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Regresan los jueves melódicos (ya es viernes) Schubert, Rondó en La mayor. D. 951 para dúo de piano (Piano a 4 manos) Pianistas: Martha Argerich y Daniel Barenboim He encontrado que mucha de la música más íntima de Schubert se encuentra en los dúos para piano. A parte de ser de las últimas obras que compuso, este Rondó presenta una estructura más o menos: ABC, ADC, ABC, C1A+Coda Fragmento del tema C, que puede tomarse como una variación del tema A, pero al presentarse justo antes de retomar A, se les considera como temas distintos. Nota: Cada tema está unido por largas transiciones. juevesmelódico Schubert Schubertmelodies music música piano duo duet Argerich Barenboim love classical instaclassical

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Vox Balaenae!

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Jennie Oh-Brown, Kurt Fowler, and Jennifer Blyth play Bencharong by Narong Prangcharoen.

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DAY 79: Some more slow practice of the end of the Time Pieces because I STILL CAN'T PLAY IT lololol. 😑😂 Watch all the way to the end to see me mess up. I was going to edit it out, but maybe someone will at least get a good laugh 😂😂 clarinet 100daysofpracticechallenge 100daysofpractice dailypractice practice music musician recital vandoren myvandorencolor buffetcrampon wearebuffet backun teambackun technique clarinetist klarinette klarinet musiciansofinstagram instaclassical yikes oops

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Happy birthday, Johann Sebastian Bach! Were you an alien? 👽 It’s inconceivable that a mere mortal churned out so many ingenious works in one lifetime. I begin every practice session with open strings, scales and Bach. He keeps me in check 😅 tbt to one of my favorite experiences playing one of his works - Bach E major concerto with friends ✌️ nycpmusic

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Facts about Bach . 🎹 1. Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21, 1685 in Eisenach, Germany in the province of Thuringia. His father, Johann Ambrosius, was a town musician. During this period, music was a trade just like metalwork or shoe making. And for the Bachs, music was the family business, stretching back several generations 🎹2. Bach was an orphan by the age of 10. His older brother Johann Christoph took him in. Like his father, Johann Christoph was a musician and had studied organ with the famed Johann Pachelbel (of Canon in D, which you have probably heard at a wedding). Johann Sebastian longed to study a score that had been given to his brother by Pachelbel. J.C. kept the score locked away. At night, J.S. would sneak out the manuscript and copy it by moonlight. He did this for six months before he was caught by J.C., who not only took away the manuscript but also J.S.’s copy. J.C. did continue to provide for his younger brother’s musical training 🎹3. As a boy, Bach had a beautiful soprano singing voice, which helped secure him a spot at the boy’s school in Lü When his voice changed, he switched his focus to playing violin and harpsichord 🎹4. In 1705, Bach walked 200 miles from Arnstadt to Lübeck to hear organist Dietrich Buxtehude play. He was only granted four weeks leave from his position as organist in Arnstadt but ended up taking off four months, without permission 🎹5. In 1717, Bach accepted a position with Prince Leopold in Cöthen. The Prince was passionate about music and even played the violin. It is no surprise that many of Bach’s great instrumental works, including the Brandenburg Concertos and The Well-Tempered Clavier, came out of the period from 1717-1723 when he was working in Cöthen stringquartet stringquartetworld classicalmusic music livemusic musician instamusic goodmusic newmusic musical musicvideo cello violin viola cellist violinist violist love instaclassical performance

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Herine Coetze Koschak digs into Pete Fernandez’s homage to Kodaly called Garden of Earthly Delights at the opening night of Impromptu Fest.

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We're proud to announce Dr Alvin Wong will present 3 masterclasses at the Cantabile School of Music on the 31st March, 2019. Alvin is currently an examiner with the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB), and has served on the committee of the Australian Strings Association (Victoria). Alvin is also the founding Artistic Director for the acclaimed biennial Melbourne Cello Festival, bringing Australian and international artists to perform and teach cellists of all ages. Masterclasses: 31 March 2019 10:30AM—12N (Level 1 Grades 1-4 AMEB) 1–2:30PM (Level 2 Grades 5-8 AMEB) 3PM-3:30PM Q&A Session 3:30-5PM (Level 2 Grades 5-8 AMEB) If you'd like more information in regards to performing or observing the masterclasses, please give our school a call on (03) 9560 3010

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The sun is shining and it’s always a beautiful day for Scriabin💕☀️🎶 practice

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Last year at this time I was preparing to sing my first Violetta. I always thought Rigoletto could never be surpassed as my favorite opera, but somewhere amidst the blood, sweat, and so many actual tears it took to prepare the role of Violetta, La Traviata won my heart. throwbackthursday

