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Юху,взвесилась сегодня ,аж -200 гр.(44.200) Но я и этому рада!Почему?Да потому что я плохо спала сегодня ,поздно легла,аж в 3 часа ночи!,и встала в 10 ,то есть немного сбила себе режим,что не входило в мои планы на каникулы.Когда мы не спим ночью,сжигается меньше ккал.Нужно всегда и во всем иметь позитивный настрой-говорю себе я,ага.Но на самом деле все зависит от наших мыслей.Это аффирмации.Об этом я ещё чуть позже напишу пост. А пока что лицезрейте мой завтрак :кофемилк,ломтишка(самые вкусные,обожаю☺️) и печенька Любятово с черносливом. food интуитивноепитание instafood life instagram instalikes instalife coffeetime coffe breakfast intuitiveeating

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•The smiles of these little ones are priceless. Just touching your heart. I might not own a lot of possessions, but I own lots of smiles which I keep them warm inside my heart. I've been blessed with beautiful people along the way. In places I knew no one, God sent me incredible human beings. 🤗🙏 •How much I would like everyone to understand that the little things in life are the ones who matter the most. The happiness in these 's eyes are worth more than any expensive dress or shoes you want to buy. 😉 • Spending money for travelling is far more valuable than spending money on buying bullshit. Create memories and fill your life with joy, laughter and sunshine! Imagine how much is to see and to discover in this big world ! ♥️☀️

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La ragazza senza make-up (olio su tela)

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Things to Try on Social Media in 2019 *Facebook 1. Get personal with Messenger ads 2. Extend your reach with Facebook Marketplace 3. Build social videos with the video creation kit *Instagram 1. Try long-form storytelling with IGTV 2. Get more engagement with Story polls 3. Promote your best Story content with ads *Snapchat 1. Try live streaming with snap camera 2. Showcase your brand with visual search *Twitter 1. Try new engagement tactics with the speech bubble 2. Use status updates to promote events *LinkedIn 1. Stream events with LinkedIn Live 2. Recruit top talent with intelligent hiring platform *Pinterest 1. Make your page more shoppable with product pins 2. Incorporate more inclusive imagery with skin tone celebrities marketingdigital socialmediatrends socialmediamarketing marketingdigital2019 digitalagency socialmediastrategy marketinglife adwords contentmarketing seo websitetraffic marketingstrategy neilpatel digitalaim DAIM instalife digitalpratik digitalmarketingacademy3 hacks tricks instagram digital digitalmarketing youtube facebook instagram instagram digitalmarketing marketingstrategy statistics marketingtips marketinghacks

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Together We Have Created A Beautiful World. 🌍✨ I am Swear We Can Prove To People That No Matter How Much We Fight , We're Strong Enough To Stay Together. 👫💙 I Want Everyone To Know How Much You Mean To Me. 🤴🏼🌸 Ever Since You Have Entered My Life , I’ve Been Flying On Cloud And I Have Not Come Down Yet. ☁️✨ I Still Don’t Know What I Did To Be So Lucky To Have You In My Life , My Dream Comes True. 💍😙 I Am So Thankful Thought. 🙈♥️ In This Short Time That We’ve Better Together , We Have Grown So Much And I Can’t Wait To See What The Future Holds For Us. 💑💍 I Love You So Muchh Tattyyy! 🥺💙 peacefullplace instalife peaceofmind instagram couplegoalsmymanismyman myuniverse dontmasswithus hesmine togetherforever❤️

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LA TIGRE DEL BENGALA La tigre del Bengala è uno degli animaliattualmente considerati in pericolo di estinzione dall’Unione Internazionale per la Conservazione della Natura (IUCN). Ciò è dovuto al fatto che questo bellissimo animale è continuamente vittima degli attacchi portati avanti da persone senza scrupoli, per lo più bracconieri. Nel mercato nero, purtroppo, ancora oggi la pelle di tigre, così come denti e altri organi, hanno un altissimo valore. Parte della causa di questa richiesta deriva dalla medicina tradizionale cinese che, in modo alquanto macabro, assegna a parti del corpo dell’animale delle proprietà curative comunque non riconosciute dall’OMS. ° °follow me👉 _respect_for_animals ° animal animales animali animallovers animals animalsofinstagram awesome_shots cat cats cute dayshots tiger wildtiger fauna igs instagood instalife instanature instanaturelover love natgeohub natura naturaleza nature nature_shooters tigre pets pets_of_instagram petstagram photooftheday

