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3 months ago

So Instagram was down some days back. I was confused for a bit. I thought the Instagram thing was from my end alone, I uninstalled, reinstalled, switched phone off, switched on, restarted, did everything. Then went to Whatsapp too, same, then I assumed it must be general especially after trying to log in to Instagram through chrome and I got a message saying it will be back on soon blah blahwell aside been able to achieve one or two other procrastinated tasks during that period, I learnt 5 lessons from the occurrence, LINK IN BIO to read. What did you do while Instagram was down for a bit the other day? — thepeninthehandofareadywriter

3 months ago

awakegiftedme Who was stressed about IG being down for 14+ hours?! 😫Me I noticed it after 3 hours, and dealt with it for 11 plus hours Some had fun having a break in social media while I was stressing out since I gotta post a couple of things for St. Paddy's day! Pressure So I decided to just have a self love love today.🤣💕 💕 awakeskin 2 pag bundle: poreeoenntightrning concentrate & balancd shot antioxidant concentrate 💕 factory subscription that can be composed of 4-7 face masks💕 sandandsky Australian Pink Clay face mask & Australian Pink clay flash perfection Exfoliating treatment gifted honestreview awakebeauty octoly bottledbeautysleep sandandsky instagramdowntime socialmedia instagrambug uggghh igrip awmyposh beautyWAW

3 months ago

Here is a list of things we got done at the WISH MedSpa while Instagram was down yesterday: • cleared skin with our purification facial • shaped eyebrows to compliment facial features • increased lash length with Latisse • smoothed wrinkles and crows feet with Botox • froze away fat with CoolSculpting • cleansed skin with exfoliating facials • removed painful spider veins with our sclerotherapy treatmentbasically everything we do every day ✨ Take a day off from social media and relax with us! Schedule your favorite treatment by calling (615)250-9276 🥰 . susanshakibi skinbykendal coolsculpting botoxcosmetic latissemd browshaping latisse coolnotcool coolsculpting botox botoxforehead instagramdowntime nosocialmedia nosocialmediachallenge noinstagram

8 months ago

The Republic of Instagram was down for over 20 minutes and lots of people got so worried. : : I have personally seen so many social media experts preach the gospel of building a funnel but people no dey hear word. : : You don't Instagram and cannot build a business on it. It is only a tool that you should use to build your business and that includes building an email list. : : Have you ever thought of what will happen if these social media platforms cease to exit today? How will you keep in touch with customers? And of course, you know when this happens, a lot of small businesses won't be able to afford buying leads. : : The solution? Start building now. Get a website, create a funnel and start building an email list. Don't say you weren't warned. You can purchase the Sales Funnel Creation course using the link in my bio for just N5000 and that lasts only today. It goes back to N30,000 after today. : : I got a glimpse of what will happen if these social media platforms decides to go off. A lot of businesses won't find it funny. Click on the link in my bio to start learning and building. : : : : : : : : : : socialmediaexpert instagramdowntime sales salesfunnel emaillist emailmarketing socialmedia business businessowner entrepreneur Lagos NaijaBrandChick

6 years ago

instagramdowntime who says you can't rock a shower cap in bangsar on a Saturday afternoon