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【DAY51】ショパンのノクターンを30歳からピアニスト目指し始めた初心者がアホほどピアノ弾く【あらいChannel】 ※毎朝7時更新!(土曜日は朝10時!) 演奏していて思うのは、できる時とできない時があるなあ…ということですね。 ばらつきがなくなって、音が安定してくるといいなーと思っています。1曲演奏中もそうだし、あの時はできたんだけどな、といくら思ったとしても、実際に演奏しているそれが全てなので。そういう練習をしたいと思います。-ショパンのノクターン攻略! arai.piano9 ●Thanks for subscribing to my channel!↓↓● piano pianist yamaha pianogram classicalpiano instaclassical instapiano instapianist light music youtube chopin nocturne morning everyday efforts Nevertoolate grit entertainment 30歳ゼロからスタート 10000時間 ピアノ 弾いてみた 初心者 ピアノ弾いてみた ヤマハ ピアノ練習 エンターテイメント

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Day 62: if I’m being totally honest, I hate this section of Tchaikovsky because it is so difficult for me to get all these jumps in tune while trying to build on the emotional energy that culminates at the end of the expositionit can get quite frustrating working on this part because I truly get stumped and have the desire to improve but can’t come up with anything different to try. But I’m going to attempt to just be patient and really give it the time it requires of me, instead of maybe avoiding it because it is so frustrating. We’ll see 🤷🏻‍♀️ tchaikovsky violin concerto violinist musician practicedaily musiciansofinstagram lifeofamusician classicalmusic instaclassical striveforprogress 100daysofpractice

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A busy few weeks ahead starting with the music of ET performed by kwsymphony . John Williams was the brilliant composer behind this score, and is the 2nd most nominated person in Oscar history behind only Walt Disney. symphony music orchestra classicalmusic violin violinist cello applemusic tidal 🎨 nba piano classical viola musician practice violins flute pianist concert violinists woodwind instrument performance conductor instrumental instaclassical basstrombone tuba entertainment

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"The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul"- 🎂Happy birthday to Johann Sebastian Bach Name one thing that you like, love or admire of this legend or his masterpieces! Leave it in the comments below👇🏻 I love his 2 & 5 suites for cello En honor a Bach en su día, contame algo que te gusta, encanta o admiras de este gran musico o su música 🙂 Dejalo en los comentarios! Adoro la segunda y quinta suite para cello⁣ Pictured is my cello, Dmitri while chilling in the DR❤️ Show some love! cello cellist goals 100daysofpractice photography instrument love happy tour ontour cellistoftheworld influencer concert concierto pianist practice rehearsal flute orchestra instamusician musique musicaclasica strings musicartist instaclassical bass symphony classicalguitar bach

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Musicians! What is better for you: traditional paper music scores or scores in tablet 📄/📱? I get many questions from you what I use when I practice. When my rip.7th years laptop was destroyed, I was thinking about buying big tablet to read scores, I had enough of printing or forgetting sheet music - also when now I'm traveling a bit more. There was just one, which was comfortable for eyes - apple tablet. It was too expensive for me so I found nice solution, tablet and laptop in one also as big as apple, it's Lenovo Yoga. Since this time I use it all the time, and I can recommend you. 💃🏻 If you have some more questions you can ask below. And one more 🌷 HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING! 🌷 oboe reedmaking classicalmusician oboelife classicalmusic oboist musicianslife frankfurt classicalmusic dailymusicians sheetmusic musiciansofinstagram musicaclassica classicfm practicemakesbetter musiclifestyle klassischemusik instaclassic instaclassical woodwinds 100daysofpractice wiosna2019 pierwszydzienwiosny firstdayofspring pinktulips classicalmusicdaily musicianlife musicnotes musiciansofig

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Great tour with the laphil in Asia! It was fun!

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Protagonista di uno dei momenti più affascinanti delle due stagioni del Centenario GOG, l'integrale dei Quartetti di Beethoven, il Belcea Quartet ritorna a Genova lunedì 25 marzo con un nuovo appuntamento dedicato alla grande produzione quartettistica! Il Belcea Quartet è nato al Royal College of Music di Londra nel 1994. I due fondatori, la violinista rumena Corina Belcea e il violista polacco Krzysztof Chorzelski, vi trasmettono la tradizione musicale dei paesi d’origine ben accolta dai colleghi francesi Axel Schacher e Antoine Lederlin. ➡️ PER INFO e BIGLIETTI: link in bio gog1819 genovamorethanthis instaclassical musicaclassica igersliguria igersgenova loves_genova genova belceaquartett vieniagenova visitgenoa ig_liguria ig_genova chambermusic concertseason veniteagenova classical classicalmusic musicaclassica music musica stringquartet quartetto quartet belceaquartet corinabelcea haydn

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EPIC 2019 New Music Festival ✔ Spectacular job to all the performers tonight! Lots of love ❤❤ The video clip features BUNME performing (and premiering) Canon Study by Luis Ramirez ( cutza7 ) For phone ocarinas, mixed ensemble, percussion, and piano (four hands)

