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I have been slack posting on this page, due to pure laziness and my amazing ability too not give a shit. But don't worry I'm trying to get my social media act together and keep my page up to date with my fitness journey. This morning was a glorious leg session involving only two movement, cleans and leg press. I'm focusing a lot on technique but ultimately wanting to move as much weight as possible in about 1 hour. I love intensity, I love moving big weights, I love pushing my reps, I love the pain my body feels for two days after. Stay tuned for some updates and shorter posts yeahthefolks fitdad instafit fitdad dadbod gym gains leanmuscle dads dadsofinstagram legday legs olympiclifting payhim payingtheman

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▪️TIRE▪️ Integrating a tire into your workout will shock the body and force your muscles to work in a completely new way. Plus, let’s be honest , just lifting that tire can make you feel pretty badass, right? (MensHealth) Photo by: amteodoro absworkout abs sixpack workoutmotivation shredded flexing flex motivationsunday workhard beastmode exercise killerworkout werk summerbody bodygoals swipeworkout athlete workmode instafit fitspo healthlifestyle fitfam hustle alpha scruff scruffy hoscos igfitness gainz gymshark

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sundayrunday heute bei Nebelaber nach dem Nebel kommt bestimmt die Sonne raus ☀️👟🏃‍♀️💪😅☺️👍😍💞 Habt alle einen ganz tollen Sonntag 😘🙋‍♀️für mich geht’s jetzt unter die Dusche und danach lege ich einen Bügeltango hinund werd heute noch ein bisschen Backen😜👔👖👕👚👩‍🍳 halfmarathon sundayvibes sundayfunday run bodypositivity running jogging joggers fitfam runners laufenmachtglücklich laufen instafit instarunners instarunner instarun picoftheday potd sport fitnessgirl sportlife instafit runningmotivation runninggirl fitnesslife fitnesslifestyle instafitness nopainnogain happy

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Fat loss tips - ❓Did you know that burning 3,500 calories is required to lose a single pound of fat? by kylethumm ⠀ 😵3500 makes it sound like a HUGELY impossible task ☹️ ⠀ 🚴After all, even after an intense workout out you usually only burn 600-800 calories (if you are working your ass off) ⠀ 🤔So how does anyone accomplish fat loss? ⠀ 🔑 The key is that we need to change your mindset. ⠀ 💊It is human nature to look for a 'quick fix,' but as with most things in life, there is not going to be one. The only solution is persistent hard work (sorry to burst your bubble 😉) ⠀ 👨‍🏫Introducing the 500 calories per day principle ⠀ 🔥Burning 500 calories per day is a much more achievable goal. If you can accomplish this via exercise every single day, then you would be on track to burn 1 pound of fat per week. ⠀ 💭It seems like a lot of work to only burn 1 pound huh? Keep in mind that this doesn't take into account diet (which is much more important for fat loss). ⠀ 🥦Now let's apply the same principals to our diet: ⠀ 🍎Take a look at your current diet plan and make some healthy swaps to limit your calories. (IE Sparkling Water instead of Soda). If you can cut 500 calories/day (which is very feasible) then that would be another pound of fat loss per week. ⠀ 💪Building habits and routines that implement these rules will put you on track to easily lose over 50 pounds of fat in a single year! Crazy what a little change in perspective can do huh? ⠀ 👍 Think about the bigger picture and make a realistic plan for you crush your goals. ⠀ ♥️Do you think you could manage this? Comment your thoughts down below ⤵️ Getfit sixpackchallenge motivation knowyourgains musclebuilding bodybuilding fitnessgoals fitfam shredgoals nopainnogain chestday legday backday gymlife bodybuilding fitnessgoals fatloss losefat fitlife musclemorph Tntfitness gymislife gymaddict powerbuilding powerlifting weightlifting barbell instafit fitness losefat sixpackabsindia

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Happy Sunday 🍑🍑🍑 Day ♡ As most know I'm not a brass monkey fan but love this shape from brass monkey louise_rowley_live_happy show us in class ♡ Wearing my beautiful new candyassclubwear dizzy top and knix bottoms (Discount code in bio) ♡ pole poledance polefitness poledancing poledancer polefit poletrick sunday sundayfunday sundayvibes sundaybumday 🍑 fitness fitmom fitmum fitgirl fitnessgirl fitnessmodel aerial poledancenation fitspo instadaily instafit instafitness instagood sport gymlife inkedandinverted poleart pdbrassmonkey

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And everyday she woke up stronger then she knew she was 💪💪 Me at the gym with my bestie. Worked on our body and kept our mind empty. And we breathe, we smiles and we had fun. Thank you for the extra sixpack you gave me by making me laugh so hard😁🤣😂😂 myusma and thanks for the pic. Pretty cool one 🙏🙏 Happy Sunday you all 🌷🌻🌻🌹🌺 fitnessmotivation fitness viralsmile viralsmilesdaily fitgirl stayfit healthylifestyle fitgirlforlife healthylife fitnessforlife workout fitnesslife strongwomen yougogirl girlwholifts stayfit practicemakesperfect loveyourbodynomatterwhatyourbattle instafit strongyogi yoginiforlife likeorleaveacomment likeforlike like4like

