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"Notebook on Cities" Viktor Briestensky, Henry Chapman, Chloé Quenum, Marianne Spurr, Keke Vilabelda Curated by Domenico de Chirico 10.05 - 12.06.2019 Rodríguez Gallery, Poznań, Poland Photo tszabelski rodriguez_gallery groupshow curatedby domenico_de_chirico viktorbriestensky henryachapman chloequenum marianne.spurr keke_vilabelda poznan contemporaryart notebook cities travelling odeporica painting sculpture installation videoart artcurator artcollector poznanwspiera onview viktorbriestensky henrychapman chloequenum mariannespurr kekevilabelda detail

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Solo exhibition “TAR BABY” (2018). BRER RABBIT has a way of always doing things he has no business doing in the first place.

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I’m obsessed with studiomiyaando amazing work. Repost studiomiyaando ・・・ Extended! Still on view in Miami “Sora Versailles”, 133 x103 ft, printed mesh VERSAILLES HOTEL 3425 COLLINS AVENUE, MIAMI BEACH This large-scale installation examines perception, as the historic Versailles Building is transformed into the sky itself, becoming void-like or transparent. The installation investigates one’s relationship to time as sunset and sunrise are depicted on the four sides of the building. The Japanese kanji 空 is pronounced “Sora” and means sky or heaven. This word also has another reading, pronounced “kū” and means “emptiness or void”. Void is one of the five elements (earth, water, fire, wind, void). “Sora Versailles” installation is inspired by the idea of both sky and emptiness. In Buddhism as well as in Quantum Physics, the fundamental nature of reality is that all constituent forms that make up the universe are temporary, a concept termed ‘Sunyata.’ Artist Miya Ando pays homage to the building’s original architect Roy France’s design philosophy of “let in the air and sun” as she wraps one of Miami’s most iconic buildings in clouds. “Wrapping the historic Versailles Building with cloud imagery is an investigation into the idea that the fundamental nature of reality is that all constituent forms that create the universe are temporary, an underlying principle of both Buddhism as well as quantum physics.”- Miya Ando Photo: Kerry McLaney

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Servis beli, hantar dan pasang di Cyberjaya. Thank youuuu Kak Liza yang repeat, repeat dan repeat servis PS kami. Meja mengopi tak makan space, bila tak guna kita lipat macam gambar pertama 🤭 _ Norbo Ada oak colour shj 79 x 59 cm RM 159 _ Last trip IKEA kami sebelum cuti raya pada 30 Mei, Khamis pagi. Closed order with payment pada 28 Mei. Lepas tu kami cuti dan trip pertama pada bulan Syawal adalah 13 Jun 2019 🤗 _ 🤑 Harga tertera tidak termasuk service charge & postage / delivery 📦Postage seluruh MALAYSIA 📱Whatsapp: 0129439358 (lia) 🚛 Trip Ikea setiap Khamis pagi 🚗 Delivery: Putrajaya/Cyberjaya/BBST/Nilai/Senawang/Seremban/Jelebu personalshopperikeajelebu personalshopperikeasenawang personalshopperikeanilai ikealover PersonalShopper ikeamalaysia PersonalShopperikea ikeapersonalshoppermalaysia ikeapersonalshoppernegerisembilan ikeapersonalshopperseremban psikea ikeacyberjaya ikeaputrajaya deliveryikea pemasanganikea psikeaseremban installation diyikea psikeaputrajaya psikeacyberjaya psikeaserikembangan psikeabbst psikeanilai psikeakotawarisan norboikea mejalipat norbo

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The average household has more than 10 appliances.and there may not be enough electrical outlets to plug in all the devices you have and use on a daily basis.  So this is what happens electrical overload of outlet, plugging in too much electrical device to one adaptor. SWIPE PICTURE.👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾 This can result in potential spark which cause housefire Here a some safetytips know the amperage of the outlet adaptor you will be using. In simple terms check the fuse rating on your adaptor. So if it says 15amp it means it hand 13amp load . Anything beyond that can lead to a electrical spark. Make sure that you don’t violate the 80% rule. electrical extension should only be used as a temporary outlet not a permanent one Lastly, engage a certified electrician to create wall outlet, if you don't have enough fire music hot intagood electrical service prado system toyota installation rashidahse overhaul lagos process transformation

