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🎶vamos de paseo pi pi pi!🎶 me emcanta el coche porque se que me llevan a sitios chulispero me pongo tan nerviosa por llegar que al final me pongo a lloriquear. Lo que mas me gusta es cuando mami me baja la ventanilla y puedo empezar a oler el campo 🤩. ¿y a vosotros os gusta el coche? entreellasseentienden friends amigasperrunas happydogs blancoynegromix animales dogs rio perraacuatica chapuzon diasdecampo dogsofinstagram instadogs instapic perros perrasfelices nosinmiperro perrasdecasa petlover doglover diasdesol campo launaparlaotra perrasexploradoras liandolaparda adoptanocompres perrasmolonas alnatural

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Madka w końcu znalazła dla mnie karmę idealną ❤️ Po wielu próbach i testach, rewolucjach żołądkowych i bombach biologicznych możemy stwierdzić, że w końcu jest coś smacznego i brzuszek mnie po niej nie boli 🐾 Dziękujemy optimanovapolska ❤️ Karmel 🐶 Łapka 🐾 aussie australianshephard australiandogs większybrat instadogs dogs_of_instagram instapets blueeyes greeneyes redmerle heterochromia puppy 5monthsold 20weeks dog dogstagram doglover optimanova puppylarge ONpuppylarge optimanovapolska dobrakarma

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Cruisin’ 🚙

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Beach Bum

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Happy equiNOX from these two spring chikems 🌸

9 minutes ago

We just got home from the vet. Trix is doing well, they described her recovery as "uneventful" 😅 She still feeling the effects of the drugs, but otherwise seems fine. She smells weird, which is a weird thing to say but it's true! She lost most of her front teeth, but still has her little snaggle tooth 😍

9 minutes ago

Been a poorly boy for the last 24 hours, sick four times yesterday, five times in the night and once this morning. Luckily it’s warm off and I am full of energy again 🙏🏽 Should teach me a lesson not to drink muddy puddles 🤷🏽‍♂️ - - - - dogsofinstagram doguedebordeaux ddb instadogs doguedebordeauxlove doguedebordeauxpuppy love dogsofinstagram doglovers animal puppy likeforlike lfl l4l frenchmastiff beautiful followme f4f follow mastiff bigbreedlovers likeforfollow dogs dogslife dogs.lovers dogs dogsofinstagram lnsta_dogs dogspupsworld dogs_unity dogsphere dogs_of_world_ dogsbeingbasic dogs.oflove dogs_media lilydoguedebordeaux

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One of the best moments in training a dog is when they cross the bridge from learning and proofing into developing trust in their decision making. Both of these dogs came to us as pups with all the urges that go along with dogs of that age, but now they have developed the knowledge to be trusted in many situations. Although there’s still a lifetime of work to do, Walter and Oliver are well on their way to living the best life possible thanks to their owner’s decision to get them trained!

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Sibling love

11 minutes ago

Why yes, I am that basic white girl who walks her dog while sipping her cold brew. 😅😅😅💁‍♂️🐶❤

11 minutes ago

These dogs had other plans, posing for the camera was not one of them. 🐶

12 minutes ago

The face Pumpkin made when we told her that winter was over and today was the first day of Spring 😎🎉🌞 . Who wants to come play with us at daycare tomorrow? 🐶🐾 Call 702-518-6439 to reserve your pup's daycare spot. Full day ($27.95), half day ($18.95) and 2-hour ($12.95) daycare options available Ask about our Day & Train options and new daycare packages too. Buy 19 days, get the 20th day FREE 💯 Additional discounts apply for Standard and Plus members.

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You like my hair? Gee thanks, just bought it 💁‍♀️

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"What is feller?!"

41 minutes ago

☀️day’s adventures with mom and flocaligaris

3 hours ago

🎶 Lily and Tyga sitting in a pool, C-o-o-l, looking all cool. 🎶 Okay, we'll stick to our day jobsLily and Tyga hung out during play group this week. Lily loves the pool so when Tyga hopped in she wasn't going to hop out. Summergoals BestieGoals