones Who Pray For Me 👉🏽On Any Given Day! What A Lovely Thought To Know Others Desire To See This Winner, WIN! 🏆👌🏽🥰 By The Way These Prayers Are Workin’ 😉🙏🏽🔥 Gooood Morning & Happy Thursday Babiessss 😘😘 NewDay 🙌🏽 Grateful PowerOfPrayer! 🙏🏽🔥 GodIsGOOD! GodsGlory 🔥 ProsperousLife GratefulHeart! LoveMyLife ♥️😉 ✨ HarvestSeason! ✨ GodsPlan! 🔥✊🏽😏 ThankYouJesus 🙌🏽🌟 GodIsGOOD🌟😇🙌🏽 BlessingsOnBlessings LoveLiveLife HappyHeart ♥️ GOODVibes SMILE WorldChanger QUEEN! 👑 PURPOSE Empowerment 💪🏽 DreamsComeTrue 💎 LOVE ♥️ Inspiration InfluencerGreatness 🏆 Proverbs31Woman 💍 CantStopWontStop LosAngeles Blessed 🙏🏽♥️

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Integration is really the other half of the work for an Ayahuasca ceremony, (and arguably the most important) allowing us to acclimate to the new energetic shifts, and practice applying what we’ve learned in a society that holds little space for it. Integration is imperative, one of the main reasons Beyond the Ceremony was created. This work is not meant to be done alone. If you would like to work with an experienced Spiritual Development & Integration Counselor, please feel free to reach out! Big hugs to you all & happy journeying! Love, beyondtheceremony meghanshannonelder kambotribe ayahuasca shamanism ayahuascaceremony sacredmedicine spirituality spiritualdevelopment spiritualawakening changemaking inspiration wisdom consciousness beyondtheceremony soulcalling spiritualgrowth lifepurpose souljourney soulpurpose spiritualpath spiritualjourney soulconnection trusttheuniverse tribevibes youaremagic selfgrowth powerofthemind innerwork personalgrowth findingyourfearless inspiredwomen spiritualbadass

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I Hate To Be Lied To Or On. It Shows Alot About A Person's Character And Why They Don't Qualify To Be Positioned In Your Life. It's Best To Be Honest With Me Because Even If I Don't Like What You Have Said I Would Respect You More Just For Telling The Truth. • • • • Lessons Knowledge Wisdom Unapologetic Unstoppable TrustTheProcess Transformation Travel Happiness Family Faith Freedom NewEnergy NewBeginnings Motivation Inspiration Author Model Blogger Business

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Отметь меня в Сторис и ПОДПИШИСЬ youtube_director И возможно ты сегодня выиграешь 100 долларов💰💰💰💰🔥🔥🔥🔥 розиграш приколы приколюха мамаблогер liketime юмор розиграш приколы приколюха мамаблогер liketime folowme приколы logo приз конкурс конкурсы хаскі смех пранк пикап машинист машины волосы inspiration likeforfollow catsofinstagram доброеутро дом2 добавьвдрузья добавь взаимныеподписки взаимныелайки Отметь меня в Сторис и ПОДПИШИСЬ youtube_director И возможно ты сегодня выиграешь 100 долларов💰💰💰💰🔥🔥🔥🔥 розиграш приколы приколюха мамаблогер liketime юмор

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LEADERS NEED EXPOSURE You have been trying to take people to a place where you have not been yourself. You have to travel in your mind sometimes to the places you want to go or even go there physically to gain exposure to lead people there. If you cannot afford it ,visit places via YouTube or the internet. Imagine how your life, family and business can be like. Create this image in your mind so you can take your team there. You must be it before you can produce it. You must see how things work elsewhere to create the replica. You need exposure. Life and dreams can be truncated due to lack of exposure. Cheers, Kenneth Ojimadu Follow me also on Instagram and Facebook kenojimadu inspiration inspirationalquotes motivationalquotes motivation instapost spirituality service leadership leader leadershipdevelopment

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Like and share if you think it`s fantastic! Welcome to new lookbook inspiration

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La felicidad no se tiene que reflejar en un estado material. La felicidad no se tiene que posponer hasta lograr una meta. La felicidad no es perfección. La felicidad es actitud.👍 La felicidad no se encuentra en el resultado , se vive en el proceso. 😃 La felicidad no se encuentra en el exterior , se encuentra en el interior y se refleja en el exterior. Quejarte de tu vida hoy , no la va hacer mejor mañana. Tu felicidad es individual , busca tu propia aprobación no la de tu entorno. La felicidad se obtiene viviendo en el AHORA , en ser consciente y reconocer cada detalle de la vida, es celebrar cada logro , es motivarte a cada día ser mejor Que sentimientos te da la felicidad ? inspiration motivation happy passion loveyourlife followforfollowback purpose goodvibes positivevibes energy attractions lifeisagift beyourself healthcoaching instituteofintegrativenutrition likeforlikes inspiration picoftheday

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Push yourself to get the job done.

