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Little efforts for KabirSingh poster 🙈 🙈 🙈 🙈 shahidkapoor kiaraaliaadvani sandeepreddyvanga kabirsinghmovie shahidkapoor kiaraadvani sandeepreddyvanga instagood instaquote instafamous like4like likeforfollow photooftheday Instagram instacharming instamusic celebrity bollywood celebrities So today I tried to make a poster in autodesksketchbook app And i am really impressed with this app 😍 this app is best in all Best for vector art, best for poster design 😍😍😍 autodesk autodesk autodesksketchbook

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-Si narra che Cerere, dea del grano e delle messi perse una falce mentre era su di un carro alato alla ricerca della figlia Proserpina, rapita da Plutone; la falce cadde sulla terra, generando così un’area di forma arcuata che prese il nome di ‘Drepanon’, appunto falce in greco antico sicily italy igers igersitalia picoftheday photooftheday sunset sun sea sky love_natura igerseurope trip travel destinations volgoitalia volgosicilia followers orange clouds blue moment instagram instagood instaquote escape tourism landscape kings_sicilia story

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If you are interested in the thought of Ramana Maharshi you can follow me on my Facebook profile: Alessandro Longi The subject of the photograph is The Sacred Mountain Arunachala, in the North of Tamil Nadu. Ramana Maharshi revealed that "Arunachala is the Guru in the form of a mountain. Be aware that Arunachala is the heart of the world. It's really Siva himself!" Although Ramana Maharshi has left his human form, he will always be here shining in the form of Arunachala, giving guidance and comfort to his devotees. "Silence is unparalleled eloquence, the state of grace that comes from within" "The primordial substance whose essence is the silence, that is me" "Your duty is to be: and not to be this or that ." Ramana Maharshi 🙏🕉🙏 Se sei interessato al pensiero di Ramana Maharshi puoi seguirmi sul mio profilo facebook: Alessandro Longi. Il soggetto delIa fotografia è la Sacra Montagna Arunachala, nel Nord del Tamil Nadu. Ramana Maharshi rivelò che "Arunachala è il Guru nella forma di una montagna. Sappiate che Arunachala è il cuore del mondo. E’ veramente lo stesso Siva!" Sebbene Ramana Maharshi ha lasciato la sua forma umana, egli rimarrà sempre qui risplendente nella forma di Arunachala, dando guida e conforto ai suoi devoti. "Il silenzio è ľ impareggiabile eloquenza, lo stato di grazia che sorge dalľ interno." "La sostanza primordiale la cui essenza è il silenzio quello sono io." "Il tuo dovere è quello di essere : e non di essere questo o quello." Ramana Maharshi 🕉🙏🕉 Rumiquotes spiritjunkie spiritualgangster poem blessing quote quotes lovequotes blessup inspire inspiredaily poetry soul wisdom motivation mevlana mawlana beautiful sufim universe instaquote humanity quoteoftheday rumiquotes konya rumi

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- - - - - - ⚠️ Τα στιχακια ειναι ολα γραμμενα απο εμενα. Απαγορευεται η αντιγραφη τους απο οποιονδηποτε. All rights reserved. Αναφορα στην πηγη: mikri_poihtria ή χρησιμοποιηστε το hashtag: mikri_poihtria Ευχαριστω~😊💖 - - - - - - - mikri_poihtria poetry art art_of_soul pretty_words quotes poem poet passion love heart creativewriting poemoftheday writting writer instaquote instapoem instapoet lil_poet aesthetic aesthetic_poetry greek_quotes stixakia agaph αγαπη ποιηματακια στιχακια αισθηματα ερωτας λογια

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Your inner piece Repost theashramyoga ( get_repost) ・・・ Finding your inner peace 🧘🏼‍♂️ Stress has been a center of health discusses and maybe have found yoga to be a huge benefit to relieving the daily stresses in our lives. Yoga teaches us to meditate and develop a connection with our “mind, body and spirit”. When meditating, the goal is to shed the excesses and worries of the day, and begin to focus internally; first with regulating our breathing patterns, and releasing the tensions from the body. Once we have become centered, then the next transition is to move into various yoga positions with the goal of enhancing the “mind, body and spirit” connection. See you on the mat! theashramyoga feelgood yogapractice medicine healthymind iloveyoga yogalife yogainspiration transformation mindset yoga yogaeveryday yogalife hotyogastudio hotyoga quotes instaquote yogaquotes pnwyoga ashramyoga theashramyogabellevue bellevue love theashramyoga yogabellevue pnwyoga pnwyogalife trainyourmind positivevibes yogacommunity

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Blue Outdoor Tote Bag with hidden zipper pocket with your custom logo or imprint.

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Eagles don’t fly with pigeons 🦅 —————————————————— Drop a 💯 in the comments if you agree