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wisdom littlestories thaughts thinking zen konzentrisch storyteller lebensweisheiten mindfulliving awareness mindfullness kleinegeschichten geschichtenerzähler geschichten philosophie philosophieren denken achtsamkeit weisheit weisheiten gedanken gedankentanken friendsofjahorn leben hereandnow erwachen whatiam pictureoftheday instalife meditation Als ich gestern am Fluss saß kam mir der Gedanke erneut und vertiefte sich in dem Moment. Das Leben hat kein letztendliches Ziel. Spannend darüber nachzudenken. Alles fließt.  Alles wechselt sich ab. Immer wieder kommt ein neuer Frühling. Immer wieder kommt ein neuer März. Und immer wieder Licht in unser Herz. Neben allen persönlichen Zielen die wichtig und gut und richtig sind.  Vergessen wir nicht das es in der Natur kein letztendliches Ziel gibt. Wann wäre es erreicht? Im Sommer wenn alles in der Blüte steht? Wenn die Früchte im Herbst endlich gewachsen sind? Wenn der Baum erst ausgewachsen ist? Fällt er irgendwann und verrottet,  ist er dann nicht auch genau richtig und Lebensraum für neues und wird wieder zu Erde die Potenzial für das nächste wachsen und blühe ist? Immer gibt es ein WENN DANN Und schau mal für dich wo und wann du meinst endlich anzukommen? Am Ziel zu sein? Es geschafft zu haben. Das Leben ist nichts was man schaffen muss auch wenn es sich bei Zeiten so anfühlt. Und das Leben ist ein ewiger Kreis. Ewiges werden und vergehen und wieder neu geboren werden. Und in diesem ewigen Kreis Ist jeder Punkt Ende und Anfang zugleich

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💐Доброе утро💐 🔸Новый день и новые силы. Наступили весенние каникулы, а это значит будем больше времение, чтоб выкладывать фотографии. С понедельника у меня начинается небольшое испытание, которое будет длиться 7 дней. Каждый день буду выкладывать пост с результатами, но и в сторис тоже. Думаю будет интересно, подробности расскажу в понедельник. 🔸 🌹Всем удачного дня🌹 instalife instalike удачногодня удача цель испытание счастье улыбка жизнь неделя фотографии пост потихонькуидуксвоейцели

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니때문에 팔꿈치 아파죽겠다

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Week one of glandular fever: Father of the Bride (parts 1 and 2), Modern Family season nine, Couples Retreat, The Internship, 17 Again and Little Miss Sunshine. Boreddddd 😭

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My first Vietnamese meal: Vietnamese Seafood Pho Noodle Soup🍝 I loved how healthy the noodles which are made from ricethey are so light and easy to eat compared to the pasta ones💕 Also the soup was super delicious and it doesn't have a strong taste like Korean or Chinese soup✨🍜💓 vietnam lunch 昼ごはん InstaFood colors Colorful InstaLife Igers クッキングラム dailyphoto food HealthyFood Helathy InstaGood Vegetables Pho Explore Discover TripAdviser foodphotography Green FoodBlog dailyphoto foodphotography PhotooftheDay FoodStyling Foodie FoodLover Japan Japanlife dailyphoto f52grams food52

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Early.Morning.Gym. • The me of 3 years ago would have looked at this and spat his mouthful of snakebite all over the place, along with a few choice words. Funny how people can change right. • I have never been a "morning person" but I have come to learn the advantages of training in the morning, some personal, some scientific 1) training on an empty stomach can oxidize significantly more fat 2) The Gym is EMPTY 3) Starts the day by promoting endorphins to make sure you start the day with a more positive mindset 4) Get it out of the wayyou don't get that "ah I should go to the gym feeling" when you've had your supervisor Geoff giving it large all day. • Essentiallyunless you've had a few jars the night before or you have the time to train in the middle of the dayyou could certainly benefit from a bit of EMG.

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Чтобы не забывать о том, что ты счастливый человек, некоторые психологи рекомендуют делать воображаемую кладовочку, в которую помещать яркие, душевные, трепетные и позитивные моменты 🔆. А в периоды грусти или череды неудач, "залазить" туда, просматривать и напоминать себе о "собрании" счастливых моментов и том что счастья в жизни много, главное об этом помнить. Е.Ш.✨ ‌ colore travelphotography tourists traveltheworld mytravelgram wearefromearth hot prilaga vacationtime vacation2019 touris travels sun instatrip instalive outsideisfree vacations tagsta_travel love goodday gf finditliveit travelblog wanderlust photo ilove beauty instalife culturalheritage