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Love is in the hair💇🏼‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Goede morgen! Gisteren een gezellige verjaardagsparty gehad 🥳 En hoe heerlijk is het om van alle leftover te genieten vandaag. Home made oats pie for breakfast! Check mijn story als je benieuwd bent hoe die eruit zag, want ja hij is alweer op hahaha ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Happy Sunday Funday🙆🏼‍♀️ fit fitness fitspo fitlife fitdutchie fitdutchies fitanddutch dutchfitgirl fitnesslifestyle fitandfab fitfam fitfamnl fitfamily instafit gymrat booty bootybuilding girlswholift girlswithmuscles fitnessmotivation fitnessmodel bossgirls fitnesswoman

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Putting forward your positive energy connects you back to basic human values which we all share. This is why when we exercise together ,we bring forward that positive energy where everyone who came to jcc fit will go home tired but smiling ebed.elohim oliverti7 larose_tabitha devimanullang carelweydemuller cherlintong jccfit jccsport jcccommunity2019 kid sport exercise workout hiit zumba run pushup challenge community sunday goodmorning streetstyle outdoor goodvibe goodtime fit fun instagood instafit instalike like4likes instagram likeforfollow like4likes followus jakartacentralchurch

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🌊🌊 Kostalde Baleada 2019 🌊🌊 Je n'ai aucunement honte de le dire, en toute modestie je pense qu'on peut être très fière de nous les filles Ce fut très rude à certains moments de la journée mais heureusement on a pu compter l unes sur l'autre pour se motiver et surtout nous avons franchi l'arrivée 🙌👊 😘 thewinner baleada kostaldea hiking nevergiveup forceetcourage jhabiteoutuparsenvacances perseverance naturelover motivation instafit thewomen sentierdulittoral 38km

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Work out like your life depends on itCoz ultimately, it does💪🏋️‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️ Today I focussed on back and biceps🏋️‍♀️💪 sundayfunday weekendworkout morningworkout biceps backworkout strength strengthtraining lift girlswholift fitnesstransformation fitnessstory fitnessaddict fitnessjourney myfitnessstory dubaifitness dubaifit challenge setgoalsandcrushthem selfcare selflove workout gymlife consistency discipline dedication motivation instafit inspire evolve transform

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Gara di panca e stacco da terra BBF ITALIA

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🔥A lot can change in just 28 days and that’s why our trials give you time to do more than just fall in love with the training, they give you time to see results! 👏🏼Train for 28 days for just $1 per day, that’s right, 28 Days for $28 😲 ➡️To grab this crazy deal head to

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뭘 어떻게 해야하지

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🍪 RISK IT FOR A BISCUIT 🍪 Cut it fine with my run commute today as I took on the challenge to run 10KM to my yoga studio with one hour to spare& not knowing my route 🙏🏻 Taking the wrong turn within the first 5 minutes 🤣 & having to stop every now & then to check the map, time was slowly running out. Waiting to cross at roundabouts, I knew I had to put my foot down once I got close to my destination. With a hill to climb towards the end, OBVIOUSLY 😅 I just made it in time to get myself sorted & settled for a hot-hot session at hotpodyogaruislip 🥵 Now it’s time for a bath, some salty chips & blog writing (in that order) 🛁 🍟 ✍🏻 • How’s your Saturday? 🤪

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Another rest day. I hate rest days. But here is an ABS workout I did today instead of sitting around. This is fun, quick, easy, but intense. Bookmark this 🔖 and do it! • The workout: 1️⃣ JACK KNIVES: 2 sets of 30 reps 2️⃣ PLANK OPPOSITE KNEE TO ELBOW: 2 sets of 30 reps (15 reps each side) 3️⃣ V-UPS: 2 sets of 20 reps (make sure to touch your hands on the ground next to your feet) 4️⃣ STARFISH CRUNCH: 2 sets of 15 reps (touch the toes of your opposite foot) • I don't know about you but I absolutely don't like ab training 😂. It's either I'm too tired at the end of a workout and feel like I won't get much done training just abs for the day. • So I save it for rest days and I don't spend a ton of time on them. It's like a band-aid. Just take it off and get it over with. Same thing here, just hit your abs and get them over with so we can move on with our lives. • Honestly, it's about discipline. If you don't want to do something, say "screw that" and do it anyway. It WILL show I promise! • Never give up. • Muneeb. • • • • • abs  shredded  muscle  sixpack  fitnessmodel aesthetics  physique  ripped  weightloss  instafit muscles  fitnessmotivation  fitness  gymlife  fatloss gains  girlswholift  bodybuilding  fitnessaddict bodybuilder  mensphysique  workout  strong  exercise fitgirl  fatlossjourney  biceps  nutrition  aesthetic fitspiration

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너무 더워 ;

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La nostra promessa d'amore 🎉 pizzulo.89

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