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Hello friends! Come check out a free brandon university new music concert tonight at 7:30 for freeeee in the lorne ❤🙆🏼‍♀️ see you there

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A dance from the past! Who else likes to spend their weekends dancing? 💃🕺 . This is the beginning of the seventh dance - the "Bourrée" - from Bach's French Suite Nr. 6 . For the whole video on YouTube go to the link in my bio ⬆️ Bach French Suite recording video excerpt dance movement baroque piano music instaclassical interpretation classical musician pianist bourrée inspiration art live performance pianista clásica grabación tecladistaslatinos youtube johannsebastianbach jsbach Yamaha Zechlin yamahamusiceurope yamahamusicusa

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The beginning of the second movement "Adagio" from Mozart's last piano sonata. (Sonata no. 18 in D Major KV 576) . For the whole video on YouTube go to the link in my bio ⬆️ Recording of summer 2018 🌞 Hamburg Mozart Sonata KV576 🎹 recording video excerpt second movement adagio piano music instaclassical instapiano classicalmusician pianist monday inspiration art pianogram performance pianista clásica grabación lunes wolfgangamadeusmozart grotrian pianolove pianomusic

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Happy Birthday, dear Mozart! ⚘ . Today Mozart would have turned 263 years! So I uploaded his last piano sonata to YouTube (link in my bio ⬆️) Excerpt of the first movement "Allegro" from Mozart's piano sonata no. 18 in D Major KV 576. Hope you enjoy it 😄 Hamburg Mozart Sonata KV576 🎹 recording video excerpt first movement allegro piano music instaclassical instapiano classicalmusician pianist sunday inspiration art pianogram performance pianista clásica grabación domingo wolfgangamadeusmozart grotrian birthday pianomusic

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Played yesterday at this beautiful venue for the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung. It was a delight and I enjoyed the walk to the Baltic Sea after the concert even though it was already dark by then and very cold! 😌 Schleswigholstein  Siggen AlfredToepferStiftung  BalticSea  Christmas piano  recital  concert  grandpiano  Steinway classical  music  performance  venue instaclassical  instapiano  pianolover classicalpianist  classicalmusician  inspiration motivation  art  energy  architecture  interior potd  pianista  concierto  sala

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Congratulating Poland to 100 years of independence I would like to share the "Polonaise" of Bach's French Suite No. 6. Do you think it sounds like a typical polish Polonaise? . For the whole piece go to the link in my bio. ⬆️ . yamahamusiceurope yamahamusicusa Hamburg Bach  French  Suite  Polonaise  recording video  movement  baroque  piano  music instaclassical  classical  musician  pianist inspiration  instapiano  art  performance pianista  clásica  grabación  inspiración youtube  johannsebastianbach  Yamaha Zechlin  Polish  Indipendence  polska

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It was simply magic when the sun suddenly started to shine into my face while recording Bach! 🌄 . This is the beginning of the fourth dance - the "Gavotte" - from Bach's French Suite Nr. 6 . For the whole video on YouTube go to the link in my bio ⬆️ Bach French Suite Gavotte recording video movement baroque piano music instaclassical magicmoment light classical musician pianist inspiration instapiano art live performance pianista clásica grabación inspiración youtube johannsebastianbach sun Yamaha Zechlin yamahamusiceurope yamahamusicusa

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What a day! 😲👻😈 Almost lost a finger a few hours before playing for UKE-ART 13 (while preparing a sandwich 🤦🏻‍♀️) A lot of doctors there helping to stop the bleeding👨🏼‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ And somehow I managed to play! 🤷🏻‍♀️💐 Hamburg uke art exhibition ceremony flowers 💐 instaflower hands fingers instaclassical potd pianist life classical musician piano music mood inspiration photography moment thoughts pianista latina música inspiración arte exposición flores

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Tomorrow is my birthday how do you feel about getting older? 🤷🏻‍♀️ . And tomorrow I'll also play Fazil Say's "Black Earth" again at a project called "THE NOBODIES OF VENEZUELA" directed by Hector Docx at HfMT Hamburg. Feel free to come 📷 by nievesvonfranque Hamburg Venezuela concert project FazilSay pianist birthday instaclassical musician energy motivation inspiration love thruth art photography shooting potd selfie portrait home pianista clásica música inspiración energía arte piano latina yamahamusiceurope yamahamusicusa

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Sunday with Bach 😍 . This is the first movement "Allemande" out of eight from Bach's French Suite Nr. 6 . For the whole video on YouTube go to the link in my bio ⬆️ . Hope you enjoy it 😄 Bach French Suite recording video excerpt first movement baroque piano music instaclassical interpretation classical musician pianist sunday inspiration art live performance pianista clásica grabación domingo youtube johannsebastianbach jsbach Yamaha Zechlin yamahamusiceurope yamahamusicusa