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It’s that time of the year again. The time where everything comes crashing down one after the other. The time where everything changes so rapidly and you can’t keep up. It’s that time where you’re forced to make life-changing decisions and you have no clue what is the right thing to do or which way to go. It’s that time where life feels like a challenging test you just can’t pass. A long race you can’t seem to win. A tough battle you just can’t fight. It’s that time where you feel the strains and pressure of adulthood, of being a responsible adult who has to make sensible decisions. It’s that time where everything you’ve been trying to hide from comes crawling back to haunt you. And as a human being, you’re compelled to pretend like it’s not important, like things will work themselves out, but all I know for sure is when these moments strike you like a blizzard, when the battles are just piling up on your shoulders, that’s when you really need to get up and fight with all your power. That’s when you really need to toughen up and make all the hard decisions. That’s when you really have to be a force to reckon with. You may not always have the right plan or the right answer. You may not end up taking the right road or making the right choice. You might slip up and fall short and bump your head against the wall but if you’re ready to face these ugly moments, if you’re really to come face to face with your demons, if you’re willing to fight for your life when everyone is expecting you to give up, then all these moments will serve as stepping stones to a better path. They will be your destiny towards something better; a better life, a better you, a better future. Because pressure makes diamonds and for you to shine, you’ll have to understand the darkness first. For you to understand life, it will drive you crazy a few hundred times before you finally get it. You’ll find the truth you’ve been seeking or it will find you but for that to happen, you’ll need to put up one hell of a fight first; but know that those who fight for the truth, those who fight for a better life, those who fight for love seldom lose.

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Ladies pick one ☝️

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Just a little smile from St Patty’s weekend! I am 50% Irish 😏☘️ stpatricksday love life

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Lo que marca más diferencia entre el hombre de los pájaros es que las aves dejan intacto el paisaje cuando construyen con su vuelo. Amo todo esto. 😍❤️🐦🕊️

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Modern, rotatable globes, illuminated with soft LED light. Our Globo fixture shown here in Satin Gold. aloralighting

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We need a mindset where both the Eastern and Western Mindsets can merge The West attributes pleasure to the external world. The get ahead hustle mentality The East is about escaping the world, seeing it as bondage and misery. It talks of disconnecting with the physical world Both are valid but ineffective for the new generation self-actualized homosapien The new paradigm is a person who has a balance of both the physical and the metaphysical world and understand they are highly connected Flow is what connects the internal and the external world. It is the synergy of both. - Flozone Academy

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I’ve been dealing with a nagging shoulder injury! • Just got a great first session in w/ jflotherapy • We did a combination of electronic stimulation, scraping, manual therapy & cupping ✅ • Looking forward to getting back to overhead training soon! 😎 • Persistance

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Cadê minhas girlsss? 💗 Já passaram no meus stories hoje? 🤗 Mostrei este tratamento incrível para cabelos loiros e danificados o cprsenscience❤️, genteee ele é babado demais, promete recuperar 100% da fibra capilar Já salvei tudo, nos destaques para vocês, explicando o passo a passo e o que eu achei deste produto e ainda mais os meus produtos favoritos de make! Vemmm XOXO projetorapunzel loiras hair blondehair spaday luzes balayage

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Ретроградный март🙃🌪

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No matter to how we promote ourselves online, a photo is a passing captured moment that is just a pixel to the full pictured reality. Anything can be filtered, something edited to look real but reality and honesty can never be altered to suit an ideal of perfect that isn't real. Be yourself by pushing to become a better version to who you are, from who you were yesterday and not someone you see who is social media sculpted. It's ok to be feeling rough, to feel sad but it's also OK to be honest and to believe you can make a change that is natural and not superficial. Me? I feel tired and lazy, I eat anything but I keep pushing myself knowing my ability, who doesn't look upto anyone but those who show me the knowledge, exercise movements, the ideas of what I can do to better myself, my health, my physical and mental conditioning where I do not adhere to the comparison of a visual appearance of anyone because they are not me and I am not them. Knowledge and realism leads to wisdom in how you conduct yourself to be yourself, gaining integrity and intellect of developing your own being and self determined strengths, In-Shaa-Allah. gym gymmotivation weights cardio nofilter photography fitness muscle fitnessmotivation love inspiration blogger workout bloggerlife morning selfie encouragement motivation life lifestyle lifestyleblogger body bodypositive vitiligo lifecoach goodmorning instagood photographer healthy photooftheday

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✨ Via watts.on