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Angles📐 in a kitchen, no problem This kitchen was a challenge to say the least to incorporate all the cabinets to seamlessly fit with all the oddly shaped wall. The result is just amazing This is just the beginning of transforming this space kitchen kitchendesign angle walls interior interiordesign kitchenremodel white shaker cabinet stock cabinets transitional design cabinetry cabinetrydesign installation roomdecor kitchendesigner interiordesigner details spaceplanning transitionaldesign designer designing roomdesign kitchens kitchendecor kitchenrenovation ny ————————————————————— EXCLUSIVE CABINETRY AND DESIGN • stock • semi-custom • custom • vanities • bookcases • entertainment centers • desks —————————————————————

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Paul Hartley’s work has developed from a passion for drawing, printmaking and painting which has become more minimal and monochrome. Initially the mark making was abstract in nature, inspired by artists such as Cy Twombly and Tapies. He is particularly interested in the stark contrast of black ink or paint on a white background and typographical mark-making such as in oriental art. As he is short sighted and wear glasses he has developed a more autobiographical approach and fixed upon the motive of ‘spectacles’ or a rough approximation of them. He is also interested in the act of looking and focusing on objects in space. The ‘BLUR’ series relates to the idea of seeing and of objects going in and out of focus. 'BLUR pair (Checking each other out)', 2019, mixed media '21st century Neanderthal' exhibition, FaB3 space, 15 New Bond Street, BA1 1BA, Bath, UK, 24th May-9th June fab19 21stcenturyneanderthal art contemporaryart curator exhibition artofinstagram dating onlinedating painting sculpture video installation bathuk neanderthal

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It was 6 years ago when Solomun started his +1 residency at Pacha. That night was the first of my 80 dates residency with the visual management on that summer I will never forget. Tonight, he starts his seventh season and I want to show all support and respect 🙌🏻 🕺 See you at the dancefloor solomun pachaofficial diynamicmusic benjarealizo ibiza 2013 2019 solomun solomun+1 solomunada domingos sundays pacha pachaibiza mapping projection orgy mappingprojection projectionmapping flags screens clubmapping stagedesign clubprojection techno electronic art visual visualart installation madmapper visualinstallation

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Ahoy Holidays! Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend kick-off to summer! 🦀 JingleNog MDW AhoyHolidays

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Repost rhonabtaylor with get_repost ・・・ I’ll be taking over the hiddendoorarts account this morning before the Hidden Door Weekender at Leith Theatre next weekend. If you enjoy seeing the same content posted from multiple accounts, give them a follow! Here I am using an inexplicably small brush with no paint on it to work on my site-specific installation for them back in 2015 😊 (📸 James Glossop / The Times) HiddenDoorWeekender HiddenDoor HiddenDoorFestival HD2019  rhonataylor installation art edinburgh painting sitespecific artistsoninstagram dazzle instatakeover leith leiththeatre

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yupitstate & dominosmusic 🌬🌬🌬 this is insightEXCITE 1-week evening concert event INSIDE A GIANT SCULPTURE different genre every night 100% recyclable 60% revenue to charity brought to you by studiojoj need to know more? visit

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O Z O R A S I M P S O N Black vessel Unique ‘This Black raw visceral clay, ominous and erotic in equal measuresled me to make a new group of work. I am interested in the relationship between the pieces, the space between them and how they relate to each other as a family. But also as a singular sculptural form and how the scale adds to the importance and drama of the work. I have pushed the Vessel to its limits and onwards through to sculpture asking the question when does an object stop being functional and become sculpture in its purest form. The task for me was to push the clay, always problem solving, challenging myself and the materialsrisk taking all the way. Construction, scale, surface and form . ‘ abigailsimpson abigailozorasimpson sculpture installation black ceramic installation unqiue

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love this tribute to the kid who caught the bear that ran away from his owners (according to the legend) 🐻