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Vitality for Life. Be confident be radiant Be YOU. Give Your Skin  Love and Adoration with with JAFRA COSMETICS INTERNATIONAL Products. Access to a Legacy of Skin. Color. Fragrance. ☇ ☇💖Link in bio anniesjafra 💖☇ 🏹 ☇☇ Follow anniesjafra for daily inspiration and motivation. ☇☇ ☇ ☇ JAFRA HERITAGE The year is 1956. Elvis Presley first hits the music scene. Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainier of Monaco. Non-stick frying pans are introduced. And JAFRA is born. The place is Malibu, California, a beautiful oceanside community along the Pacific coast. The co-founders are a couple with a vision and a dream, Jan and Frank Day. JAFRA’s unique name was derived by combining its co-founders’ first names (JA + FRA). Jan and Frank studied the ancient beauty secrets of the Egyptians and the legendary Royal Jelly Milk Balm was born. Royal Jelly became an overnight success and it has remained JAFRA’s signature product to this day. The company expanded to include product collections in Skincare, Fragrance, Makeup and Bath & Body. The Days’ dedication to empowering women went beyond helping them look and feel their best. JAFRA also provided women the opportunity to sell the JAFRA products as Independent Consultants. Today, the Day legacy lives on in JAFRA’s mission and values. JAFRA Cosmetics International creates beauty products and business opportunities that cater to all that women need, allowing them to explore, discover, reinvent and reveal their true potential. With the slogan “freedom to be you,” JAFRA celebrates the unique spirit within every woman, and all the things that make her imperfectly perfect and individually beautiful. JAFRA is committed to achieving its mission of transforming the lives of millions around the world! warriorquotes warrior inspirationalquotes successquotes instagram surreal instaquote powerfulquotes quoteoftheday mma motivationalquotes strengthquotes fitness nevergiveup quotes inspire createthelifeyouwant improveyourself lifepurpose warriorpreneurs fa hyptonic lawofattraction inspirationalwords followyourpath thepowerofnow awesome enter imagination

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🔥🔥🔥NEW ITEM ALERT! SWIPE 👉🏾. FOR COLORS 🧡💛❤️$40 EXPRESS SHIPPING ITEM ✈️ SHOP HERE NOW👇🏽🛍🥳💋😍😍😍 photooftheday beautiful followforfollowback melaninpoppin followmenow cute business selfie instalike instadaily boutique entrepreneur goals beautiful queens style comment queen melanin businesswoman slay fashion boutique instafamous instagood love happy bosslady styleblogger fashionblogger instaquote blackgirlmagic

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Dreaming about colorful French pastries and breakfast in bread. Er, we mean "bed." 🥐 What's your favorite on-the-go breakfast? (PC: lucialitman)

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- me, jealous of you? Bless your delusional heart ➖ wallpaper edits are available at my story💜 Put a "🌟" if u wanna be in a taglist And to be removed put a "💥" - For more bts quotes please follow soulmyg And please leave a "🌙" in the comment and i'll go like your recent post💕 Tags⛅ btsaesthetic btsquote btsquotes btsedit bts bangtansonyeondan aesthetic btsjimin btsjk btsv btsjhope bangtansonyeondan kimseokjin seokjin seokjinedit kpopedit like4likes kpop kpopshoutouts kpopquotes kpopshoutout kimseokjin likelike likesforlikesback likeforlikeback likeforlikes instalikes instaquote picsart picsartedit souldailyz

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Come honor the sacrifice of Jesus 2,000 years ago. Receive healing for yourself and your loved ones. Tonight, Good Friday at 7pm with Marcus Dygert.

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😂 Yes, it stands for what you thought: Shut The F Up. ➡️➡️READ ON - - khaimcbridecoach brought up this up to me a while back during one of our coaching calls. Everyone talks and claims they want to learn, grown, etc. It's hard to though when we are talking all the damn time. Seems to me (but what do I know🤷‍♂️), you can do one or the other. So instead of speaking up - just seek to observe more, absorb, process. You just might learn something. 🙋‍♂️. I try to remind myself of this daily. - - Above all, sometimesjust shut the fuck up. 🙊. Lil' Friday gem for you 🔥. Have a great weekend! - - - follow➡️ me arjunmortgage

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no but seriously 💀

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Doing a lot of planning this weekend as well as putting plans into action.

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If I could pause One moment in time, It would be so hard to decide- There’s a million seconds I’d wish back. Waking with the sunrise Drinking in the painted sky With you by my side. I’d skip rocks at the lake With my sisters Our laughter echoing around us. I’d step into my seventeenth birthday With my best friends Skinny dipping in the moonlight, Our last taste of a perfect summer. I’d go back to all my babies’ first cries. I’d lay on the kitchen floor at 2am again Laughing until I couldn’t breathe, Over a story that I can’t remember now. But truly, if I could go back, If I could make time freeze- I’d go back to that night When we screamed at each other For the first time. I’d pause it just before the bottom dropped- When my hands were on the kitchen counter top And my back was to you, I’d press stop right before my fists formed Right before I slammed them into the counter And spun around to face you Right before I screamed “Enough!” Stop Right There. I’d take my face in my hands I’d wrap my arms around me, And say “I know how many times you’ve been shot Please don’t fire back- Injury only begets more injury, Pain only feeds more pain Blame only fuels the fire. I know how good it feels To finally let go, But hold on for one more second This won’t help. I’m so sorry I’m so sorry I’m so sorry You’re too You’re too broken To have to handle all this pain.” And I’d take my hands In my hands And say, “Maybe not today But I promise it’s going to be okay.” And then I’d step across the kitchen to you, And I’d take your face in my hands And say “I know it hurts, To recognize All that went wrong- But you have to listen You have to hear, You can’t live in fear forever Denial can’t be the final destination- All the things you’re about to scream Will only drive a wedge That will cause a wound And it will take a lot of damage control To get anywhere near whole.” I’d press my forehead to yours Place my hand on your pounding heart And whisper to you, “Maybe not today, But I promise it’s going to be okay.”

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Give yourself time to grow. Self-acceptance is a cool process.

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More than just a pretty face. Now that I’ve realized what I’ve always possessed there will be no cap. Yes I said it, pretty. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Do one thing that pushes you towards your goals and then repeat it tomorrow. I’ve done two today 🙌🏼 Practice makes PURPOSE womanofGod modelbehavior love Christ jesus socal caligirl sandiego losangeles heart influencer speaklife instaquote motivationalquotes westcoast caligirl godfirst godislove sunday speaker church curlgirl curlynaturalhair signedjasmina blogger curlcrush curlynaturalhair curlfriends curlyhairkillas international multicultural teach