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Life of canines in Mumbai has been relatively good, up until the 80s feral dogs were eliminated by shooting, rabies was something that people were afraid of. Those times were different and now dogs are not killed brutally, instead they are spayed, their ear is clipped and they are let go. This scene during the night time shows, how this good boye, it's Mamaji by the way, shows how people let the dog be even though he is sleeping in the way. That way the people of Mumbai are pretty sorted and I like it.

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MDW in our happy place 🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏼‍♂️

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Theo Bear! 🐻Spending time with you is 👌🏼 You’re always up for a walk, treat, & belly rub. So easy to make me smile 😊 . Sebastian seems to be trying to say something to me what do you think it is? 🤔 👇🏻 . Realizing I should have worn shorts to get some sun ☀️ . timewithfriends furbabies petsofinstagram dogsofinstagram instadogs outside bestlife lifeisgood positivity happinessisachoice perspective truenorth funinthesun ishouldhavewornshorts summer2019 smiles smilingdog perfectday

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안녕하세요 탄이에요 엎드려서 기다리는 훈련도 했어요🤓

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What bone, I didn’t steal anyone’s bone.

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안녕하세요 탄이에요 앉아서 기다리는 중이랍니다. 엄마가 멀리 다녀와도 잘 기다렸어요.🤓

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Puffy with some of her favourite toys! 🧸

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B ❄️ M ⛄️ D I A 💙

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🥁📢🎉SORTEIO REALIZADO🎉📢🥁 (Antes de tudo, tivemos que antecipar a gravação e publicação de nosso sorteio, pois já já estaremos saindo). Parabéns a todos os participantes, este foi apenas o 1o, obrigado por seguirem a gente e um ótimo domingo a todos! Obs: video completo em nossa página do Facebook, vale a pena assistir! ☺ E o número vencedor foi o: 🍀🍀 50🍀🍀 💕CLEIMARA T. LIVINALLI💕 cleimaralivinalli, parabéns! Vamos combinar o envio molequebistecabeagles sorteio premios participe giveaway beagles dogs doguinho amomeupet bonjour buongiorno instabeagles beaglegram instadogs dogsgram chien cane cachorrosdoinstagram cachorrada vidadecachorro dogsofinstagram catioro catiororeflexivo serumaninho petlife petslife instapet petgram discoverunder5k encerrado

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: たまたま通りかかった ポピー祭り💐 : : : 暑くなってきたので お出かけより : : 来客が、多くなりました😊❤️ : ワンコ達中心で 土足状態の我が家😂 : : ちょっとは、掃除しないとなぁ〜〜😅💦 : : 掃除嫌い : : ポピー flower お花畑 : 写真好きな人と繋がりたい 写真初心者 japanese japan happydog わんこのいる暮らし todayswanko わんこのいる世界 多頭飼い いぬ いぬらぶ dogstagram dogsofinstagram dog doglover いぬの気持ち トイプードル Poodle 푸들 japan_daytime_view dog instadogs いぬバカ部 エブリドッグ bestfriend_dog_japan

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Happy Salmon Sunday my friends 💜 Dad learned very important lesson at gingerblock Scholar Saturday class 🙏 Hoomans live only to serve to their Pugs ! Ginger will be such wonderful President 😍😊💜