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Ready for water

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▪️OUR GOD IS GREAT /2017/ Porcelain, Iron powder / LIUXI 《我们的神很了不起》/2017/瓷,铁粉/ 柳溪 Photo: Andrea Martinez andreamartinez028 ©Artplus Shanghai Gallery artplusshanghai_official Among such works is "Our God is Great," one of Liu Xi's latest series included in the exhibition. The installation of charcoal black porcelain sculptures of peculiar floral and vulvar forms is laid flat in front of the viewer. Suspiciously referring to female genitalia, the sculptures are evocative of corals, dreary and black, that lay deep at the bottom of the ocean, unable to reveal their bright kaleidoscopic colors due to lack of light from the surface. In such a bold attempt to expose the tantalizing and daring sexual side of femininity, Liu Xi emphatically appeals to women. In the wake of metoo movement reaching every corner of the world, a female artist stresses the importance of ‘light’ - illuminating the power of women’s awareness of the full spectrum of their femininity, which enables them to address their needs, desires and ultimately, rights in the most honest and unbiased way. 《我们的神很了不起》是柳溪的最新系列之一,也囊括在本次展览中。炭黑色花朵造型的雕塑装置平铺在观者面前,不难令人联想到女性的私密部位。通过如此大胆地揭露女性诱人而富有挑逗色彩的魅力,艺术家旨在呼吁:女性只有充分意识到自身的全部女性特质,才能以最诚实的方式满足自己的需求和欲望,最终实现自己的权利。 art female womenartist shanghai liuxi porcelain installation exhibition artplusshanghaigallery

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▪️MALA LECHE /2017/ Porcelain/ Overall dimensional variable /LIUXI 《坏水》/2017/ 瓷 / 尺寸可变/ 柳溪 Photo: Andrea Martinez andreamartinez028 ©Artplus Shanghai Gallery artplusshanghai_official Inspiration with the curvilinear and irregular defines the concept of Liu Xi’ s “Mala Leche” - the wall installation of pink porcelain ‘rivers.’ ‘Mala leche’(bad milk) is the expression in Spanish used to describe one’s bad intention or bad mood. Mala leche has its phraseological equivalent in Chinese - 坏水 (huàishuǐ), or bad waters that provides a similarly negative explanation to someone’s actions and intentions. Upon analyzing two expressions, Liu Xi found it interesting that both cultures draw negative meanings from words that signify liquid substances. Liu Xi builds the concept of “Mala Leche” on this linguistic observation. Just as liquid is fluid and unstable, people’s judgment of what is good and bad is subjected to reoccurring incoherent and abrupt changes. Resolving to the shapes derived from the Mother Nature that dictates the law of constant change, Liu Xi translates inspiration of rivers with its currents and ripples, into the wall sculpture. Her pink fluid metamorphoses in porcelain flow simultaneously towards and against each other, interlocking in the middle of their ways. In "Mala Leche" , Liu Xi alerts against seeing the world in dangerously limiting black and white colors. The way we see the world depends solely on our points of view, and not on the actual state of affairs, therefore the artist continuously seeks new perspectives. 《坏水》是个粉红色的瓷制墙上装置,灵感源于曲线和不规则图形。“Mala Leche”(坏掉的牛奶)在西班牙语中用来形容一 个人的坏主意或坏心情。在汉语中,“坏水”有着相似的意境,是对某 人行为和意图的负面解释。在分析了两种表达方式后,柳溪发现,有 趣的是两种文化都使用液体来表示否定含义。艺术家正是基于这种语 言观察,构建了“Mala Leche”的概念。如同流动的液体,人们对 好坏的判断很大程度上受到反复和变化的影响。柳溪将水流和波纹的 灵感转化为墙上的雕塑,将大自然的形状转化为不断变化的规律。瓷 器做成的粉红色液体变形既彼此流动,又相互碰撞,形成交错。通过 这件作品,柳溪试图提醒人们不要把世界局限在黑白单色中,这是很 危险的。我们看待世界的方式完全取决于我们的观点,而不是事物的 实际状态,因此艺术家不断地寻求着新的视角。 art female womenartist shanghai liuxi porcelain installation exhibition artplusshanghaigallery contemporaryceramics wallart pink liquid